July 23, 2012


I am not going to even bother to write about the latest dysfunctional antics of the Universe’s most dysfunctional Family ~the Jacksons. This is a quick post for those who have been following the events surrounding Katherine Jackson being reported as missing.

As you will recall, Jermaine threw himself into the spotlight stating that he will “shortly” release a statement about his dysfunctional Family’s “wildfire madness.”

He tweeted:

I predicted:

He tweeted:

I told you so:

After the show, Jermaine logs in with an agenda. He retweets Kevin Frazier.

I found it bizarre that an entertainment show host, after attending a memorable Jackson Concert where the brothers re-united after three decades, tweets about Paris dancing. What I noticed immediately was that Mr. Frazier tweeted seconds ago and he did NOT @msg his tweet to Jermaine. How did Jermaine possibly saw Mr Frazier’s tweet within seconds after it was tweeted? Perhaps, I thought, Jermaine was following Kevin Frazier and that tweet about Paris just ended up on his timeline. What a good timing of Jermaine, I thought, coming across this very convenient tweet seconds after it was tweeted. I checked all 84 of Jermaine's "following" list to find that he is NOT following Kevin Frazier.

Jermaine's subsequent tweets (above image) immediately and clearly revealed his agenda. This bird-brain whose mom and dad are apparently first cousins adds insult to injury by affronting public’s intelligence! Seeing that his earlier “statement” failed miserably, Jermaine resort to a mind game. He asked Kevin Frazier to tweet about Paris and Mrs Jackson. Perhaps they were next to each other when they executed this machination. 
What Jermaine doesn’t realize is how sloppy & predictable he is. What a loser!

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