May 15, 2012


I didn’t watch the Piers Morgan interview on May 10, 2012 with four of the Jackson brothers promoting their upcoming Tour but I had learnt that a separate Katherine Jackson interview would be broadcasted on Monday May 14, 2012. My immediate thought was “why isn't Jermaine latched onto his mommy's titties to promote the Unity Tour?” The answer came when I watched the Katherine Jackson interview with Piers Morgan.

Next to Katherine was sitting Brett Livingstone-Strong and there were drawings by Michael Jackson in the studio. Unfortunate for Jermaine, Katherine had her own dubious endeveour to promote and it was every man for himself...this time.

Who is Brett Livingstone-Strong?

Brett Livingstone-Strong is an artistic mentor & self proclaimed Michael Jackson friend—you know what “friend” means in Michael Jackson world, just another leech. Mr. Strong facilitated a Santa Monica airport hangar that Michael Jackson used as his art studio. 

1984-- Brett-Livingstone Strong was commissioned by Michael Jackson to create works
for the Michael Jackson Burn Center in Los Angeles and for the Michael Jackson Cancer Research Center in New York.

1989-- Mr. Jackson & Mr. Strong formed an incorporated business partnership known as the Jackson-Strong alliance aimed to carry out charitable works for children around the world. Each partner owned a fifty-percent stake in the other's art. They planned to exhibit their works with a vision to promote “the power of imagination, not just for creativity sake but for the sake of important world causes."

1990-- They collaborated on a painting titled “The Book”. This is the only portrait that
Michael Jackson posed for. The painting depicts him dressed in a red velvet jacket, holding a journal of his thoughts and sketches. “We called it ‘the Book’ ” said Brett Livingstone. This painting was slated to be part of their art exhibit.

1992-- Hiromichi Saeki, a Japanese businessman bought the painting for a record $2.1M

Mr. Saeki later went bankrupt and had to give the painting to Marty Abrams who tried to sell it but “I couldn’t get anyone at that time interested in the painting. I put it in storage for 17 years, and it has been there for 17 years” said Mr. Abrams. After Mr. Jackson’s death, lithographs & serigraphs of “The Book” have been sold on Internet with an average going rate of $15,000

November 17, 2008 Mr. Strong claimed after Michael Jackson’s death that Mr. Jackson gave away—free of charge—all his paintings to him “to keep, sell, copy, exhibit and to use in whatever way you wish."

It is important to note that the gift was made via this letter which does NOT have Michael Jackson’s signature. It was written by Mr. Jackson’s murky business manager Tohme.

It’s also important to note that in 2008, Mr. Jackson was in dire financial straits, on the precipice of losing Neverland. Surely he wouldn’t gift such a valuable art collection—reportedly worth a whopping $900 million. In comparison, the Sony/ATV Catalog is worth $1 billion. Mr. Jackson owns only half of the Catalog. So this art collection that Tohme gifted to Brett Livingstone worth MORE than his stake in the Sony/ATV Catalog. It make NO sense that Michael Jackson--or Tohme who was supposed to have his client's financial wellbeing in mind--would give away a $900 million collection when Mr. Jackson couldn't come up with $23.5M to pay his Neverland loan.

Another important point to note is that around the same time that he gifted Mr. Jackson's art to Brett Livingstone, Tohme consigned “all movable and removable personal property from Neverland Ranch” to an auction home—without Mr. Jackson’s knowledge.

 "Tohme Tohme went into an unpermitted dismantling of Neverland"        
                                       ~Jermaine Jackson

Michael Jackson was furious when he found out that Tohme Tohme auctioned his property. He sued to stop the auction. Ultimately, the parties came to an agreement & Mr. Jackson recovered his property. He then terminated Tohme and cut all ties. In what capacity then Tohme appeared at Michael’s mansion on the eve of June 25, 2009 and fired existing the security, stationing his own security is a Pandora's Box LAPD didn't bother to open.

Piers Morgan's Imcompetent Interview Skills

Not long ago, Piers Morgan got into a heated debate with TourĂ© who accused Piers of being a piss poor journalist who conducted an incompetent interview with George Zimmerman’s brother. TourĂ©'s words were ringing in my ears last night while watching Piers Morgan interview with Katherine Jackson & Brett Livingstone. If someone comes
to me with a hangar full of Michael Jackson drawings for which he’s claiming ownership,
the very fundamental question I’d ask is how he came to own the collection. It was obvious that Piers Morgan could have benefited from a simple google search before his interview. He was utterly unprepared and the opportunity to ask hard-hitting questions was wasted.

Brett Livingstone told Piers that he had, in his posession 98 pieces by Michael Jackson.
In an LA Weekly interview dated April 2011, this number was "150 to 160 pieces". 
The July 2011 interview by Star, which acquired an appraisal for the collection, reported
182 pieces. It's troublesome that the size of the art collection is substantially diminished.

 “Michael always wanted to exhibit his art, unfortunately that didn’t happen.
HE DID WANNA SELL IT. A few pieces were sold before his passing" said
Brett Livingstone in last night's interview with Piers Morgan.

This remark should come in handy for Michael Jackson Estate Executers. If it was indeed Michael's wish to have his art exhibited then his wish should be honored. If he wanted to “sell” his art then why would he give it away? If Michael Jackson indeed signed away his paintings to Brett Livingstone in 2008, was it to protect them from bankruptcy? Was it an arrangement to, in fact, secure the art collection? Who sold "a few pieces" while Michael was alive? The only piece sold was "The Book" in 1992. Did Brett Livingstone sell "a few pieces" without Mr. Jackson's knowledge when he was alive? Is there a documentation accurately depicting the number of painting by Mr. Jackson? Brett Livingstone should be prepared give an account of every single painting to the Michael Jackson Estate.

Michael Jackson Estate vs Brett Livingstone

Brett Livingstone claims that Mr. Jackson wanted to build a monument in Las Vegas “where he wanted his fans to get married.” Mr. Livingstone aspires to sell the art collection to fund the monument—but not if the Estate Executers have any say in it. & Lucky for Michael Jackson children—rightful owners of the art collection—they do.

An unknown “international businessman” reportedly put down a payment of $37.7 million to secure the art collection and agreed to pay another $50 million upon the receipt of a release from the Michael Jackson Estate which isn’t forthcoming. Why is a reportedly $900 million worth art collection being sold for only $87.7 million? Who received the $37.7 million?

When asked by Piers Morgan how many pieces he had, Brett Livingstone said "I own.." he then paused and pointed to Katherine Jackson and said "WE own 98 pieces". How did Katherine Jackson came into co-ownership of these paintings? Is there a Jackson hand in the gold pot that received $37.7 million and plans to profit further from the art collection?

In a legal maneuver which no doubt aims to reclaim Michael’s collection of art from Brett Livingstone, the Estate Executers are challenging Tohme’s power of attorneys. If the judge finds for the Executers then the Estate will gain ownership of the art collection.

Portion of MJ Estate Lawsuit against Tohme

So why did Katherine grant this interview, seemingly siding with Brett Livingstone when her son’s Estate is trying to recover the art collection for the keepsake of Michael’s children—you know, the very children whose welfare she is entrusted to uphold? Well, for the same reason she granted an interview with ‘Good Morning America’ in February 2011 siding with Melissa Johnson whom the Michael Jackson Estate is litigating: because Katherine has been putting her own welfare ahead of the wellbeing of Paris, Prince & Blanket. Not a huge leap since she put her interests ahead of her own children to begin with.

Katherine involved Michael’s young children in the middle of her legal feud with her son’s Estate Executers in connection with the fake ‘Heal the World Foundation.” She made the children wear “Heal the World Foundation” t-shirts on GMA interview in her attempt to garner public support to a fraudulent “charity”. You know her exploitation of her grandchildren went too far when the Estate Executors condemned Mrs. Jackson.

"The current Heal the World Foundation has no relation to Michael Jackson's charity. The Estate does not believe Michael's children should be used to exploit a foundation that a federal judge found was not
              associated with Michael Jackson." ~Michael Jackson Estate Executers

In September 2011, Katherine, once again, dragged Michael Jackson children to Oprah to garner support for Howard Mann—another crook business partner of Katherine Jackson, whom the Michael Jackson Estate Excuters are litigating. Appearantly, if you are upstanding businessman, you have zilch chance of doing business with Katherine Jackson. You must be a porn producer or a crook who intends to steal from Michael's children.

Katherine Jackson Interview with Piers Morgan

Katherine’s interview with Piers Morgan was designed to garner public support for a man who most likely acquired the art collection fraudulently. He may have even sold “a few pieces” fraudulently. It’s crucial to note that when Howard Mann asked Tohme to sign an affidavit, swearing to the veracity of the letter he sent to Brett Livingstone, Tohme refused.

Katherine Jackson was asked what caused her son’s death. She said “I don’t know. All I know is that they used propoTol.” Strangers with no familial relation to Michael Jackson can recite by ♥ the drugs and the levels in Michael’s body. Katherine wobbled to the courthouse almost every day yet she doesn’t even know the name of the drug that killed her son. Where was she when “Propofol” was used day in and day out? In my opinion, it's because Katherine doesn't care about Michael Jackson like a son--or a human being. All she knows is that there is glitch in her ATM card that requires her to go through 2 Executers! None of the Jacksons are as well-versed in Mr. Jackson's life as much as fans who, unlike some people, care about Michael! Is it her age? Is Katherine Jackson senile?
If yes then why leave her to her own device to enter into business deals with crooks?

She didn't know Jordy Chandler’s name, she asked Piers what his name was. Katherine regurgitated a false story that allegedly Jordy retracted his allegations against Michael—which isn’t true. This is all so embarrassing. I am utterly embarrassed that the mother of the King of Pop is so ignorant, so greedy, so uncharitable, so ineloquent and so embarrasing.

Katherine then conceded “I don't think that Michael would have wanted Paris
to be out there this soon but she wanted it [acting] so badly. She kept saying 'Please, Grandma!' so I just gave in and said okay.” I'm glad Mama Greed let us in on her train of thought in arriving such a monumental decision! If the children could decide what’s best for them then a judge wouldn't have appointed a guardian AND a guardian ad litem for them. Katherine has been raising Michael’s children against his parental wishes. To hear her express awareness of this fact is just a slap on the face & a huge disappointment!

Janet Jackson comments on Paris Jackson acting


I really try my darndest to be respectful of Michael’s Family…for HIS sake but my efforts go south when nothing they do is respect-worthy. I don't know about you but I am not in the business of handing out respect to people based on their connection to Michael Jackson. Take Michael out of the equation. Tell me now, what is respect-worthy about Katherine?

She briefly worked one job in her 82 year lifespan…part time at Sears. By the time Michael was 7, he and his brothers were the bread-winners, working all night at local and out of town venues (including stripclubs), returning home just in time for school. Jermaine wrote in his book that Katherine lied blatantly in her book about not knowing that her children were working in strip clubs. It seems her Jehovah Witness beliefs can be modified to suit Mama Greed's needs!!! The brothers would often doze off in the class. When they got home from the school, the children would perform house chores, followed by grueling rehearsals.

By this time, Katherine wasn’t working, the house chores were done by the children
and she idly watched her children oiled and whipped like animals. So tell me, what was Katherine’s job in that house as a mom? I mean, I keep hearing what a great mom she is. Really? After all, even dogs procreate. There is a difference between a mom & a Mother
—as her children call her. Katherine Jackson didn’t take care of her “cubs” but rather her cubs, particularly Michael Jackson, have taken care of her. She is used to living a privileged lifestyle without earning her living--even if it means expoiliting her dead son or grandkids.

Michael Jackson died on Jun 25, 2009. He was buried on Sep 3, 2009—that is 71 days that Michael’s lifeless body laid in a cold morgue drawer. There was NO valid reason why he wasn't laid to rest! Perhaps, because you are SO emotonally tied to Katherine Jackson that your sensibilities aren't kicking in. Let's imagine Cissy Houston abandoning Whitney Houston in a morgue drawer for 2 months—for no reason whatsoever. I love Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. May they rest in Peace. But I was hurt watching Whitney's "going home service." She was laid to rest within a week— because an autopsy had to be performed. My heart wanted a "going home service" for beloved Michael Jackson. I will never forgive Katherine for letting an autopsied body of Michael Jackson lay in some drawer for 2 months! Is this even in accordance with her Jehovah Witness beliefs? Bless her greedy heart, she didn’t let laying her son to rest interfere with her pursuit of money. 

Joseph started exploiting his son’s death only 3 days after Michael’s death at BET awards. Jermaine trusted himself into spotlight with a bogus “tribute” in Vienna, claiming that the proceedings of this event would go to a charity. Because as you know, when you think of charitable deeds, you automatically think of the Jacksons, particularly Jermaine. Jermaine was selling tickets under false advertising, promising appearances by celebrities who, one by one, released statements that they weren’t involved in Jermaine’s “tribute”.

To counter the adverse reporting of his event by the media, Jermaine held a Press Conference on Sep 9, 2009— six days after Michael was buried. Jermaine exploited Michael’s children as ticket boosters by saying “the children will be there.” He denied reports that Katherine was against his "tribute". He topped all this load of sh*t with crocodile tears. Jermaine, as usual, went crying to mommy who released a video—2 days after Jermaine's Press Conference and 8 days after she buried her ATM card.

When Jermaine was exposed as a fraud (the so-called charity he cited was in fact a corporation owned by his wife Halima’s father), he was forced to cancel the event. Little did we know, this incident would portend an never-ending string of dubious business endeavors based on selling Michael Jackson’s death.

In hindsight, it makes total sense as to why Katherine didn't have any qualms in endorsing Jermaine’s fraudulent Vienna Tribute with his non-existent charity. This woman is the mother of ‘The Greatest Entertainer of all Time’ who was a very altruistic man. Seeing how greedy his Family is makes Michael Jackson’s generous heart that much laudable.  If you delude yourself into thinking that in the honor of her son, this Mother would try to carry on Michael's charitable legacy in her remaining days, you’d be dead wrong. There is no low low enough for Katherine Jackson as she resorts to anything and everything to make a buck that she doesn’t have to work for!!! She is not gonna let a thing like fraud or the welfare of 3 young children to get into her way of eating off of her son’s corpse!!!

I don't trust anybody except Katherine. & sometimes I am not so sure about her."
                                                 ~Michael Jackson

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