December 09, 2010


beLIEvers: There are financial matters alone that will show, if you bother to look,
that Michael is dead. Why would he stage his death and collaborate with his sworn adversaries just to be the one losing?  When Michael needed financial boost in 2009,
he had the option to do business with Sony or any other record label to release an album. He chose to "go thru Hell" to tour than releasing an album. Sony took from Michael what he wasn't willingly handing over in life....over his dead body. Michael's love for his own children should show you that he wouldn't hand over "keepsake for his children" to Sony.
Then turn around and leak the entire album for free download!

"I am putting my heart & soul into it [Invincible] because this will be my LAST album"

The hoax alternative is more "magical" and exciting compared to the tragic truth you are left to cope with. But the disasterious consequence of taking this matter lightly will be at Michael's expense. Grasping the reality after vultures took everything that Michael worked so hard for, will be moot. 'Michael' album is simply looting Michael's private property. Anything he didn't CHOOSE to give, I won't take!

Enjoy the albums Michael willingly shared with fans, not what's stolen over his dead body!

You are correct, there are inconsistencies surrounding Michael's death but they are NOT orchestrated by Michael but the end-result of the sloopiness of his conspirators. Michael is immaculate, if he staged his death, there wouldn't be inconsistincies, he would have planned everything right down to every detail. And If you think he would put his mother, children and fans through sheer agony...even for make-believe...then you just don't know him. Mrs Jackson's face at the burial is worth thousand words.

Fans hang onto hoax theories as a way to cope. This vulnerability opens the door for opportunists to self-promote under false pretenses.

Teddy Riley KNOWS Michael is dead. But money corrupts!

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"I had to do more processing to the voice. We had to do what we had to do to make his voice work with the actual music. He would never consider it being a final vocal. But because he's not with us he cannot give us new vocals" ~TEDDY RILEY, Dec 13, 2010

“It was hard working on this album with him NOT being here and NOT being able to take this album to the level that it’s supposed to go to. Him NOT being here, he is smiling DOWN on us, saying we’ve done the best we could WITHOUT HIM BEING HERE”

Hoax movement is perpetuated by Sony to make fans believe that Michael is alive and he is working with Sony. Sony lap-dogs like Teddy Riley who salavates to have his name on the first Posthumous MJ album pours gasoline on the movement for self promotion!

Riley told National Enquirer that he saw Michael 2 DAYS prior to his death
Riley told Access Hollywood that he saw him "3-4 MONTHS before he passed"

Michael's own children, nephews and brothers told you that "this is NOT Michael" and you side with an opportunistic has-been who sold out Michael for money! You lambast the Jackson Family for not speaking out, now that they HAVE, you abandoned them to stand by Michael Jackson exploiters. Can you blame the opportunists when you are so gullible to take their nonsense as truth without demur? If Michael was alive, why would he have his children and family to question the authenticity of his own album?

Teddy Riley: If Michael is alive then why are you dealing with his executers? You are a father too, how do you think Prince, Paris and Blanket would feel If they hear you are spreading that their daddy is alive? How do you think you make Jackson Family feel, asserting that Michael is alive? Why didn't you tweet about your "belief" pre-Breaking News? If Michael was alive to see your travesty, you wouldn't be beliggerent with his nephew, Karen Faye and fans. Your gansta' style compared to Taryll's diplomatic way shows lack of character. Behind the lines on Internet are people with feelings. Gauge the effects of your words! Success built on false pretenses is success built on sand! First you throw yourself in front of cameras, stating Michael is murdered. When it didn't garner you much attention, you did a 180. Do you think executors (who are in place because Michael is dead) and Sony will keep you around long? You heartily smooch because you think they will use you for future projects but newflash: you are dispensible to them!

Your idea of keeping Michael's legacy alive means news songs with , our idea of keeping his legacy alive is cherish the songs that he himself

Let me get this straight, Michael who doesn't easily open up to just anyone opened up
to YOU, confided that he was concerned that he would be killed and he named his suspects and now you are shaking hands with those suspects? When you call Michael your "friend", it should taste like shit! Do you think this is a game? Is your agent on vacation? If not, retain another who can advise you better. I used to respect you!

"I said 'Listen, he was murdered. Somebody didn't like something Jackson said or something he's doing or didn't want him to go to the top, so they had to get rid o him. He mentioned it to me a few times... people were out to kill him...and he would say names, saying these are the people who are trying to kill me" -TEDDY RILEY

"I remember when Teddy and I were at Encore listening to KYHU. We both knew it wasn't my Uncle. He stopped working on it because (and I quote) "it didn't sound enough like Michael. Michael doesn't swing like that." He also said he was only working on the Cascio records in hopes that he would eventually be given a "real Michael Jackson song" As he knows, I never agreed with that logic. I'll never forget when Teddy called me telling me, "I'm so excited, I finally got a 'Michael record.' It's called Hollywood Tonight and it's him" -TARYLL JACKSON

"I have been a vulnerable target for those who want money"

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