September 21, 2011


His defense team has pulled all stops to portray him as a responsible man with “loving soul”. He has been pictured whilst playing the loving father role to his newborn son but you won’t see him with his other 6 children from whom he hides money via corporate accounts to avoid paying child support all the while financially supporting strippers. His attitude with women, children and his finances speak volumes as to how Conrad Murray really lives his life: RECKLESS and DUPLICITOUS

Publicity Stunt

On January 7, 2011 pretrial hearing, three Conrad Murray women took the stand. The defense counsels seemed highly sensitive about the testimonies of these witnesses.

Sade Anding

@3:51 "So he is still married? WOW! He told me he was divorced"

From the get-go, most questions by the prosecutor were objected by Ed Chernoff

Q. Ms Anding, in February of 2009, where were you employed?
Anding: At Sullivan’s Steakhouse
Q. What was your position?
Anding: I was a cocktail waitress
Q. Describe Sullivan’s Steakhouse for me
Anding: When you first walk in, it’s a dining room and to your right, there is a lounge
Q. Were you working in the restaurant portion? The lounge portion?
Chernoff: Objection!
Q. Which part of Sullivan’s Steakhouse did you work as a cocktail waitress?
Chernoff: Objection!
Q. While working at Sullivan’s steakhouse, did you meet with Conrad Murray?
Anding: Yes
Q. And Mr. Murray was a patron in the restaurant?
Chernoff: Objection!
Q. Did your meeting with Conrad Murray stand out in your mind?
Chernoff: Objection!
Q. Was there something significant about your meeting with Conrad Murray?
Chernoff: Objection!

Judge called a sidebar meeting…..

Prosecutor Deborah Brazil: The witness testified that when she first met Conrad Murray, they struck up a conversation and she remembers him because he tipped her extremely well. The financial relationship they had started from the very first meeting.

“Your honor, nothing outside of June 25 is relevant in this case. If they want to explore what they were talking about on that day, that might be relevant. But as far as what they talked about in May or April, whether they went to bed together, that is not relevant. This is designed to prejudice you against Doctor Murray due to relations he might have with other women” argued defense attorney Michael Flanagan

“The nature of this relationship is relevant because it highlights the priorities Dr. Murray was placing at the time his focus should have been on his patient when instead at 11:51, he is making a phone call to a cocktail waitress in Houston. It is relevant as to what he finds to be important that overrode his concern for his patient” retorted David Walgren

“It’s not a coincidence that the prosecution put all these alleged girlfriends, acquaintances and cocktail waitresses together all in one day. It is designed just to be prejudicial” bemoaned Ed Chernoff

“I am not going to spend the rest of the day dealing with this. I am going to allow the questioning but I don't want to hear details of personal relationships” said judge Pastor

Q. From that first meeting of acquaintance with Dr Murray, did you see him after that?
Chernoff: Objection

Ed Chernoff objected to almost every question throughout the testimonies of Sade Anding, Bridgette Morgan and Nicole Alvarez- women Conrad Murray was courting simultaneously while he was married.

On May 23, 2009 Conrad Murray took Ms Anding out to eat and upon returning, he gave a check for $500. According to a motion filed by the prosecution, this check is representative of their relationship.

Prosecution motion stated that Conrad Murray told Sade Anding that he was Michael's personal doctor, thus breaking patient/doctor confidentiality “for his own benefit. This is a stark contrast to his withholding of relevant patient information when it was most critical at the time of Michael Jackson’s death”.

Bridgette Morgan

Before Bridgette Morgan’s testimony on June 07, 2011 the defense requested another sidebar meeting because they filed a motion. “Her involvement as an exotic dancer at various a variety of clubs in Vegas. That information, I am seeking to exclude because it was six years before the events in 2009” argued defense attorney, Joseph Low.

Chernoff: The last witness, they asked how they met. I think it is reasonable to expect that they intend to ask (the same question to Bridgette Morgan) as well

Deborah Brazil: Yes, I intend to ask how and where they met

Chernoff: They know they met at a topless club. They are intending to ask her that
                 and it is irrelevant

“They met at a club and it is a social relationship. I don’t need to know the particulars of the club” said judge Michael Pastor.

“I hear you addressing the club but again even characterizing it as a club…why they can’t they meet out of town? Can’t they meet in public? Why can’t it be social?” complained defense attorney, Joseph Low.

Conrad Murray met Bridgette Morgan in 2003 at Cheetah's Club in Las Vegas. The two dated until 2005, after which time they exchanged occasional phone calls. The two had lunch in Los Angeles 3 weeks before Michael’s death and during lunch, Murray disclosed to Ms Morgan that he was Michael Jackson’s personal doctor.

“Conrad Murray had a pattern of informing selected people about his working relationship with Michael Jackson. He had a pattern of revealing confidential information when it suited him but he was unwilling to reveal patient information at the most critical time” stated the motion filed by prosecutors.

During the aforementioned lunch date, Conrad Murray offered to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas for Ms Morgan’s birthday. To follow up on this offer, Ms Morgan called Murray twice on the morning of June 25, 2009. “Dr Murray put no limitations as to the time period when his acquaintances could call him. He was receiving personal phone calls during the hours when he was supposed to be completely focused on the care of Mr. Jackson” declared the prosecution motion.

Nicole Alvarez

Yet another sidebar meeting before Nicole Alvarez’s testimony on January 7, 2011 because the defense feels that how and where she met with Conrad Murray is irrelevant to the Trial. The judge allowed her to be questioned on the nature of the relationship considering propofol orders were delivered to her apartment.

Nicole Alvarez and Conrad Murray have a son together. Murray was staying with Alvarez's Santa Monica apartment when he would fly in to LA to "treat" Michael. She refused to cooperate with the police and she was a very difficult witness during the preliminary Trial. She mostly replied “I don’t recall” and she kept asking the prosecutor to repeat questions as if to stall for time or just to annoy prosecutor Brazil. At some point, she had Ms. Brazil repeat a question 3 times. The judge then interjected "okay, we've got to pay attention because we are repeating and repeating and repeating"

Q. Miss Alvarez, when did you meet Conrad Murray?
Alvarez: Perhaps in 2005
Q. Where did you meet him?
Alvarez: I met him in Las Vegas
Q. Specifically where in Las Vegas?
Ed Chernoff: Objection
Judge: Overruled, you may answer
Alvarez: In a club in Las Vegas
Q. What type of club?
Alvarez: A Gentleman’s club

Nicole Alvarez met Conrad Murray in Crazy Horse Too. She danced for Murray in a private VIP lounge and Murray paid her $3500. He continued seeing Alvarez once or twice a month, he regularly paid her $2700 per month rent for her Santa Monica apartment.

Ms Alvarez was asked if Conrad Murray paid her March 2009 rent. She replied yes. When prosecutor asked her how much her rent was, he replied “I don’t recall”. Brazil pressed for an answer and Alvarez replied “perhaps it was around $2,500”

Q. Ms Alvarez, when you began a relationship with Conrad Murray, were you aware
that he had six other children?
          Chernoff: Objection!

Q. At some point during your relationship, did you find that Dr. Murray was married
while you were having a relationship with him?
         Chernoff: Objection!    

Nicole Alvarez’s response to a later question reveals that she DID know that Conrad Murray was married.

Q. Where would you consider his dwelling in April 2009 to be?
Alvarez: I assumed that would be in Las Vegas with his wife

Conrad Murray’s relationship with Nicole Alvarez is notable because he and his wife, Dr. Blanche Bonnick Murray had left their practices in San Diego and moved to Las Vegas to escape a similar situation with Nenita Malibiran, with whom Conrad Murray had an affair with and had a son out of wedlock.

Michelle Bella

Murray and Michelle Bella met at Spearmint Rino Gentelman’s Club in Las Vegas where she worked as a stripper. Ms Bella said of their meeting "he came in there with his scrubs and he was there with like a client of his. We were just sharing medical knowledge, and
I know he was intrigued with me" (she was studying to be a chiropractic assistant).
The day the two met, Conrad Murray paid her $1100 for her services.

On June 25, 2009 at 8:30AM Conrad Murray sent a text to Michelle Bella who told the police "I mean his schedule was obviously, you know -- I know that he was like up all hours because of his work so when -- so when he called, you know, he sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep"

On June 16, 2009 Conrad Murray left a voice message for Michelle Bella telling her that he was currently working as an “exclusive medical director” for a person whose name he mentioned in a prior text message. Prior to this voice message, Conrad Murray texted Ms Bella that he was working as Michael Jackson’s doctor.

“Similar to the evidence regarding Dr. Murray’s disclosure to Sade Anding, this evidence shows Dr. Murray’s obvious willingness to breach patient/doctor privilege for his own benefit. This is a stark contrast to his withholding of relevant patient information when it was most critical at the time of Michael Jackson’s death” stated prosecution motion.

On April 7, 2011 the defense team filed a motion to “exclude evidence of strip clubs”.

“Prosecution seeks to introduce evidence related to Dr. Murray’s visits to strip clubs and the amount of money he spent while frequenting strip clubs” stated the defense motion

Another motion was filed on the same day to “exclude evidence of Conrad Murray’s children and extramarital affairs”

Zufan Tesfai: FIRST WIFE

Conrad Murray's first wife. They were married in Harris County, Texas on October 17, 1984. Their got divorced on August 26, 1988 in Dallas County, Texas.  She is now a pharmacist living in New Jersey.

While married to Zufan Tesfai, Conrad Murray had an affair with and had a daughter with Patricia Mitchell.

Patricia Mitchell

Murray's girlfriend and mother to his first child. They met while Conrad Murray was married to Zufan Tesfai. In November 1985, Patricia Mitchell had Murray arrested for "Fraudulent Breach of Trust,” meaning she accused him of stealing or misusing money or property entrusted to him. Murray who was a medical student in Nashville at the time posted a $2,000 bond the next day and the case was dismissed in January 1986.

Dr. Blanche Yvette Bolick Murray: WIFE

Dr. Blache Murray and daughter Camilla Murray

She is Conrad Murray's second and current wife.  When they met, they were medical school classmates at Meharry Medical College School of Medicine. They got married in 1989. They have two children together, born in 1990 and 1996

The marriage bliss didn’t last long. Conrad Murray can’t seem to keep it in his pants!

Janice Adams

In February 3, 1994 Conrad Murray was arrested for attacking Janice Adams at an Arizona home they both shared. This was when he was a cardiology fellow at the University of Arizona. The incident report noted that after she accused him of having an affair, Conrad Murray pushed Janice Adams to the floor. He stood trial in July 1994 and was acquitted of domestic violence

Nenita Malibiran

Nenita Malibiran is a Hispanic-American nurse who met Murray when they both worked at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. Both Nenita and Conrad were married to other people when they were dating. They have a son together.  She now lives in the Sacramento suburb of El Dorado Hills with her now 13 year old son.

In 1999, Nenita Malibiran and Conrad Murray fought in court over child support and he acknowledged in a deposition that he had a history of fathering children and then leaving their mothers. During the trial, Conrad Murray cried on the stand about missing his son, even though he had made little attempt to visit him. After winning this case, Malibiran had to sue Conrad Murray several more times for failing to pay child support.

Conrad Murray didn’t pay his children support 1999-2007. He was sentenced 25 days imprisonment in 2007 and 25 days imprisonment in April 2009. On both occasions, it was for nonpayment of child support for his son with Nenita Malibiran. On both occasions, Murray evaded prison by obtaining a stay and eventually paying up.


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