August 11, 2011


Now that they are reluctantly letting go of Casey Anthony coverage, HLN already
found its next rating grabber. Conrad Murray Trial didn’t even start yet, it commences
on September 26, 2011 and HLN already began their coverage rife with misinformation.

I realize that their commentaries has no bearing on the court proceedings but I am concerned that someone who may not be following the Trial meticulously will accept HLN’s misinformation as facts without demur. Now I see why Conrad Murray's team wanted the judge to squester the jury, at least "during the hours Nancy Grace is on TV"

On August 8th, HLN’s Drew Pinsky portrayed Michael as an addict. Dr. Pinsky said
"when you are dealing with an addict, which Michael Jackson apparently was,
it takes more than one professional"

On August 8th, HLN's Joy Behar asked her guest Mark Geragos "Now you know, Michael Jackson was a willing drug user. Does that make the case against Dr. Murray harder to prove?"

On August 10th, HLN’s Mike Galanos and Natisha Lance reported that Arnold Kline's former assisstant Jason Pfeiffer will be a witness in the Trial and that "the more doctors, the better for the Conrad Murray defense".

Arnold Klein litigated his former assistant Jason Pfeiffer for embezzling money and Jason Pfeiffer counter-sued claiming Dr. Klein over-medicated Michael. Jason Pfeiffer, the looney who also claimed he was Michael’s gay lover, stated in his lawsuit that Klein forces him to find gay sexual partners and that Klein made him to wash his groin before his gay sexual encounters. Jason Pfeiffer is a joke. So is Arnold Klein . They are dragging Michael’s good name into their personal feud! 

For HLN pundits to quote Jason Pfeiffer as a credible source is a testament to their journalistic quality, more accurately the lack thereof. This  would never happen in Anderson Cooper's Program. Moreover, their conclusion that the more doctors who prescribed to Michael, the better for Conrad Murray defense is far from accurate. This contention displays just how ignorant HLN talking heads are about Propofol. It is evidenced by DOCTOR Drew's remark "It`s a barbiturate that was ultimately the cause of Michael Jackson`s death". Propofol is a non-barbiturate, it is an anaesthetic.

After Michael’s death, multiple doctors were investigated but ONLY Conrad Murray was charged. There is a valid reason for this: Michael Jackson did NOT die from cumulative effects of a drug addiction. His death is the direct result of actions and inactions by Conrad Murray on June 25, 2009.

Drew Pinsky CLAIMED “I read the autopsy. It didn`t show that he had sort of chronic lung problems. He was not in great shape physically”. How do you “sort of” have or not have chronic lung problems? And where in Michael Jackson’s autosy report does it even hint that “he was not in great shape physically”?


Michael Jackson's autopsy showed that Michel was in pretty good shape. As a matter of fact, the coroner who performed the autopsy, Chris Rodgers testified during Preliminary Trial that “his general health was excellent”. Incidental findings were scarring of lungs, vitiligo and arthritis of spine. The scarring of lungs was due to lupus. The autopsy showed NO indication of drug or alcohol abuse. The only drugs found in Michael's body were the ones administered by Conrad Murray THAT MORNING.

Liver with Cirrhos                    Unremarkable (healthy) liver

Cirrhosis is when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue, eventually preventing the liver from functioning properly. Fatty liver, drug and alcohol abuse lead to cirrhosis. Michael’s liver was “unremarkable” = HEALTHY!

Review of number of drugs prescribed versus number of drugs left reveals that Michael UNDER-utilised the drugs which were treating insomnia, arthritis, vitiligo and anxiety.

Drug:                Date of issue:     # Issued:      RX Direction:                # taken
Zanaflex            Nov 6, 2008             4               ½ to 1 tablet at bedtime           4
Temazepam       Dec 22, 2008          30              1 tablet at bedtime                 27
Clonazepam       April 18, 2009         30              1 at bedtime                          22       
Trazadone         April 18, 2009          60              2 at bedtime                          22
Prednisone        April 25, 2009          10              6 tabs now, 4 tomorrow         10
Lorazepam        April 28, 2009          30              1 at bedtime                          21
Flomax              June 3, 2009            30              Once daily                            24
Tizanidine          June 7, 2009            10              ½ tab at bedtime                     2
Valium              June 20,2009            60             ½ to 1 tab every 6hours           3
                                                    264 tablets                                            135 tablets

Michael Jackson only took HALF of the recommended dose.

It doesn't matter if Michael started his day at 8AM receiving Propofol and
he received Propofol every hour on the hour from different doctors until midnight

It doesn't matter if Murray is Jesus Christ or he saves lives from sun-up to sun-down

It doesn't matter if Michael Jackson was a raging drug addict (which he wasn't)

It doesnt matter if Michael gave himself an overdose of Propofol (implausible)

              Conrad Murray:

·         Prescribed & Purchased Propofol
·         Transported Propofol across States
·         Administered Propofol (he isn't an anesthesiologist)
·         Propofol to treat insomnia (unprecendent in medical history)
·         Prescribed/administered dangerous cocktail of drugs wit Propofol
·         Propofol in home setting
·         Free-drip Propofol without infusion pump
·         No monitoring/resuscitation equipment
·         Improper storage of unopened Propofol
·         Improper storage of empty Propofol
·         Left the patient while anesthetized
·         Failed to call 911 immediately
·         Improper CPR (no oxygen & compressions on bed)
·         Stopped CPR to hide evidence = unconscionable

I am going to give HLN pundits the benefit of doubt that they are not deliberately spreading misinformation. I  believe they are misinforming their viewers because they are NOT adequately prepared for their Michael Jackson & Conrad Murray reports.

We are not requesting HLN to be pro-Michael Jackson. We are requesting that they be accurate. Broadcasting sensationalist speculations as if they are facts is unacceptable.

"It is safe, my doctors told me that it is safe" ~MICHAEL JACKSON

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  1. Does Pinsky realize that Murray was NOT treating addiction or has that totally blown past his mind? He should at least know that you do not treat addiction with these drugs in a damn house! I can name 3 practitioners off the top of my head who said Michael had NO drug problems--Lee, Treacy and Lester. I am sure there are more.

    I wonder how Joy Behar can just assume Michael was "willing" when he was apparently ANESTHETIZED. Last I checked people under sedation either cannot think appropriately and should make no critical judgements and/or are unconscious. Signs point to Michael being sedated when he was given propofol, thus he was NOT willing. He was given this by a damn doctor--he did not give it to himself or order/steal it himself like someone who wants to ABUSE propofol. A doctor did this to him under the guise it would HELP him--a doctor did ALL of this.

    Pfeiffer testifying? What a joke--the only reason the defense is calling him in is because he has a vendetta against Klein and the defense wants to try and distract the jury by throwing Klein's name in there though whoops, Klein has no charges against him. Pfeiffer is not a doctor, hell, I don't think he is even a nurse (and nurses many times know more than damn doctors). He is nothing and will always remain nothing.

    Wait--Pinsky called propofol a barbiturate?! AAHAHAHHAHAHA! That just goes to show how much he does NOT know. It is NOTHING like a barbiturate! It does NOT act as a barbiturate!

    That idiot cannot decipher simple information which states Michael DID have chronic lung problems and WAS in relatively good healthy? Does he not know what "chronic" means? Maybe he should consult one of his children's dictionaries before he speaks again.

    I think the HLN pundits ARE spreading false information by use of their complete ignorance as personal bias. These same people are likely the same ones who thought him guilty of child molestation and thus have no respect for him. If they do not know this case forwards and backwards then they do NOT need to be commenting on it, nor should they if they have any unwarranted bias against Michael. They have had over TWO YEARS to read up--it is too late. But, just knowing the basics of this case, NO ONE in their RIGHT MIND should EVER defend Conrad Murray in ANY form. They deserve the anger and hatred tossed at them, especially given they speak on a global level and are spreading ignorance on a global level. They could literally strip Michael and his children from ever having ANY justice and are helping destroy Michael's legacy. This makes me SICK.

  2. So now Propofol is a barbiturate, and Orange juice is like jack daniel's....I understand why @gatogirl is sick, me too

  3. And to think "doctor" Drew is a so called doctor treating the living?
    Clear case of blind leading the blind.
    The media has not change there behavior toward Mj one bit,
    Even if MJ was an addict Murray would still be responsible he brought the drug and leaving it in the present of an "addict" the drug was not lock away and murray had the key around his neck, the drug was out in the open for all to help them self,
    how would this being different from leaving a loaded gun the the children play room?
    One would expect "DR" Drew to knew you have to protect the addict from him self, so if MJ was a addict what step did Murray take to protect MJ from himself?
    Anyway maybe the good "dr" Drew may tell us what addict have half his prescribe drug leave over? Oops

    I stop watching those gossip monger from 05 they are a disgrace to the news community, the really sad part is the general public lookup on them for fact.
    They are too lazy to read so they can educate there watching public with truth.

  4. Well written, well done. You could not be more correct. We must hold the media accountable for their misinformation.

  5. i seen that and could not believe what i was hearing... i thought Dr Drew was better than that and now that he has this new show..he is just like the media.. misinformed.,. the article above was so well stated... and exactly what i was thinking ..