November 10, 2011


Ain’t the pictures enough?
Why do you go through so much to get the stories you need
so you can bury me
You keep on stalking me
Invading my privacy
Won’t you just let me be?
 ~ Michael Jackson

On June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson’s life was taken. The world lost an exceptional artist and one of its brightest lights. More importantly, three young children lost their only parent.
Conrad Murray’s so-called “friendship” with Michael Jackson was based solely on his love of money and Michael Jackson’s desperation to sleep –nothing more.  The man who massaged Mr. Jackson’s “non-pedicured, calloused feet” now embellishes the relationship, not that he sucessfully fools anyone but his delusional self. It didn't matter if Mr. Jackson needed Murray to bark like a dog, for $150K, he would have –and he did– anything!  

After the painful trial, a guilty verdict was heard around the world – a small measure of justice but justice nonetheless. We all felt a brief sense of vindication, knowing that the man responsible for Michael Jackson’s death was finally being held accountable. Only hours later, we learnt that MSNBC will give platform to a convicted felon’s scripted reality show where he will maintain that he is just an innocent victim of circumstances and that it was everybody and their mama’s fault but his – a claim 12 jurors didn’t buy.

“We wouldn’t be here if Michael Jackson was not the patient” bemoaned Ed Chernoff. Well, would Conrad Murray leave two medical practices to treat one patient if that patient wasn’t Michael Jackson? "It is only because Michael Jackson is such a visible personality that this case has garnered media attention" grumbled Ed Chernoff. Would networks line up to reward a convicted killer if his victim didn't have such a visible personality?

Ed Chernoff’s hypocritical words reverberate across our vast universe. Apperantly their
so-called-concern for Michael Jackson's stature came in very handy when profiteering from his death. The very man who opted not tell his side of the story when a family and the jury turned to him for answers, pre-meditatively arranged a deal in which now, he will tell us “what really happened.” And Conrad Murray is the beacon of "troot". Ask his wife!

“Take this case out of Michael Jackson. This is not a reality show, it is reality” lamented
Ed Chernoff. In hindsight, their affectations in court make so much sense. They were acting for their blockbuster “reality show”. It makes me wonder if the tears were real.

The time for Conrad Murray to tell us “what really happened” was under oath, in the court,
giving the People benefit of a cross examination. Based on the evidence, the People presented its case. The defense, bless their heart, did resort to every avenue to pull a rabbit of their hats. Judge Pastor asked Murray, time after time, if he wanted to tell his story.
CONrad Murray said “My decision is that I will not testify in this matter, judge.”

Little did we know, Conrad Murray DID testify that night to a glaring camera!!!

Ultimately, 12 jurors decided that “what really happened” to Michael Jackson was Conrad Murray –with his unique blend of unethical acts & extreme incompetence.

This con artist not only has the audacity to re-victimize his victim but also spits at
judge Michael Pastor's face, who went above and beyond to afford Murray a fair Trial.
He cunningly masterminded a loophole to skirt around the judge’s gag order in order to disseminate his lies without being challenged by the People. His "Today" Show interview was done on Oct 30, 2011 -during the Trial- despite of judge Pastor's gag order!

His now blaring conniving ways shines a bright light to when he tried to clean up crime scene when his patient laid there dying!!!  This documentary doesn't show "what really happened"; it shows who Conrad Murray REALLY is: a conniving con artist! 

The very jury who had to make personal sacrifices to sort out his mess was ordered NOT to profit for 90 days but the man who is convicted of killing a human being plotted 2 years ago that he would profit from his crime immediately after the Trial –no matter the verdict!

We are outraged that NBC Universal and other media outlets would even consider airing this show on a so-called respectable network. How can this be justified for any other reason but money? This irresponsible decision rewards a criminal, it diminishes a lost life,
it diminishes NBC Universal, its shareholders, sponsors and viewers –it diminishes all of us.

The verdict wasn't even a week old and the sentencing is yet to be finalized but a coven of greedy networks and CONrad Murray thought that the timing couldn’t have been better.

We are boycotting NBC Universal, MSNBC, Nine Network, Channel 4 & Zodiak Rights and we will mount a protest to ANY media outlet that broadcasts Murray's sideshow!

The decision by ANY network in ANY country to broadcast this documentary will diminish the said network to the media equivalent of Conrad Murray –willing to compromise ethics
in exchange for money. Rather than walking away from an indecent proposal, you decided to reward crime. His decision killed a human being, your decision kills ethical journalism.

A deceased fellow human being  –Michael Jackson – deserves better. Paris, Prince and Blanket deserves better. We, the viewers, deserve better than this proposed obscenity.
This so-called program should be retitled ‘A Man’s Inhumanity to another Man" and it applies to everyone who has hand in the making or disseminating it. Crime shouldn’t pay

It is completely unacceptable and an affront to justice to reward a convicted felon.

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November 08, 2011


Above is a shot from yesterday’s post verdict press conference. In the middle is the Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. Standing on his right is Jackie Lacey, Steve Cooley’s nominee to continue his reign of terror and corruption when he retires next year. On his left is Patrick Dixon, Chief Deputy District Attorney. Jackie and Patrick who?

Wait, where is the man of the hour? Deputy District attorney, David Walgren.

Oh, there he is, out of the limelight! Usually the winning prosecutor addresses the media but because it was a high profile case, Cooley thrusted himself into the limelight, pushing aside the man whose vigor secured the victory. Cooley was happy to collect accolades!

Mr. Cooley, there was a reason you didn’t make attorney general. You are underhanded and while chasing after small wins, you lose big. This publicity stunt was no exception. You did disservice to Jackie Lacey. Don’t you have advisors to halt your tactless acts? 

During the post verdict press conference, Steve Cooley said:

"There is a theory that second degree murder based upon implied malice that
the doctor's comments were so reckless that it amounted to malice in its context. This theory was examined carefully based upon the evidence gathered by the LAPD and the coroners findings. Many lawyers in our office did review that as a possible alternative. And after careful consideration, we downed it to involuntary manslaughter.”

What Steve Cooley conveniently left out was that HE was the man who "downed it to involuntary manslaughter."

Then, citing the new prison realignment policy, Steve Cooley had the audacity to say
"it will be very difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration for Conrad Murray." Had Steve Cooley sought second degree murder then Conrad Murray would have served his sentence in state prison! The State of the California wasted taxpayer money for what? Cooley said the outcome of this Trial sent a strong message to “feel good doctors.” Really? What message was that? Be incompetent to your heart’s content, we are determined to use taxpayer money to publicize you so you can be out in time for the premiere of your million dollar documentary?!!!!!!!!! The jurors were instructed NOT to profit for 90 days yet it is okay for the killer to profit immediately?

When we first heard of Steve Cooley and his corrupt ways, we were horrified that
HIS office would be prosecuting Conrad Murray. We thought this would be a mock trial outcome of which was already bought. Then along came David Walgren who prosecuted this case with methodical perfection. He single handedly restored public trust in LADA’s office. We, the People, scorn at Steve Cooley's self serving and ungracious move.

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November 05, 2011


If you are interested in reading the jury instructions in its entirety, click here

Presumption of Innocence and the Burden of Proof

Just because Conrad Murray is charged with a crime doesn’t mean that he is guilty. He is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the proof that leaves you with an abiding conviction that the charge is true. Beyond a reasonable doubt does NOT mean no doubt.


Evidence is sworn witness testimonies and the exhibits admitted into evidence.

The remarks by the prosecution or the defense attorneys are NOT evidence, their opening and closing statement are NOT evidence. The questions by the attorney to the witnesses are NOT evidence, the witness answers ARE evidence. Don’t assume something is true just because one of the attorneys remarked that it was true. The stipulations agreed by both the prosecution and the defense must be accepted as facts by the jurors.

Facts could be direct, circumstantial evidence or combination of both.

Direct evidence can prove a fact by itself. For example if a witness testified that it was raining when he came into the court house, his testimony is direct evidence that it was raining. 

Circumstantial evidence don't prove a fact directly but it is evidence of another fact(s)
from which you could logically conclude the truth of the fact. For example, if a witness testify that he saw someone come inside wearing a raincoat covered with drops of water, that testimony is a circumstantial evidence that it may support a conclusion that it was raining outside.

BOTH direct and circumstantial evidence are acceptable types of evidence. BUT if relying on a circumstantial evidence to conclude that a fact necessary to find Conrad Murray guilty has been proven, the jurors must ensure that the prosecution proved that fact beyond a reasonable doubt. If the jurors can draw 2 reasoble conclusions based a circumstantial evidence; one pointing that he is guilty, another pointing that he is innocent, the jurors MUST go with the one that points to innocence.

The jurors decide on the credibility of a witness. They can believe all, part of none of a witness testimony. Jurors are to use common sense to decide. Don't simply assume that a testimony is false just b/c of inconsistincies; sometimes people can honestly forget things. If a witness lied about something significant, then the jurors consider NOT believing that witness' testimony but the witness lied about some thing but told the truth on something, jurors should consider believing in parts that they feel are truthful.

If an expert was asked by an attorney an hypothetical question, it is up to the jurors to decide if the assumed fact has been proven.

Character witnesses for Conrad Murray testified that he is "attentive, informative, careful, cautious, compassionate, loyal and knowledgable physician and has a good reputation for financial generosity and selflessness". Evidence of Murray's good character by itself CAN create a reasonable doubt but the evidence for Murray's good character can be countered by the evidence for his bad character for the same trait.

It is Conrad Murray's constutional right NOT to testify. The jurors are NOT to make a negative inference that he did not testify. Conrad Murray's LAPD interview IS evidence but jurors must decide how much importance it carries.

If you find that Conrad Murray made a false or misleading statement before this trial relating to the charged crime, it may show his guilt of conscious and the jurors MAY consider this in determining his guilt.

If you find that Conrad Murray tried to hide evidence, it may show he was aware of his guilt but that conduct in itself can NOT prove that he is guilty. Jurors must decide on the importance of such conduct. 

Involuntary Manslaughter

The People are charging Conrad Murray with this charge for 2 reasons:
1-      He committed a lawful act with criminal negligence
2-      He failed a perform a legal duty with criminal negligence

To prove that he committed a lawful act with criminal negligence, the People must prove:
1-      He committed a lawful act but acted with criminal negligence
2-      His act led to Michael Jackson’s death

Lawful act with criminal negligence = administration of Propofol

Criminal negligence involves more than ordinary carelessness, inattention or mistake in judgment. A person acts with a criminal negligence when:
1-      He acts in a reckless way that creates high risk of death
2-      A reasonable person would’ve known that acting that way would create such risk

In another words, a person acts with criminal negligence when he is SO different from the way an ordinarily careful person would act in the same situation that his act amounts to disregard for human life or indifference to the consequences of his act.

To prove that Conrad Murray is guilty, the People must prove:
1-      He had a legal duty to Michael Jackson
2-      He failed to perform his legal duty
3-      His failure to perform his legal duty was criminally negligent
4-      His failure to perform his legal duty caused Michael Jackson’s death

A physician who assumed the responsibility to treat or care for a patient HAS
a legal duty to treat and care for that patient.

A person fails to perform a legal duty with criminal negligence when:
1- He fails to perform a legal duty in a reckless way that creates a high risk of death
2- A reasonable person would’ve known that acting or failing to perform a legal duty in that way would create a high risk of death.

An act or failure to perform a legal duty causes the death if the death is the direct, natural and probable consequences of the act or the failure to perform
a legal duty and the death would NOT have happened without the act or the failure to perform a legal duty. A natural and probable consequence is one that a reasonable person would know is likely to happen if nothing unusual intervenes.

(blogger- Conrad Murray was a physician who assumed Michael Jackson’s care. He, therefore, had a legal duty to care for Michael Jackson. His failure to perform his legal duty is the direct cause of Michael Jackson’s death which would not have happened if it wasn’t for Conrad Murray’s deviations from the standard of care. A reasonable doctor in his place would have known that the dangerous setting Conrad Murray “treated” Mr. Jackson was a recipe for disaster. We had doctor after doctor testify that they would NEVER do what Conrad Murray did. Even the defense witness, Dr White testified that no amount of money could pursue him to do what Conrad Murray did. Ed Chernoff said in his opening “well Michael Jackson received Propofol for two months and he didn’t die. See, it was not a dangerous circumstance.' Mr. Chernoff’s argument is as absurd as someone who killed while playing Russian roulette saying “well when I pulled the trigger for the first 4 times, there was no danger.” Propofol…to treat insomnia…bottle in the bag…no infusion pump....gravity dripping an anesthesia as a sleep aid…in a bedroom…
..this is bizarre as Hell. Not to mention a recipe for death.)

An act or the failure to perform a legal duty causes the death if it is a SUBSTANTIAL FACTOR in causing the death. A substantial factor is more than a trivial or remote factor. It does NOT have to be the only factor in the death.

(blogger: Conrad Murray does NOT have to be the only cause of Michael Jackson’s death, he just has to be a substantial cause of the death but he has to be a CAUSE.)

(blogger- The key word in this trial is 'causation.' Following 2 illustrations were used by Ed Chernoff in his closing argument. As per the law, simply being criminally negligent does NOT mean that Conrad Murray caused Michael Jackson's death.

Did Murray's criminal negligence CAUSED MJ death. Did the actions or failure to perform a legal duty by Murray CAUSE MJ death? For example person A shots and kills person B. If A didn't shot B, would B die? Answer is no. A CAUSED B's death.

Following is the jury instructions to guide the jurors in deciding whether or not Conrad Murray CAUSED Michael jackson's death.)

To relieve the defendant of criminal liability, an intervening cause must be UNforeseeable and extraordinary occurrence. A defendant is criminally liable if either the possible consequence might reasonably have been contemplated or the defendant should have foreseen the possibility of the harm of the kind that could result from his act. Even if Michael Jackson himself caused his death but if Conrad Murray is the SUBSTANTIAL CAUSE, he is legally responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.

(blogger: To explain intervening cause imagine A injured B and as B was being transported into an ambulance, B was struck by a lightning and died. The lightning is the intervening cause and A can NOT be the cause of B's death.

In Conrad Murray Trial, the defense claim that IF Michael Jackson self administered
(--->intervening cause) then Conrad Murray can NOT be the cause of his death. But the juror instructions state that IF the intervening cause was foreseeble then Conrad Murray IS still the cause of death EVEN IF Michael Jackson self administered. Conrad Murray stated that Michael Jackson “likes to push” Propofol and that he was getting addicted to it. Intervening cause = Michael Jackson self administration of Propofol. In this case, leaving the patient who is addicted to Propofol, who likes to push Propofol, who begged for Propofol all nite with an access to Propofol is as ridiculous as leaving a gun next to someone who talked of suicide all night. The possible consequence was very much expected and foreseeable and Murray should've foreseen the possibility)


If the juror believes that Conrad Murray, without criminal negligence, accidently killed Michael Jackson, he must be acquitted.


In order to find Conrad Murray guilty,
1-      ALL of the jurors must agree that the People proved beyond a reasonable that at least ONE act or failure to perform legal duty by Murray cause MJ’s death
2-      ALL the jurors must agree on the above & the verdict MUST be unanimous

October 26, 2011


Following is an email I received today from Stacy. The opinions expressed in his email are solely those of Stacy Brown and most definitely do not reflect my personal views.

One of the things I admired about Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley as well as Elvis' "inner circle" and his fans was they did NOT try and change history. Change facts. They never denied Elvis' problems and what's ironic is that Elvis, to my memory, never spoke of any addiction to drugs. Michael Jackson HIMSELF admitted that he had a drug problem as early as 1985. He checked into rehab in 1993 and his brothers and sisters attempted interventions in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2008. Now, Jermaine Jackson and a lot of the grief-stricken fans want to change history and say Michael Jackson was not an addict.

It's really tragic because so much good they all can do by embracing the fact that he had
a problem and then using that to help get a powerful message out about drug addiction. They've used their dead brother for financial gain since his death, why not use him for good and to help millions of others who battle the disease of addiction every day? Supposedly, Michael Jackson was this great humanitarian so wouldn't he want to do that? And, this does not absolve Conrad Murray in any way. Evidence has proven beyond a reasonable heck beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's guilty as charged.

Also, Joseph, Jermaine, Latoya and others had been on television several times saying Michael's death was a conspiracy and that Murray was the "fall guy." Jermaine even said they erased tapes. In court, they showed surveillance of Michael returning home one last time and they said the tapes were indeed erased. Shouldn't the family and fans (unless they've changed their theory and now believe only Murray is involved - although the trial has revealed Katherine is suing AEG for wrongful death) be shouting more about that and not rejoicing over Murray's downfall. After all, word is that he will probably spend no more than a few weeks in a county lock up and then be put on house arrest for the remainder of his sentence. The conviction will end Murray's medical career and we all know that he's broke, so any civil judgement Joseph Jackson may win against Murray will be for naught.

The problem with the Jacksons and Michael's fans these days is that none want to hear reason. Too bad for them. What a shame.

Stacy Brown

Stacy, thank you for your email. First things first. You wrote “supposedly, Michael Jackson was this great humanitarian”. I hope that it is not really how you meant it but
it just came across wrong. I don’t think that even his adversaries second-guess Mr. Jackson’s contributions to the world culture and the people of the World, be it his artistic contributions, and be it his philanthropic contributions. Mr. Jackson always put his check book where his mouth is and generously helped others in need. Simply put, no one and nothing could take that away from Mr. Jackson; an attempt to do so would be foolish, malicious, unfair and futile. In 2000, Guinness World Records book crowned Mr. Jackson “King of Charity”. 

“Michael to have been one of the nicest, kindest human beings ever created. He had a mission to try and help the world. Even when he`s intoxicated, if he is, and slurring his words and it`s very sad to listen to, he still was talking about building a children`s hospital. That`s the Michael I knew -- caring, decent, honorable, and wanting to use his greatest talents to help the world.” ~TOM MESEREAU

I respectfully disagree with you on Michael’s alleged addiction. Michael went to doctors to seek cure for his insomnia. Have you ever had chronic insomnia for days or even months? I have and at the end of the day, I recall my day as if I am a spectator. It is really hard on mind and body. What exactly is Michael Jackson guilty of, wanting to sleep 8 hours a day? As people say, he was Michael Jackson; he could have acquired drugs without stating an ailment. This man went to doctors to cure his insomnia. His patient files reflect insomnia. He even tried, with Cherilyn Lee, holistic approach to cure his insomnia. His history of addiction doesn’t mean that he died as an addict. It was always easy to target Mr. Jackson with unsubstantiated allegations, more so now that he is dead and not here to speak for himself.

But let’s, for argument’s sake, assume that he was an addict. If Michael Jackson was
an addict, what does that make Conrad Murray? I often hear people talking about how Michael’s death shouldn’t be in vain and some good should come out of it. Likewise, I read in your email that the Family and the fans should embrace Mr. Jackson’s so-called addiction and put it to a good use. Michael Jackson’s death WAS in vain. I’m not trying to turn his tragic death into lemonade. Perhaps I am not altruistic or maybe it’s too soon for me but I get bothered when I hear people suggest that Michael’s death should serve to do good onto others. Throughout his life, Michael Jackson willingly used his global fame as
a force for humanitarian causes around the world. His death shouldn't be used for yet another cause. It is high time for the world to honor Michael Jackson as a human being. He did enough good to this world! Now it is the world’s turn to do good for Michael Jackson for once.

As far as bringing other culpable parties to justice, what have YOU done in this regard?
The loyal fans dedicated over 2 years of their lives screaming the truth but when his own Family and friends’ sell their loyalty for money, there is not much that the fans can do.
I whole-heartedly agree with your comments about the Jacksons, particularly the people you named, who turned exploiting Michael Jackson, dead or alive, into an art form.

Mr. Jackson was subjected to so much prejudice, malice and hatred. It would have been so easy for us, if we were in his shoes, to lose faith in humanity. Mr. Jackson endured the absolute worst from mankind yet he came out the other side like a champion.  Still unjaded, Mr. Jackson continued to show love and be love until the very end of his life. Even after his death, if we are bunch of ingrates refusing to give him his dues and continue to persecute a dead man, it is a reflection of our character…or lack thereof.


October 20, 2011


Denying any Propofol use to medical personnel and investigators indicates that Murray knew, with malice aforethought, that Propofol use was dangerous, inappropriate and unprecedented for treating insomnia.  A killing caused by dangerous conduct and offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life’ defines second-degree murder. 

When Murray decided to invent a dangerous insomnia machine, setting up an anesthesia operatory in Jackson’s bedroom without proper training, experience or certification, he committed second-degree murder. 

Whether Murray intended to kill Jackson or not, has nothing to do with second-degree murder.  His reckless medical practices caused Jackson’s death” ~DR JOHN CURTIS

Crime Scene

Broken needle

Following is pretrial testimony by LA Coroner Investigator, Elissa Fleak who collected medical evidence from the crime scene

Q. Investigator Fleak, you see two separate tables next to the bed? 

Elissa Fleak: Yes

Q. You have one directly adjacent to the bed [nightstand] then there is a second table
      just to the side of that [brass trolley] Is that right?

Elissa Fleak: Yes

Q. Looking at People’s 30, which would be the table adjacent to the nightstand 
     [brass trolley], did you recover a syringe?

Elissa Fleak: A syringe on the table and a needle on the ground to the left of the bed

Q. When you say syringe, what are you referring to?

Elissa Fleak: The plunger and the top part of the syringe, the plastic

Q. To which you would attach a needle?

Elissa Fleak: Correct. I did describe it as a broken syringe because the two pieces were separated. The needle was separate from the plunger. It is NOT broken. I should have described them as not connected

Conrad Murray hiding incriminating evidence

While Michael Jackson wrestled death, instead of calling 911 or trying to save his patient, his high priced doctor, Conrad Murray opted to clean up crime scene. 

Alberto Alvarez: He instructed me to remove the IV bag from the IV stand

Q. To be clear, 911 had not been called yet?

Alberto Alvarez: That’s true, sir

Q.  In regard to the IV bag removal, describe what Dr. Murray said

Alberto Alvarez: He pointed to the IV stand and he said
                             “remove that bag and put it in the blue bag”

Q. Did you notice anything about the IV bag that caught your attention?

Alberto Alvarez: I noticed there was a bottle inside the bag and then I noticed that
at the bottom of the bag, there was milk-like substance

Q. Separate from the bottle, you are talking about a liquid?

Alberto Alvarez: Yes it was at the bottom of the bag, sir

Q. You  saw a bottle literally inside of the bag?

Alberto Alvarez: Yes, it was inside of the bag

Q. Where was that bottle? Was it at the bottom of the bag? Was it sitting in the middle
of the bag? Was it floating in liquid?

Alberto Alvarez: It was towards the bottom of the bag

On June 29, 2009, Elissa Fleak returned to the crime scene to recover more evidence hidden in a closet, including a slit saline bag which held a 100ml Propofol bottle.

Q. Did you find a saline bag that had been apparently cut open?

Elissa Fleak: Yes

Q. Did you find anything in that saline bag?

Elissa Fleak: Yes, there was a bottle of 100ML vial of Propofol in the cut-open IV bag

Q. If I zoom in on the picture, does this depict the cut within that saline bag going from top to bottom if the IV bag had been hanging on an IV stand?

Michael Flanagan: Objection

Court: Sustained

Q. I ask you to describe this area that I’m pointing

Elissa Fleak: There is a slit in the bag

Q. That is the Propofol bottle contained within the IV bag?

Elissa Fleak: It was inside the bag, yes

Second IV Bag

Q. Was there still ANOTHER IV bag hanging from the IV stand?

Alberto Alvarez: Yes

Q. Did Doctor Murray instruct you to remove that bag?

Alberto Alvarez: No

The second IV bag was filled 1/2 to 1/3 with normal saline fluid. Long tubing and the
IV bag did NOT have any drugs in them. There was syringe stuck and depressed at the Y connector. The syringe tested positive for Lidocaine, Propofol and Flumanezil. Short tubing also tested positive for Lidocaine, Propofol, and Flumanezil.

Long tubing = tube from saline bag to Y conenctor
Short connector = tube from Y connector to IV catheter hooked to patient

Why 2 IV set?

Murray told the police that for 6 weeks, he injected Michael with Propofol bolus to put him to “sleep” then followed up with Propofol IV infusion to keep Michael “asleep”

“On the early morning of 6/25/2009 at approximately 1:00 hours the decedent placed a call to Conrad Murray and complained of being dehydrated and and not being able to sleep" ~The Autopsy Report, Page 2

Detective Orlando Martinez:  Dr. Murray indicated that he arrived around 1:00AM

Q. What happened at that point, according to Dr. Murray?

Orlando Martinez: Dr Murray said Mr Jackson came upstairs, they had a brief conversation, then Mr Jackson showered and changed

Q. What happened next?

Orlando Martinez: Dr Murray rubbed Mr Jackson’s feet and rubbed some skin lotion
                                                                   on Mr Jackson’s back

Q. Did he indicate that was for dermatological condition?

Orlando Martinez: Yes

Q. Following that, according to Dr. Murray, did he begin using an IV?

Orlando Martinez: Yes

Q.  For what purpose, according to Dr. Murray?

Orlando Martinez: Dr Murray said he put an IV for hydration
Conrad Murray also told paramedic Richard Senneff and UCLA ER Doctor Richelle Cooper that he was treating Michael Jackson for dehydration that night.

Orlando Martinez: Dr. Murray gave Mr. Jackson 2mg Lorazepam diluted with saline

Orlando Martinez: Dr Murray introduced 2mg Midazolam via the same method

Conrad Murray needed a system where he can dehydrate Michael (with saline), inject drugs boluses (via Y connector) and provide a continuous Propofol IV infusion (by spiking a Propofol vial to the IV system). This cannot be done by using only one IV set.
It requires the use of TWO IV bags, piggy-backed.


An IV piggyback is a way to administer medication
through a previously inserted intravenous line

If a patient is receiving continous IV fluid (saline for dehydration) and in addition, he must receive a second kind of intermittent infusion (Propofol) then we will need 2 sets of IVs and we will need them connected.

This system enables Conrad Murray to hydrate, inject drug boluses and provide continous Propofol infusion

Review of Conrad Murray orders from Applied Pharmacy of Las Vegas reveals that Conrad Murray is being less than truthful about how much Propofol he was administering to Mr. Jackson every night. He was most definitely administering MORE that 50mg per night that he alleges. This amount is LESS than the standard induction dosage and would NOT have put Mr. Jackson to “sleep” especially if he built a tolerance to Propofol as the defense team claims. The induction dosage (enough to anesthetize someone) is 2.5mg/kg. Michael Jackson was 62 kg so the induction dosage from him would be at least 155mg

Review of the sizes of the Propofol vials and number of saline bags Conrad Murray ordered suggest (1) from the onset, Conrad Murray planned on using the Propofol contraption that we will cover in awhile. He ordered 100ml vials for continuous drip and smaller 20ml vials for bolus injections (2) He did NOT order the saline bags for the sole purpose of hydrating Michael Jackson. The intended use for the bags was different 

Conrad Murray ordered only 9 saline bags on April 6, 2009. His next order of 12 saline bags was on June 15, 2009 so he used only 9 saline bags in 2 months. Had Murray been ordering saline bags for hydrating Mr. Jackson, he would have ordered MORE.


Disclaimer: The following is a speculation based on limited publically available information. It aims to make sense of the “broken needle” and the contraption (slit saline bag with 100ML propofol vial inside) found in the closet.  The veracity of this conjecture requires affirmation that: (1) Murray was using a non-vented IV tubing (2) there is a needle stuck in the 100ML propofol vial which was in the slit saline bag recovered from the closet.

Conrad Murray didn’t just invent a new medical treatment for insomnia. He also invented a “medical equipment” to accompany his so-called medical treatment. This arts and craft project which dripped an anesthetic into his patient’s vein without an infusion pump was incriminating evidence, testament to the substandard care Murray provided to his patient.
The milky white substance you see in a Propofol bottle is NOT all drug. Regardless of
the size of the Propofol bottle (25ml, 50ml or 100ml), only %1 of the mixture is active Propofol. Propofol has high fat content due to oil and egg yolk. Because of its high lipid content, Propofol is susceptible to bacterial growth. To deter contamination, Propofol comes in vacuum vials, topped with rubber stoppers.

50ML and 100ml Propofol vials come with a hang so they can be hung to IV stand for continous infusion.   

Withdrawing drug out of a vacuum vial is tricky. To equalize the pressure, you must push an equivalent amount of air into the drug vial for the amount of fluid that is to be withdrawn. For instance, if you would like to draw 10ML Propofol, you would pull back the plunger of your syringe to10ML to draw air into the syringe, push the needle into the rubber lid of the vial, turn the vial upside down and then inject the air into the vial.

Merely spiking a vial to the IV line won’t work, Propofol won't drip

Vented Tubing vs Non-vented Tubing

Non vented tubing                                       Vented tubing

Vented tubing allows air to enter into the IV set so you don't have to keep injecting air into the vial

When Propofol is used as a continuous IV infusion, anesthesiologists use vented tubing that allows air into
the vial and an infusion pump to regulate Propofol flow.

Conrad Murray wasn't using an infusion pump.

Making an educated inference based on the arts and crafts contraption found in the closet (saline bag with Propofol vial inside) Murray wasn't using vented tubing either.


Murray told the detectives that he was becoming concerned that Michael was becoming addicted to Propofol. On June 22, 2009 Murray allegedly “INTRODUCED” Lorazepam and Midazolam as part of his “weaning” process.

A quick look at Conrad Murray orders disproves his allegation that these 2 drugs entered into the treatment for “weaning” purposes. They were very much part of his “treatment”.
Conrad Murray’s first order of Lorazepam and Midazolam was on April 30, 2009
1 tray of 10ml Lorazepam (10 vials)
2 trays of 2ml Midazolam (20 vials)

On May 15, he ordered:
2 trays of 2ml Midazolam (20 vials)

On June 15, 2009, he ordered:
1 tray of 10ml Lorazepam (10 vials)
2 trays of 2 ml Midazolam (20 vials)

Conrad Murray needed a contraption where he can administer boluses of drugs via Y connector, saline to hydrate/dilute drugs
and Propofol continous infusion so he piggy-backed 2 IV lines mentioned in Alberto Alvarez testimony (one with 1/2 to 1/3 full saline that Conrad Murray did NOT instruct Alberto Alvarez to remove, the other with empty saline bag with 100ML Propofol vial)

Assuming he only had non-vented tubing and he can't just spike a Propofol vial to the IV line, Murray had to find a way to ventilate the Propofol IV line so the drug could drip.

Conrad Murray needed a continuous air flow into the 100ml Propofol vial.

"When non vented tubing is all that was available and vented tubing was needed
we inserted a sterile needle into the stopper of the bottle to act as the air vent" (source)

Conrad Murray detaches the needle from the syringe. Needle hub would provide flow of air into the vial, sparing him from injecting air into the vial continuously. But there is one problem he needs to overcome. Propofol is leaking from the needle hub.

Murray needs something to hold the leaked Propofol bits from the needle hub 

Conrad Murray cuts a vertical hole on one layer of an empty saline bag so he can stick Propofol bottle into the bag. This way, leaked Propofol from the needle hub would be held by saline bag. He places the Propofol vial into the bag and spikes the vial to the IV 

Alberto Alvarez: I noticed there was a bottle inside the bag and then I noticed that
at the bottom of the bag, there was milk-like substance

"Focusing on the milligram dosage that killed Jackson diverts attention away from Murray’s gross negligence. What killed Jackson was an arrogant physician playing with anesthesia without proper training & experience"
                                               ~DR JOHN CURTIS

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