February 22, 2011


Since late 2007, Thome Ramez Tohme had been Michael Jackson's business manager and he stated, weeks after Michael's death, that he was still Michael's manager.

Frank Dileo claims
Michael hired him as his manager in March 2009.

Leonard Rowe insists
Michael hired him as his manager and he has a letter dated March 25, 2009 to substantiate his claim. On March 27, a Press Release was issued, from what appears to be by Michael, announcing Rowe's appointment as his business manager.

Both Frank Dileo and Leonard Rowe entries into Michael's life and their mutually excusive claims to be his manager closely relates to the AllGood Entertainment 
Jackson Family Concert deal.

Leonard Rowe’s dealings with Michael Jackson in 2007 involved him forcing Michael into a project that Michael had stated he wasn’t interested. When Rowe entered into MJ’s life in 2009, it involved another project, AllGood Entertainment Jackson Family Show which Michael had said was NOT interested.

In a convoluted turn of events, AllGood first enlisted Frank Dileo to convince Michael. When Dileo wasn’t producing results, AllGood enlisted Leonard Rowe who enlisted Katherine and Joe Jackson. AEG who wanted Michael for their own dealings felt threatened that Michael would cancel O2 Tour. After all, Katherine Jackson had the power to make Michael do things that he had refused to do in the first place and she was on AllGood’s side. So Randy Phillips brought in Frank Dileo to control Michael. Dileo was NOT hired by Michael as his manager although THEY want the media and public to believe so. Dileo was brought in by AEG as ‘outside counsel’ and he was taking orders from Randy Phillips.  

You may read about Frank Dileo claim to be Michael’s manager here. This blogpost will solely focus on Leonard Rowe's claim as Michael's manager.

In 2007, LiveNation cancelled Janet's Tour. She called Leonard Rowe because her band members had blocked their summer time for the tour and they would miss income. Janet asked Rowe if he could promote a 20 concert Tour.

“I did not believe that she had the drawing power to tour” wrote Leonard Rowe
in his book. So he enlisted Michael’s help. “I am going to fly to Las Vegas, talk to Michael and see if I can get him to get back with the brothers and tour. If he agrees to do that, you can be the opening act” Rowe told Janet.

Leonard Rowe, Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, Tito & Janet met up at Rebbie’s home then went to Michael’s home unannounced. They told the security guard that they were there to see Michael. The guard went in to inform Michael. The guard returned and asked each of them to write their names on a piece of paper so Michael could know exactly who was at his door. After 15 minutes, guard returned and led them to Michael.

“I told him that we want him to reunite with his brothers and tour in America. Michael said “I just can’t do it right now. I have other things I am planning and working on.” We stayed there for a few others trying to persuade him. I could tell that Michael was becoming irritable so we decided to leave” Rowe wrote.

“About two months later I flew back to Las Vegas, hoping I could persuade him. I waited about 10 minutes for Michael’s security guard to come down. When he arrived, he said “you’ve just missed Michael, let me try to get him on the phone”. He called Michael and told him that I was at the house. Michael told him to ask me if I could come back tomorrow, I told him I could not come back tomorrow because I had to fly back to Atlanta but I would return in a few days."

Leonard Rowe asked R Kelley to tour with Janet, parties agreed. Later, Janet changed her mind about touring with R Kelley, thinking that R Kelly would steal the spotlight. Rowe proceeded to touring with R Kelley.

In the first 8 chapters of his book, Leonard Rowe laments about how black promoters are discriminated against in the Entertainment Industry but when given the opportunity, Rowe failed the artists that gave him a chance. R Kelley had to sue Rowe for nonpayment from the tour proceedings. The case was settled out of court on April 09, 2009, R Kelly was awarded $3.4 million.

"I agreed to let Leonard Rowe promote my tour because he convinced me that he was an underdog who deserved a chance to prove himself" -R Kelly

Ne-Yo who was dropped out of the Tour after 2 months also litigated Leonard Rowe for $700,000. The case was settled out of the court in September 2008.

November 27, 2008 Dileo & Allgood signed a binder agreement, in which Dileo promised that Michael, Janet & the Jacksons would perform a concert in Texas on July 03, 2010 to be taped & marketed as Internet pay-per-view. 

The agreement mandated that AllGood would pay Dileo $150,000 non-refundable commission in order for Dileo to get Michael to put HIS signature on the Contract. AllGood was hesitant to pay Dileo, considering his fraudulent history of conning promoters.

AllGood offered to pay Dileo AFTER he produces a contract with Michael's signature, Dileo declined to move forward without the $150,000.

AllGood was hearing whispers from insiders that Michael was in talks with AEG for a Summer Tour in London. With time of the essence, AllGood gave up on Dileo and approached to Leonard Rowe on January 23 2009.

Leonard Rowe enlisted the help of Katherine and Joe Jackson. Joe was on board with the Family Tour deal from its inception.  As a matter of fact it was JOE who suggested to Patrick Allocco that he should visit with "Michael's manager" Frank Dileo to negotiate the deal.

Katherine, Joe, Leonard Rowe, Terry Harvey and Patrick Allocco (president of AllGood Entertainment) whom I will collectively refer to as Jackson Camp from here on, felt that people from AEG's Camp isolated and controlled Michael.  To gain leverage, Jackson Camp decided that it would be instrumental to get Leonard Rowe to become Michael’s manager.

AEG et al was fully aware of the power struggle. After they were notified that Rowe was hired as Michael's manager and Rowe was beginning to meddle in AEG deal on Michael's behalf, they counteracted and retained Frank Dileo as Michael's manager. 

Roger Friedman reported that Joe & Rowe asked for his help for the coup d'├ętat.

"According to sources at Jackson’s home, this pair kept pounding on Michael’s door until he let them in. They wouldn’t give up until Michael signed something. Joe Jackson evidently said to Michael “I’m broke and it’s your fault.Timing of this is interesting. It was the same weekend when the pair issued a press release announcing they were now Michael’s managers. (They weren’t)!

"They called yours truly to enlist my help in overtaking AEG Live and wresting control of Michael’s money. I declined. I have the phone record to prove that they called me one week before all this started, on March 18th at 3:40pm. We spoke for four minutes. Joe said “I have Leonard Rowe right here” and started squawking that they were going to take over Michael’s shows." -Roger Friedman

Katherine Jackson was the one and only person who have influence over Michael to get him to do things that he had initially declined. She has utilized her influence many times throughout Michael's life.

Katherine talked to Michael several times upon Rowe and Joe's directives.

March 22 at 11:00pm, Michael and Leonard Rowe had a phone conversation and Michael told Rowe that he would consider hiring him as his manager.

March 23, 2009 Leonard Rowe had his attorney draft a letter of direction for Michael to sign. The letter was dated March 25 2009.

March 26, a Press Release was issued, announcing Rowe's appointment. 


Jackson Camp had issued the Press Release without Michael’s knowledge. Michael was furious and he stopped taking calls from Leonard Rowe.

April 02, 2009 Celebrity Access published an article titled "Will Michael Jackson's Real Manager Please Stand Up?"

"Rowe Entertaintment appears to have sparked a controversy after they issued a press release, announcing that Leonard Rowe was going to be assuming management duties for the prodigal King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Sources close to the matter have told CelebrityAccess that Rowe had joined forces with Michael Jackson's father Joseph Jackson to convince Michael to let them assume handling the artist's business affairs.

On the other side of the issue, Frank Dileo maintains that Rowe's press release was less than factual and that they manage Jackson. However, AEG's Randy Phillips told CelebrityAccesss that they have been working with Dr. Tohme in connection with all of Michael Jackson's dates."

April 02 2009, Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment spoke to Katherine on the phone for 45 minutes, requesting that she convince Michael about Leonard Rowe. Joe asked Katherine that if she can't convince Michael, she should talk him into a meeting with Joe and Leonard Rowe just to talk.

April 06, 2009, to respond to unceasing media inquiries, Rowe’s spokesperson,
Cataunya Ransom released a statement:

"At this time Legendary Promoter Leonard Rowe has no comment relating to Michael Jackson’s representation."

April 14, 2009 at 7:00 AM, Joe Jackson and Leonard Rowe went to Michael’s home.

Michael didn’t have any relationship with his family after he returned from Bahrain so this was the first time Joe was seeing his son in years. It wasn’t an emotional reunion between father and son but a business meeting aimed to impose Michael into hiring Leonard Rowe as his manager.

“Let me say my peace” Joe started. He went onto explain how there was too much control over Michael by people surrounding him, AEG in particular, and that Leonard Rowe was a family friend and that Michael should hire him to oversee his business affairs.

Rowe had brought the letter of direction that his attorney had prepared, dated March 25. The date wasn't changed and it was signed by Michael on April 14.

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In his Raffless Van Exel Interview, Frank Dileo bluntly lied about many things but there is one thing that he was right on the money about: Michael signed the letter, appointing Rowe only because Joe was looking over his shoulder. Upon revising the letter of direction, you will see that Michael made amendments on it. The letter state that “Leonard Rowe is my authorized representative in all matters concerning my endeavors in the Entertainment industry and any other of my endeavors as he may be assigned by me”. Michael stressed that it applies to “financial overseeing ONLY”. Michael added “pertaining to finances and the O2 Shows in London. This can be revoked at any time.”

Michael did NOT appoint Rowe as his business manager. He authorised Rowe only to oversee his finances regarding the O2 Tour. He signed this letter to stop the incessant badgering by Katherine & Joe.

Michael had a habit of making promises, even if he wasn't confortable with it. He would then have one of his handlers recant his promise later. In this case, it was Frank Dileo. I confirmed with a source from the Jackson Camp that Michael indeed asked Dileo to meet with Rowe.

To penetrade into Michael's fort, Jackson Camp came up with a Plan B. 

Joe insisted that Leonard Rowe and Katherine Jackson move into Michael's home. Katherine declined, stating that she didn't want to intrude into Michael's privacy. This is the reason
Joe blamed Katherine for Michael's death. 

Leonard Rowe in his book and Jacksons in interviews refer to an "intervention". They did NOT organize any intervention! An intervention is set up and carefully executed by an Intervention specialist. There is an elaborate method to an Intervention. It is planned out of concern for the loved one. A plan to take control of Michael hardly constitutes as an "intervention".

Jackson Camp wanted to move in Katherine and Rowe to gain control over Michael, NOT because they were concerned over Michael's health.

Katherine, Joe and Rowe saw Michael at a meeting on May 15 2009, Michael's health or an Intervention wasn't on the agenda of the meeting.

It was imperative for the Jackson Camp that Leonard Rowe was Michael's manager so they can talk him into performing the Family Concert. Leonard Rowe signed a contract with AllGood in February. The contract omnisciently predicted IN FEBRUARY 2009 that Rowe may be hired as Michael's manager. I will post the Rowe-AllGood contract in another post.

It was imperative for AEG Camp to insert Frank Dileo as Michael's manager so they may continue to control him as it benefits their agenda.

Michael did NOT hire NEITHER DILEO NOR ROWE as his manager. The pair were inserted by 2 companies, AEG and AllGood, who wanted Michael for their respective business deals.

Michael Jackson's last manager was: TOHME R TOHME

May 20, 2009  Leonard Rowe was terminated by Michael Jackson

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May 15, 2009 Michael, Katherine, Joe, Leonard Rowe, Paul Gongaware and Randy Phillips attended a meeting in Beverly Hills Hotel.

In the meeting, Randy Phillips asked Leonard Rowe “WHO IS PAYING YOU?”

Leonard Rowe replied “IT'S NONE OF YOUR CONCERN”.

Who was paying Leonard Rowe?


Frak Dileo was NOT hired by Michael Jackson as his manager