August 26, 2011


Despite of ardent fan protests and a letter from Michael Jackson Estate Executers,
Global Live Events announced that they are “%100 going ahead”. Yesterday, they announced Ne-Yo as part of their line-up. But would Ne-Yo have agreed to be participate IF he knew that Leonard Rowe is involved in 'Michael Forever Tribute'?

In 2007, LiveNations cancelled Janet Jackson’s Tour. Her dancers had counted on income from the Tour so she reached out to Leonard Rowe asking if he could promote
a 20 concert Tour. “I did not believe that she had the drawing power to tourLeonard Rowe wrote in his book. He tried his best to convince Michael Jackson to tour
as Janet being the opening act but there was no convincing Michael. So Mr. Rowe asked
R Kelly to tour with Janet Jackson. R Kelley agreed. Later, Janet thought that R Kelley would steal the spotlight so she changed her mind about touring with R Kelly. Leonard Rowe proceeding planning just an R Kelley Tour. He booked Ne Yo as an opening act
for R Kelley. Ultimately, both R Kelley and Ne Yo litigated Leonard Rowe.
R Kelley sued Leonard Rowe for nonpayment from the Tour proceedings.
On April 9, 2009, R Kelley was awarded $3.4 million.

On April 16, 2008, R Kelley released a statement, stating "I have complete sympathy
for all of the good people who were swindled by Rowe"
Ne-Yo sued Leonard Rowe for breach of contract. Leonard Rowe had dropped Ne-Yo from the Tour without merit.  On September 4, 2008, Ne-Yo was awarded $700,320
Fast forward to the present day….
Latoya was the lead one” said Chris Hunt, President of Global Live Events regarding Jackson Family members backing for ‘Michael Forever Tribute’. Latoya and her company is very much involved & vested in the tribute. Paul Ring, vice president of
Ja Tail business development, is also "Head of US Operations, Global Live Events"

Global Live Events CEO, Eric Bute directed Latoya's "Home' song

Ja Tail made a minor change in their website recently. The nature of the change is blaringly evident: to conceal Leonard Rowe involment in 'Michael Forever Tribute'. With his unpleasant history with Rowe, Ne-Yo might have had reservations in performing in the tribute had he known the Rowe connection.  So they surreptitiously deleted evidence.

 Can you spot the difference?  

BEFORE  Click here to view

AFTER Click here to view

"La Toya Jackson is very smart and cunning"
           ~DONALD TRUMP

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