January 07, 2011


Karen Faye is one of the reasons Michael Jackson fans have been divided and she seems to be basking in it since it provided her with a newfound limelight. Doesn’t she have her own circle of colleagues or friends? Why does a 50 something year old woman who has worked for the most famous man on the planet continues to hang with fans, revealing Michael’s personal affairs, violating his privacy time after time? Michael employed many people; only the ones seeking self promotion have exploited their association with Michael.

Notice the website link on her twitter account? It’s her business contact in case you wish to “book Karen Faye”.

Karen Faye keeps running her mouth regarding Michael's personal life both while he was alive and particularly after his death. Didn't this woman sign a confidentiality agreement?

Karen Faye gossiped about the size of Michael’s...errr....package. She offered no explanation as to what kind of a situation would call for her talking about Michael's genitalia! It is highly unprofessional. Instead of blocking fans who ask valid questions
that she can't offer answers to, Karen, perhaps, can address the issues once and for all. 
As Mrs Faye is well aware, she is one of the reasons for fan division. If she is indeed advocating unity, why not answer burning questions? There are a handful of fans whom Faye jovially calls her "minions" who blindly support Faye. Then there are those who are in dark about her because Faye wouldn't answer questions so all we have to base our opinions about her is what's printed on Internet. I, for one, would like to hear answers directly from Mrs Faye. Considering her existance on twitter centers around Michael Jackson, I cordially invite Mrs Faye to be socially accountable and address the issues.

Karen posted the pictures of Michael’s crypt on her facebook which ended up on TMZ. It is rumored that she sold them to TMZ whilst she defends that someone from her facebook must have sold them to TMZ. Faye's defense is that she shared them on her facebook for free, why would she sell them? Well, Karen, maybe posting them on facebook while selling them to TMZ was your cover so you can say “well I shared them for free”!!!! It wasn’t your place to share them, you misused your access! If the Family wanted the world to see Michael’s crypt, they wouldn’t have had a private burial. To date, Karen Faye offered no apology to Jackson Family for leaking the pictures.

In 2007, Karen wrote the following about Lisa Marie Presley:

“Lisa Marie is a very evil little girl. She was horrible to Michael, myself, and anyone
who was around Michael. She was the one trying to manipulate Michael and his world.
I never saw Michael so miserable as I did when he was married to Lisa. Lisa has her album coming out she wants as much publicity as she can. What better way than to jump on Michael's popularity...everyone else does."

During her Oprah Interview, when asked "you made a conscious decision to talk now, why?". Lisa Marie stated that she wanted to do the interview before her upcoming album. I can't help but wonder if her remarks was relevant to Karen Faye's accusations.

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Karen, who claims to be good friends with Lisa Marie Presley offered no public apology. Instead, she white-washed it by stating “I am a better person now and so is LMP, because we each have grown and learned.” Wouldn’t a “better person” offer a public apology since the damage was done in public?

After Michael’s death, Karen ran to tabloids to share her psychic experience where Michael’s soul apologized to her!!!!!! Apparently, right after his tragic murder which separated him from his children, Michael’s priority was reaching to Karen from dead. Michael’s soul was very apologetic to Karen and said “You took such a good care of me. I am so sorry I hurt you so much.” And Karen has the audacity to call fans “crazy” LOL

In 2004/2005, an official Michael Jackson fanclub was formed -MJJSOUCE- according to Karen Faye, by Michael Jackson and Randy Jackson. The fanclub offered an entended membership with perks such as meet-n-greets and even a dinner at Neverland with Michael. The package also advertised a goody bag which the members never received. The website vanished without refunding the paid members.

Karen Faye put the blame squarely on Michael in order to exonerate herself:

“MJJsource is down because we have had no cooperation with Michael and his present team. Without their complete support, we can not continue with the site. I understand all the anger with the fans, but we have done everything in our power to live up to all the promises Michael has made. If he does not fulfill his promises…there is nothing we can do. We were Michael’s voice, but if he doesn’t wish to speak or pay the bills for MJJsource, there is nothing we can do.”

According to some fans, Michael was unaware of the $50 membership fee.  He ordered MJJSOURCE to be closed and fired Karen Faye. Michael had no contact with Faye until he allegedly called her in April for This Is It Tour which Faye confirms in an email.

From: Wingheart
Date: January 8, 2009

I haven't seen Michael since the day he was vindicated in court. I have nothing to do with his life. Everything you are telling me is news to me. I do not pay attention to anything that has to do with Michael.

If they were on good terms, why didn't Michael call her for his public apparences and photo shoots after his return from Bahrain? Recently Karen tweeted the following in regards to the MJJSource issue:

“Any money they contributed by joining the "extended" membership ended up extending the life of MJJS, which helped obtain all the NOT GUILTY verdicts.”

Upon above tweet, Faye was contacted for the above underlined remark which is very much open to being misconstrued as if the not guilty verdict was bought. She was requested to be more discreet and cautious.

I found how Karen referred to Michael and her attitude very unstettling.

From: Wingheart
Date: November 23, 2010

The membership supported a website, that consisted of information on a celebrity.
The website or the celebrity no longer exist...so do not stress about it. I don't :)

Shanti Shanti Shanti

"She wants as much publicity as she can.
What better way than to jump on Michael's popularity"

If one shares personal feelings and opinions on Twitter,
  one must be prepared to accept others in return"

I don't condone personal attacks on anyone, including Karen. I neither blindly support her nor do I bash her just because. When you put yourself amongst people who are passionate about Michael, you should be prepared to handle the consequences of your actions. Having worked with Michael for 27 years, one would hope that Faye is equipped to deal with issues with grace. Throwing insults then blocking fans who don't worship her can't be the way. I meant to share what became too heavy for me to carry considering the public persona Karen Faye portrays. I kindly invite Faye to acknowledge the issues and keep the door for dialog open to ALL. Issues don't get resolved simply by her blocking fans or fans chastising her, there has to be a middle ground.

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January 04, 2011


To refer to Conrad Murray as a “doctor” is an ultimate insult to the medical profession and its competent members. Murray, a self-professed “cardiologist” conducted himself
in such incompetent manner on June 25, 2009, that if Michael Jackson was found by a layperson instead of Conrad Murray, he may have been alive today.

Murray took his sweet time calling 911 when his patient was dying under his care.
He didn’t have, in his possession, medical equipment necessary to resuscitate Michael. There was only a small window of opportunity for him to get paramedics to the scene. Even a small child or a layperson knows to call 911 immediately when a person is in distress. The following videos should put Conrad Murray - a "doctor"- to shame!

          3 Year old calls 911, saving his mom's life

5 Year old calls 911, saving her mom's life

DOG calls 911, saving the life of his owner

CPR doesn't bring anyone back, it buys time until paramedics arrive with advanced life support. CPR alone is successful only %2 to %4 percent of the time. Paramedics arrived to Michael's home in less than 5 minutes. If Murray showed the common sense to call 911 promptly, the survival rate for Michael would have been higher. Talk about sheer incompetence, lack of judgement and disregard for human life!!!


“He just happened to find him in his bed and he wasn’t breathing. Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse. The doctor compressed his chest with one hand, braced his back with the other hand. He checked to make sure there was blood flow. There was.”
~ED CHERNOFF, Conrad Murray attorney

The only thing more appaling than Murray's imcompetency in CPR was his attorney spreading this improper CPR method amongst public as if it was an acceptable!!! Chernoff was better off conferring with a medical expert before he started stuttering!!!

Chernoff contradicted himself on how long Murray performed CPR before calling 911.

25-30 minutes or 5-10 minutes?

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency first aid protocol for an unconscious person on whom BOTH breathing and pulse cannot be detected. CPR is
the combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions. It substitutes the victim's breathing and heartbeat until paramedics arrive with advanced resuscitation equipment.

For chest compressions to work, the patient has to be on a hard surface. Compressions on a soft surface only pushes the patient’s body down into the bed, therefore is fruitless.

Alberto Alvarez said while Murray was doing CPR with one hand, he handed him viles
of medicine with the other hand. How many hands Murray has? One hand compressing heart, one hand supporting Michael’s back, one hand checking for blood flow, one hand giving Alvarez viles of medicine.

Murray botched CPR way before the chest compressions on the bed.

The purpose of rescue breathing is to supply oxygen into the victim’s lungs, the purpose of chest compressions is to keep the blood circulating through the body so oxygen reaches every parts of the body. The air that we exhale is %16 oxygen and it is vital to perform rescue breathing when someone stops breathing. When a person is deprived of oxygen, permanent brain damage begins within 4 to 6 minutes, followed by death.

  • You saw someone in distress
  • Tap on shoulder, try to wake the victim
  • If no response, CALL 911
  • Tilt the head back, open airway and check breathing
  • If no breathing, give 2 rescue breaths
  • Check the patient's carotid artery for pulse
  • If there is NO PULSE, proceed to chest compressions
  • If there is pulse, continue rescue breathing ONLY until the patient starts breathing on his own or the paramedics arrive.

A pulse, even a weak pulse, indicates a beating heart. Chest compressions on
a patient with pulse is highly dangerous and may cause faintly beating heart to stop beating.  Michael wasn’t breathing but had a weak pulse. He had respiratory failure, he needed oxygen. Murray should have immediately perform rescue breaths instead of "one handed CPR"!  It is moot to circulate blood that lacked oxygen! It is like rescue breathing for someone who can breathe! 

New CPR guidelines by American Heart Association calls for "hands only CPR",
chest compressions without pulse checking. It is important to note that the new guidelines are for laypersons and cover cardiac arrest victims. The new procedure reasons that since there is no heartbeat, laypersons can do no further harm by compressing the heart. Michael Jackson had a pulse and Conrad Murray isn't a layperson. 

Michael’s personal chef, Kai Chase, stated seeing Murray carry oxygen tanks each morning. Police found an EMPTY oxygen tank by Michael’s bed. Why was the tank was empty on this particular morning? Murray was well aware that Propofol induces respiratory failure, hence the oxygen tanks and that the supply of oxygen was vital part  
of the “treatment”. Why didn’t he, at least, provide Michael oxygen by mouth-to-mouth? 

~Conrad Murray/"Cardiologist"

~Conrad Murray after Michael is pronounced deat at UCLA

~CA Medical Board on Conrad Murray

~Katherine Jackson on Conrad Murray

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                    CA, NV & TX MEDICAL BOARDS: