August 24, 2011


Chris Hunt:

Thank you for finally hearing and responding -however lame your proposal is.

"We are %100 going ahead. We will continue to announce names for the line-up.
We are moving forward and now we will try to address issues that have been raised by fans" Global Live Events stated, inviting verified Michael Jackson fanclubs to take part in a conference call on August 30, in which our concerns will be allayed.

We have been Michael Jackson fans and members of fanclubs for our entire lives yet
we are not aware of the "verified fanclub” concept. Do you doubt our fanship? When Mr. Jackson was alive, never once did he limit his communications only to “verified Michael Jackson fanclubs”. We don't hear this utter nonsense from his Estate Executers either. We are ALL verified in the sense that we would walk through fire to make sure that an audacious company doesn’t cheapen Michael Jackson legacy and brand.

We do not want our concerns allayed, we would like them resolved and how can resolution be possible if your very first step towards us is “we are %100 going ahead”?  The so-called tribute is taking place during Conrad Murray Trial. Our most pressing concern is the timing. It is futile to elaborate on why the timing is utterly inappropriate
for any decent human-being should be able to connect the dots.

Your invitation to fans is simply a PR stunt in light of adverse media coverage of your event.  Your assertion of  “we have been listening to the fans” is a bold-faced lie. We started our campaign BECAUSE you refuse to listen to us and consistently delete our comments from your facebook! We learnt from experience and started screen-capping our comments before you delete them. Here is a comment you deleted yesterday:

In a letter dated August 15, 2011, Michael Jackson Estate declared to Global Live Events
"Estate is the only entity that can grant the right to use Michael Jackson’s name, likeness or any of his intellectual property, whether such use is commercial or other purposes. We assume that you do not intend to use any intellectual property controlled by the Estate"
How does your company leap from receiving this communiqué from the Estate Executers
of Michael Jackson to selling tickets to commercialize a brand that is not your property? 

Michael Jackson Estate is the single entity who owns and is responsible to protect the integrity of Michael Jackson brand which we believe you are tainting by an exceedingly questionable event marred with negative publicity. Adding insult to injury, you dub this lackluster event as a Michael Jackson “tribute”.  Estate Executors communicated with you that “in light of confusion surrounding this ‘event’ we are extremely concerned about Michael’s legacy. We believe Global Live should address our concerns….” 

Global Live Events owe Michael Jackson Estate Executers through and through explanation before they proceed. Your failure to seek Estate's approval demonstrates your lack of respect to the very man you are allegedly honoring.  Let me remind you that it is your legal and moral obligation to the Estate Executors to resolve every single issue surrounding the event and have their approval before “%100 going ahead”

We realize that your financial interest indeed outweighs integrity. There is nothing decent about exploiting Mr. Jackson’s death for financial gain, doing so during Conrad Murray Trial and exploiting his young children as an advertising tool. We find the exploitation of Michael's children in your terms and conditions document totally abhorrent. Michael Jackson wrote a song about your ilk titled “money”, will that song be in the tribute line up?

Which brings us to another legal issue to be contended with.

Mr. Jackson worked very hard to build one of the most profitable brands of all time. His brand stands for unsurpassed quality and “magic”.  There is nothing quality or magical about Michael Forever Tribute which is simply a circus show of has-beens or rookies.

You stated that you have the backing of “overwhelming majority” of the Jackson Family. So what? Jackson Family doesn’t own Michael Jackson brand, his Estate does…solely. Jackson family has no authority to broker Michael image, likeness and songs all of which you declared you will exploit.  The Executers clearly communicated to you that you do NOT have their permission to use their intellectual property. Either you intend to violate copyright laws or you are defrauding public by false advertising.  

Unless you show willingness to modify terms surrounding Michael Forever Tribute, including but not limited to the timing & unless a representative of Michael Jackson Estate is present, our answer to your conference call is a resounding NO!

We propose that you proceed with the concert but cease and desist the use of Michael Jackson name, likeness & songs. This is a reasonable compromise.

Most of your attendees are fans of the participating artists. Since you are determined to “go ahead” and we are determined not to let that happen with the current terms, why don't we reach an agreement where everyone wins? Our proposal satisfies all parties:
your bank account, participating artists, their fans, Estate of Michael Jackson & MJ fans.

Best Regards,

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