September 10, 2011



September 8, 2011 is DAY 1 of Conrad Murray Trial jury selection. 187 potential jurors were summoned to the 5th Floor Jury Assembly room. The judge welcomed the potential jurors and introduced them Conrad Murray and both legal teams. The judge stated that the trial is estimated to run 25 days.

“This is not a case about whether Dr. Murray is guilty or innocent. It's about whether
the People can meet the burden of proving him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt"
~JUDGE Michael Pastor

The group was asked to raise their hands if they haven’t heard of the Conrad Murray trial, no one raised their hands. Judge then said “We didn't expect that you'd been living under a rock for the last few years or that you made a pit stop from Mars. We expected that you would know something about this case”.

The judge noted that he was inclined to sequester the jury but he felt that “jurors would,
in effect, be prisoners if they were holed up in a hotel. I chose not to follow that path and by making that choice I'm reiterating my faith in every juror chosen in this case"

"I don’t want to treat you like prisoners. I don’t think it’s healthy for you. It brings in an element of stress and anxiety that’s not good for you." ~JUDGE Michael Pastor

But the jurors WILL be sequestered during court hearings, they will have lunch at court, they are NOT allowed to leave the building. They will be picked up from a non-disclosed location each morning and they will be escorted away from the court every day.  

Judge Pastor cautioned the group against the use of Internet as it relates to this case.

“The electronic age is upon us and there are numerous mechanical devices for obtaining information. I certainly realize that for some of us, especially those who have grown up in the Internet age, searching the Internet is as easy as breathing. Things on the Internet can be inaccurate and misleading. We have this need today to share information with 750 million other people we don't even know. We don't know their agenda or the truth of what they say on the Internet. If you want to Google, Google away. Surf the Net but not about anything to do with this case. Jurors are required to exercise discipline and restraint. The parties in this case are depending on your integrity." ~JUDGE Michael Pastor

Judge Pastor warned that the violation of this would be contempt of the court.

"Disobedience will not be tolerated. It can undermine our system of justice. Violation of my orders can lead to an unjust verdict, a mistrial, emotional turmoil and distress" ~JUDGE Michael Pastor

The group filled then filled out a form asking them IF they can serve as a juror in this case. If potential jurors indicated a hardship, they had to explain why (prepaid vacation, student who has to attend classes, medical issues, financial hardship etc).

Review of the hardship exclusion requests was done by the judge and both legal teams in judge’s chamber, as a result of which, 115 jurors were dismissed. Remaining 72 potential jurors then filled out a 30-page jury questionnaire which will NOT be public until AFTER all potential jurors filled them out.


185 potential jurors were summoned to the court on September 9, 2011. 112 of them stated they couldn't serve as a jury due to hardship so they were dismissed. 73 qualifying jurors filled out the jury questionnaire which is now public because the judge decided that they have enough potential jurors to move onto the next step. Voir dire will be held on Sept 23 where defense & prosecution teams will select 18 jurors. 

Trial opening statements are tentatively scheduled to commence on September 27, 2011

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