August 22, 2011


Chris Hunt and Paul Ring:

Gentlemen, we are writing you once again in regards to the Michael Forever Tribute.

As you know, Michael Jackson worldwide fan community ardently objects and protests the October 2011 tribute. The fans who cherished a very closed-knit relationship with Mr. Jackson would want nothing more than a befitting tribute in his honor…but in due time & organized with utmost care and professionalism.

Under the current circumstances, Michael Forever tribute produces an outcome opposite of what is being marketed. The tribute is simply tasteless, improper, impractical, insensitive and disrespectful. There is no way to resolve the issues we have with this tribute. Since the announcement of this tribute, the fan community has been upset and unable to focus on the upcoming trial. Every day, we wake up hoping for a cancellation and to our dismay, we encounter deafening silence. We've learnt that Michael Forever Tribute facebook is maintained by a ticketing company who doesn't have answers.

Estate Executers had asked you to “address our concerns and those of Michael's loyal fans”. To date, you haven’t communicated with neither the fans nor the Executors of Michael Jackson -you know, the gentelman you are purportedly paying tribute to. If you don’t respect his Estate or his fans then where do you get off monetizing Michael Jackson’s name? You don’t even bother answering simple customer service questions about the event, let alone addressing grave concerns which were made known to you. Yet you proceed to selling tickets nonchalantly. Global Live Events could really benefit from
a crash course on business ethics, integrity, professionalism and customer service. 

You are prolonging an unpleasant situation to gauge if you could garner enough ticket buyers who are fans of the attending artists. Do you think that the negative media coverage is beneficial for your company reputation or ticket sales?

Since you don't have enough regard for Michael Jackson to cancel out of respect for him, since your corporate aspirations weigh heavier than doing what’s morally right, we propose this compromise: Drop Michael's name and proceed with the concert with the artists you already booked, including the Jacksons. We only request that you don’t use or refer to Mr. Jackson’s name in any shape or form and that the participating artists including the Jacksons don't butcher…I mean attempt to sing Mr. Jackson’s songs. We find this to be a reasonable compromise for all.

We present our offer for your consideration and expect preferably an immediate cancellation or a modification. Look forward to your response as practicable as possible. 

Kind Regards,

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