July 30, 2011


Following are Karen Faye facebook comments before she closed her account:

"It is very clear to me by the responses here that people who do not "really" know Michael, think he looks fine. Maybe to corporate businessmen who weren't sensitive to Michael, never even bothered to notice his condition. BUT, I wrote the emails and had discussions (not with Randy Phillips, because he wasn’t available to me. He just recently told me, he was ‘shown’ my emails, and was aware of my concerns, before Michael died) with others who were responsible for Michael and the O2 shows.

I was begging for a physiologist, because of Michael's state of mind was not right. He could not sleep, he was angry (for not having any control), he was showing signs of taking drugs, OCD, and his body was always ice cold, and loosing weight rapidly. It was a matter of six days from the time I was sending emails, sounding the alert and when Michael was dead. Four of the six days, he was not at rehearsals, and I hadn't seen him.

Karen Faye Kissinger
Yes I did. This movie was made for 2 reasons.
1. To have visual proof that AEG has no responsibility in Michael's death
2. To use Michael and his death to reach into every fans pocket and take your money....

(On September 25, 2009, a fan asked) Karen, why Sony, AEG and Kenny Ortega have to cut you out of the movie? You're the part of Michael's life and career.

Karen Faye Kissinger: Because I am against the movie...I have evidence that they knew Michael wasn't well enough to do the shows...I sent them emails. They said they "had it under control" then Michael was dead the next day.

Karen Faye Kissinger
My first call from Michael was on March 15th. M. Bush's first contact was April 11th.
I was not put on staff until May 14th. I feel like I was being ignored for weeks. There were many meetings by other staff. Dancers, musicians and back up singers began at Center Staging in April. Michael began to rehearse and work out at home in April. When Michael was younger and working, this would have been enough time for him. Michael did not get on stage and start working with his performers until mid June. Michael seemed reluctant to begin. I began to see warning signs of drugs and continued weight loss. The rehearsals on the 23 and 24 were the most productive up to that point.

Karen Faye Kissinger on This Is It film: The movie is not the entire truth....Please know there was a very dark side. A side that showed little concern for Michael the person. It was about Michael the commodity. He was trapped by circumstances, to do this show, a show he was mentally, and physically unable to do...and they knew it.

I don't want you not to see the movie. Everyone was robbed of Michael from ever creating again. These are his final days...but they do not tell the entire story. There is a very dark truth that you are not seeing. The head of AEG said it in his own words...this will clear us of any wrong doing. Why would anyone say that....if no wrong doing ever occured?

Karen Faye Kissinger on This Is Not It Group: I support this movement....100%

Karen Faye Kissinger
Him being alive was the obstacle for all the people making all the money now....doesn't that make you think...now that we know he was killed????

Karen Faye Kissinger
SONY has his final tapes....they are THRILLed to have his walk to his death and making your money.

Karen Faye Kissinger
How could I EVER be proud of this movie? How could I ever approve of any of this?

Karen Faye Kissinger
If something happens to me...it will not be an accident.

Karen Faye Kissinger
MB told me that MJ asked him who gave the permission to film the rehearsals. I believe MB answered that AEG was doing it. Usually, Michael has his own documentary crew shooting. This way Michael owns it and can edit and show what he wants the world to see. He often released his footage for "the making of" projects, behind the scene footage but he was in complete control of the footage. I thought that the crew that was shooting rehearsals was doing it FOR Michael when I saw them. It wasn't till Michael was gone, MB [Michael Bush] told me, the film crew was AEG, and MJ didn't approve of it.

Karen Faye Kissinger
It only further shows me that Michael had very little control of the situation...which why he was so angry in the last days....He kept saying "Why can't I choose?"

Karen Faye Kissinger
I wish I had the insight I have now, back in the beginning of June.

Karen Faye Kissinger on the autopsy report:
When I prepared his body, the mortician I worked with told Michael Bush and I that he weighed between 108 - 111. Sounds like a cover up to me. He was bones. Ask your fellow fans who were there. Ask Michael Bush who was taking in his pants everyday.

Karen Faye Kissinger
You know how hard this is for me to keep having to fight for some sort of truth here? Not only is it painful, it is exhausting.

Karen Faye Kissinger
Look at all these liars...these vultures. It is getting harder and harder to get the truth out there. I am only one small girl. They have the money and power to CRUSH the truth.

I just talked to LMP...she just told me he never weighed more than 120 when he was with her and he was healthy.

Karen Faye Kissinger
I have some Legal issues. Randy Phillips is getting very angry with me and is emailing me I must stop. I need to remain on a "private" page. I have a confidentiality clause in my AEG contract.

Karen Faye Kissinger
No...not closing. I guess the truth is making him nervous. He (Philips) says my comments are "defamatory, damaging, and not factual"

Karen Faye Kissinger
I think he (Philips) is not being factual, along with Kenny Ortega and Frank Dileo when they go on TV saying Michael was fine.

Karen Faye Kissinger
I have been asked to stop posting some of my opinions here by Randy Phillips.
I have a confidentiality contract with AEG. I am being accused by Randy Phillips of creating this site. They are asking me to remove it from my FB pages.

They have been addressing me with emails, their lawyers and Frank Dileo.

I am not removing this page. Nor am I going to remove anyone's opinion about TINI. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and opinion.

Karen Faye Kissinger
I don't know why he is lying (Daniel Celebre)...these dancers are young and eager to get publicity. They are just beginning their career. You will see a lot of HYPE in the next weeks. Randy Philips will be going on Oprah also. They are on a mission of damage control. I even saw an image where Michael was definitely retouched. Michael's thighs were NEVER that big. He would be appalled to be painted that big.

The dancers were so in awe of Michael as you can imagine. The last two days, Michael did quite well. You will see in TII this footage. Michael's condition and the worry regarding his state was hidden as much as possible. Access to Michael was very limited. Michael had a dressing room where he stayed most of the time until he went on stage, which was behind 2-5 security guards.

Michael's security always sits outside his dressing room. They escorted him to the stage when he went there. They stood guard everywhere he went. That was their job. It was always like that. They sit outside his hotel room, day and night.

I was allowed access to his dressing room. I cuddled him in blankets inside his dressing room. He did go out to view the rehearsal, covered in a blanket and a heater next to him one time. The video cameras caught that on film...but I told Kenny that he should NOT allow Michael's weak moments to be filmed. He agreed.

The week before Michael's death, the crew was starting to ask questions...about Michael not showing up and not rehearsing as he should be, not taking off his sun glasses. The excuses WE gave was "he was tired"...only half the truth. I personally could not tell strangers (dancers) that I thought he started taking drugs...that I was worried sick about his weight. I told Kenny and Frank DiLeo. I was hoping he would improve in the next two weeks before we left for London, and then the week and a half in London before the first show. I thought we had time to get on track. He showed marked improvement the 23 and 24th. We had hope. Then he died.

Karen Faye Kissinger
Wouldn't it be a nice gesture if "they" gave every TII 02 concert ticket holder a free pass to the THIS IS IT movie? If they were REALLY doing the movie for the fans????

Karen Faye Kissinger
I told you I was going to the premiere of THIS IS IT....I can't do it. I can not honor Michael's death, until there is JUSTICE. The killer is free, and could be sitting next to me in that theater. It just is not right.

(On October 26, 2009, a fan asked) Karen, I also saw an interview on Extra this weekend where Zaldy spoke on the different costumes he created for various songs. There were costumes that were going to be lit up. Zaldy spoke about how excited Michael was and how he called Zaldy the night before he passed to express his excitement and ideas of collaborating on a clothing line he wanted Zaldy to be a part of.

On your page, I have read conflicting comments regarding this costume designer. From the interview I viewed this past weekend, it appeared Michael was enthusiastic about Zaldy, and there was no mention of Michael Lee Bush. Why??? 

Karen Faye Kissinger:
Not all of this is a true account. Much of it has been elaborated on for the hype factor. Michael NEVER mentioned a clothing line. I would imagine Zaldy would have loved to turn his "involvement" with Michael into a clothing line. Michael isn't here to stop people from lying and exaggerating....is he? Zaldy was a "friend" of Travis Payne's, getting in on the Michael Jackson merry-go-round. Michael Jackson had Michael Bush, making him clothes on the sly, because MJ wasn't liking what Zaldy was making him. Michael was very gracious of course, and would never tell Zaldy to his face. None of the clothes he is presenting now, were ever completed, worn in a rehearsal and NEVER confirmed by Michael as his final wardrobe choice.

I believe that Zaldy got paid for his clothes...and the clothes and costumes MLB made for Michael and the dancers (and in the movie) have not been paid for.

AEG is in violation with their contract with MLB. I believe they have been offering unacceptable compromises. You have to have a lot of money to throw at lawyers to fight contract violations. AEG is a bottomless pit when it comes to money. In my opinion, Bush should just auction off the clothes, Michael REALLY wore.

(October 26, 2006- a fan posted on Karen's Wall a link to an article titled
"Kenny Ortega has dropped out as director of Footloose" )
Karen Faye Kissinger
He probably made so much money on TII...he is too large for anyone else.

Michael Lee Bush (posted on Karen's Wall)
Damnit, why don't we all mentally masturbate over what we think MJJ was going to wear, dance and sing,,, why don’t they show some dance steps I think Michael might do???? This is all speculation,,,, the proof will be in their movie,, what does he actually have on???? Why didn't they want to show it in their exhibition in London the last things Michael had on,,, tie the hole thing together,,,, Michael would have never wanted to wear my personal shirt or jackets if he didn’t like them, yes my personal clothes... should I continue??? Do I sound bitter that Michael's not here to rebut all this?????

Karen Faye Kissinger  on This is It Premier
You won't see me walking the red carpet. I can not support this movie. NOT UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED. The red carpet would be like walking on Michael's blood!

How do you think it will make me feel, when it gets a standing ovation????
IT KILLED MY FRIEND!!!!! I just can't...can't share in their glory.

I do not condemn anyone who wants to see it. I understand...
I just know the other side. I can not celebrate the situation

Michael Lee Bush (posted on Karen's Wall)
Sitting here wondering why Kenny Ortega didn’t get me the credit of Costume Designer for his film.... that was part of my contract with AEG he help orchestrate????

July 28, 2011


Latoya has been uttering some foolish remarks on book promotion media appearances. Katherine released a statement, nullifying Latoya’s claims, basically calling her a liar. 
I felt that Katherine should have advised Latoya in private instead of releasing a public statement. There had to be a hidden motive and there was: Katherine was ingratiating herself to the Executors, pushing her daughter under the bus, for her own financial gain.

When some of the Jacksons held a press conference to announce a “tribute”, scheduled to take place 2.5 weeks into the Conrad Murray Trial, Randy & Jermaine Jackson released a statement, expressing their opposition to the event. I felt that they too should have communicated with the participating Jacksons in private instead of releasing a public statement. This so-called Family communicates with each other via public statements.

When shocked fans questioned Jermaine & Randy’s motives, Jermaine tweeted
we were offered good money to participate. We declined. It's not about the money”

I do believe Jermaine that it is not about the money but I do NOT believe that he opposed because of the tribute’s inappropriate temporal proximity to the Conrad Murray Trial.

Jermaine declining “good money”? Who here can wrap your brain around that concept? Based on the Family history, only one situation would call for this: dispute amongst the brothers. Could it be because his brothers weren’t supportive of Jermaine’s “tribute”
on June 24, 2011? Or does he feel that the tribute hype would take away from his book? Whatever his convoluted reason is, Jermaine is no better than the people he criticizes.

Jermaine Jackson tweeted on July 26, 2011: 

"Many of you asked about my book's timing in light of my comments about the tribute.

When I first signed the book deal, the agreed publication date was October 13.
When the courts moved the trial date from June to September, that meant the book
would come out in the middle of those proceedings -- an outcome I couldn't allow.

Once I explained this to the publishers, they both understood and acted swiftly.
I was offered two publication dates: 1st week November or 2nd week September.
To avoid a potential clash with any jury deliberations/verdict in the November.
I agreed September 13 because it's BEFORE the trial's start on September 20.

I will not be promoting or doing book signings after Sep 20 and until the trial has ended"

 Jermaine’s tweet displays just how cluless he is about the Murray Trial

      "When the courts moved the trial date from JUNE to September"
               "It's before the trial's start on SEPTEMBER 20"

Trial was NEVER set in June & it does NOT start on September 20

Jury selection was scheduled on March 24, opening statements were to be on March 28
but the trial itself wasn’t going to commence till May 9. Defense requested an extension; Judge Pastor rescheduled the Trial to September 8, 2011. Then prosecution requested an extension but the Judge rejected the request. The Trial starts on September 8, 2011.

So I reject Jermaine’s claim that he is SO involved in this Trial. His lack of knowledge about the very basics is brazenly visible to those who are really following the Trial.

The reasons why fans objected to the “tribute” must have eluded Jermaine. It wasn’t because it was DURING the Trial, per say. We object to ANY event, whether it be

Jacksons spent 2 years inundating the fan community with their commercializing of Michael’s death. We -the fans whose grief Jackson Family never once acknowledged- want an uninterrupted Trial period to observe the trial & digest the outcome. We don't want any event or mechandise by Jacksons to create hype to break focus from the trial.

Jermaine’s September 13 "book" is just as offensive as the October 8 "tribute"

I will not be promoting the book or doing any book signings after September 20 and until the trial has ended”. In case it eluded you, Jermaine is using what will be
one of the most talked about trials of all time, as a promotional tool to sell his garbage.

There is a method to Jermaine's madness. He is using the beginning of the Trial to premiere his book, hoping to benefit from the media hullabaloo surrounding the trial. Then he will promote the book amidst massive coverage of the verdict. 

Casey Anthony trial lasted 6 weeks, it was a first degree murder Trial. Conrad Murray Trial is only an involuntary manslaughter case. It is expected to wrap up rather quickly. Assuming a start date of September 8, Trial would be over by 1st week of November.
So why didn’t Jermaine choose the November date? Because he wants his garbage
to fully benefit from the media frenzy surrounding the Conrad Murray trial.

The ONLY aspect of Murray Trial that Jerm cares about is that it will sell his book! He didn't even bother attending Premilimary Trial or at least keep abreast of its facts. 
Jacksons are utterly ignorant of the facts surrounding Michael's death! And I would like to be on record so I can say "I told you so". Jermaine WILL promote his book before/during/after the trial. He once gain wrote a check that his a$$ can't cash!

Jermaine Jackson is indeed Katherine and Joe Jackson's son... 

Related Link:

Trial was NEVER set in June & it does NOT start on September 20

July 25, 2011


Latoya Jackson has been asserting in her recent interviews to promote her book that
the Executers conspired to murder Michael. But today Katherine released this statement:

"It is only natural for people who loved Michael, including family members, to be suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s untimely death. So far
I have not seen one shred of evidence that anyone associated with Michael’s estate conspired to kill him.

"If such evidence ever comes to my attention, I will be the first to bring those facts to light.  No one loved Michael more than I loved him, but no one should be falsely accused, as Michael was, of a crime they did not commit"

Yes, it is VERY imprudent for Latoya to run her mouth so recklessly but I felt that instead of releasing a public statement, Katherine should have advised Latoya privately.

Then I realized Katherine's thinly veiled motive: She is ingratiating herself to the
Estate Executers because she needs their approval to proceed with a “tribute”.

Katherine, Tito, Marlon, Latoya and Jackie just held a Press Conference today announcing a “tribute” on October 8, 2011 (2.5 weeks into Murray criminal Trial)

This is how the ticketing will work: you register expressing your interest in buying a ticket
for $89 - $470 plus shipping.  In comparison, the highest ticket price for 'This Is It' concert was $100 but then again this tribute will be…ahem…better than a Michael Jackson concert: "the biggest and best concert in the world".

Registering for a ticket won’t guarantee you a ticket. Surreptitiously, Global Live wants you to donate to charities in addition to the already extortionate ticket price. They profit from the tickets but they can act Holier Than Thou, claiming that proceedings are going to charities. In reality, the pledge comes out of YOUR pocket, not theirs. If one of these charities is the current “Heal the World Foundation”, they can fogetaboutit!

Ticketing for this "tribute" is reminiscent of Jackson 5 Victory Tour ticketing. The brothers received tremendous backlash from fans. Michael had to intervene to change the ticketing! Fans already donate to various charities in Michael's name ALL YEAR!
To set pledging as a requisite for getting tickets is EXTORTION! Michael would be horrified that his own family led by a so-called “perfection” is robbing his fans!

They claim that part of the proceeds will go to a trust fund for Michael's children. Once again, Jacksons exploit MJ3 for their own financial gain! We don't buy the "trust fund" smoke screen! It is the Estate's job to ensure that the kids are taken care of financially.
Michael Jackson Estate IS the trust fund for Paris, Prince & Blanket.

Executors for Michael’s estate were unaware of the planned tribute and have not been approached to authorize the use of his name” said the Estate’s spokesperson.

The Estate has not been contacted and is not involved with Global Live Events in the UK tribute concert announced today”  said the Estate Executers.

We are expecting that the Executors will announce their decision soon. I fear that in exchange for a cut for the Estate, they will let this selling of Michael’s corpse to proceed.

Michael Jackson fans WILL start a petition to block this tribute but we will wait, REALLY hoping that the Estate Executors will be sensible enough to put an end to it.

This is fans' attempt to communicate with the Executors that Michael Jackson fans
do NOT feel that this is a proper time for a tribute that will take place 2.5 weeks into
the Conrad Murray Criminal trial. We feel that the hype would take away from the trial.

It has been saddening that Jackson Family can’t stop themselves from exploiting Michael at EVERY opportunity they get. We would like the Estate Executors to put an immediate end to this and not green-light further exploitations by approving this so-called tribute.

1-   Executors’ reaction to this “tribute” will single-handedly set precursor for future behaviour by Jacksons. If Branca creates a monster by saying yes to this "tribute" and then Jacksons continue exploiting Michael Jackson brand in the future, fans refuse to hear the Executors' whining! Their reaction now will send one of two messages:

“Hey, what part of 'the Michael Jackson brand belongs solely to the Estate' don't you get? You are out of line, making deals that you have no authority making and THEN coming to us on the 11th Hour for approval. It is illegal, we told you so too many times! So, you will not proceed with this tribute! And if you continue making such deals involving Michael Jackson brand, we WILL litigate you

ORYeah, what the Hell, go for it, my greedy fellows, exploit Michael and his children. And we will consider this case by case and continue dealing with the bull$hit you bring to our table on a regular because we have nothing better to do"

When the criminal Trial is over and fans & family had proper time to come to terms
with their grief and we are in ACCEPTANCE stage, then it is appropriate to organize a tribute fit for a King, backed the Estate. We definitely don't want any tribute organized by Jackson Family. Merely changing the date/terms of this "tribute" doesn't suffice. We want "Michael Forever tribute" by Global Live to be shut down completely!

As per Jermaine & Randy Jackson statements, some of the Family members expressed that it wouldn't be a good idea to schedule the tribute during the trial but they went for it anyway. This shows that this company doesn't care about Michael's interest or his fans!
We REFUSE to do business with Global Live!

2-  Executors can gain support even from those who haven’t supported 'em so far by demonstrating to us that you WILL take good care of Michael’s brand, even if it means protecting it from his own mother, which we know is a difficult but the right decision.

We feel the Executors have been unnecessarily lenient with the Jackson Family. Branca sued a fan for merely having a website but turns a blind eye to Katherine, what gives? She misused her position as Michael’s mother far too long! While we have the utmost compassion for Katherine because her son is dead, it seems she needs to be reminded that her son is dead. She doesn’t act like a grieving mother, she acts like a rapacious mother who exploits her son’s death! History is documenting this disgrace and it taints Michael's memory! John Branca is slacking on what he appointed himself to do!

We request from the Executors to PLEASE do something to once and for all prevent Jackson Family from exploiting Michael Jackson & his children. You have taken legal action to ensure that various people/entities don't exploit MJ,
why the special treatment for Jackson Family? You want them to get the point that Michael's name/likeness belongs solely to his Estate, litigate them already!

"We can't take it, we've already had enough"

As John Branca already knows, Michael and his fans had a bond unsimilar to any other celebrity and his/her fans. Michael always communicated with us, listened to us and catered to our wants. It would be deal breaker if the Executors change the dynamic that we are accustomed to and ignore our sentiments. We are the customers and we express unequivocally that we definitely do NOT want any further merchandise/event by Jackson Family under the guise of “tribute” and we definitely do NOT want any tribute now.

With or without the approval of the Estate Executors, Michael Jackson Fan community who has ALWAYS acted in HIS best interest without having any hidden motives protest this "tribute". We would like the Executors to be the voice of reason and stop this event!

Michael Jackson Worldwide Fans


July 25, 2011

Today's press conference in Los Angeles announced a tribute concert to Michael to be attended and supported by the Jackson Family. However, we want to make clear that this does not reflect the position of the entire family.

While we wholeheartedly support the spirit of a tribute that honors our brother, we find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael's death. As everyone knows, those proceedings commence September 20th, and this "Michael Forever" concert takes place in Cardiff, Wales, UK,

on October 8th. In light of this, we feel it is inappropriate to be involved with such an ill-timed event and its promoter, Global Live.

The decision to proceed with this concert disrespects opinions and wishes expressed in the strongest terms to Global Live during conversations in April when this event was presented to the majority of the family as an idea already in its advanced stages.

There will come a time and place for an amazing and deserving tribute to Michael. But we feel that the most important tribute we can give to our brother

at this time is to seek justice in his name

"They have been loyal. They are activists. They will fight with you about me"
~MICHAEL JACKSON about his fans

What did the fans mean to Michael?

Dieter Wiesner: "Everything! They were his family. They were his crutch and they gave him strength. More than any other thing. And he loved them above all things.
And he told this to his children too. Every time, in any place where we stayed in hotels,
he showed his fans to his kids and explained to them what the fans mean to him.
The family has simply no connection to Michael’s fanbase. They don't quite understand how much Michael’s fans really meant to him"

Weren’t his siblings & parents rather his support? Mainly during the trial days?

Dieter Wiesner: "They were there but Michael’s strength and comfort came clearly from the fans. He loved them beyond words. He respected his siblings and parents and loved them. He always cared for their wellbeing and that they wouldn’t miss anything. But the closeness and love, it came rather from the fans. Always, when he said that he loves them and ‘I love you more’, it was the simple truth”

                Crown Skulls Divider Graphic


Branca needs to do his job and shut this sham of a concert down immediately!!

The Estate is here to secure Michael's interests, not the family

I know many are hurt today by the actions of the Jackson family, please try to remember this is just who they are. Stay focused on Michael, WE are all he has! I am only surprised of one thing and that is how long it has taken for most to see the Jacksons for who they are. Now we must move on, Michael Jackson needs his fans to be there for him.

I wonder if the Jacksons have any idea how much power the MJ fanbase has

So wait a tribute concert in the middle of the trial?

Tribute during the trial??? Oh wait, I forgot what family we are dealing with

Never mind there is a murder trial in October! Let's Party????

A man is in court for killing their brother/son in LA and they will be singing/dancing/partying in Wales!

The Jackson Family = A House Divided

The Jacksons have ABSOLUTELY no class

This "Tribute" speaks volumes about the priorities within the family Jackson

I swear... the Jaxns are experts in the field of "hot mess!"

This "Tribute" thing generated an understanding as 2 WHY he avoided his fam

What ethical performer will be a part of this concert during the trial?

Unbelievable that Michael was related to all these crazy greedy people

Betrayal, betrayal betrayal , even in death, by his own family.
That's it! I wash my hands completely this time

I worry they'll brainwash Michael's kids and they'll become like them too

I think a roller coaster built and operated by the Jacksons is their best bet...
since dealing with them is like the ride of your life!

Will Howard Mann be rapping @ this tribute concert?

Jaxn fam needs 2 remember is that FANS made them. FANS can break them 2

Poor Michael, seeing everything his Family and especially his mother are doing :(

"Justice For MJ"? No! It's "Just Us For MJ" :'(

There are vultures....and then there is the Jackson Family

PPB don't NEED another Trust. But Michael's FAMILY apparently do!

They will profit somehow! And why do they think they need another trust fund for PPB?

Which artists that Michael admire so much will perform? Most of them are dead..

I trust NO Jackson. They have all used Michael for the same reason... MONEY!

I'm so sorry Michael... But not liking your family no longer cuts it. I HATE them!

This Tribute/charity scam is so full of ish, it's :(

Had they not boycotted the album that money would be there for his children?

Sometimes hate can be justifiable. This is one such moment. They are HYPOCRITES!!!

THIS is the reason why I HATE that "family"! Not justice for Michael but $... $... $!

Tribute Concert? Bitch please, I have a MJ Court case to concentrate on.

Makes me wanna scream! We seek Justice4MJ and the family wants to throw a concert

Clearly, the Jackson family needs a solid, reliable connection to the fanbase. Whoever has been doing THAT job, has done it poorly.

It would be honorable if they did it for his children but why then not approach the estate?

There was a strong hint that the Michael Forever Tribute Concert would include a reunion of the Michael Jackson's brothers" Now things become much clearer! I just can’t support this family anymore!!! I'm here for Michael and Michael only!

Who the HELL would plan a Tribute concert - during the Conrad Murray Trial! #fuckery

This is the MOST outrageous thing  I have ever witnessed!

How can 1 family be so out of touch w/ what Michael's fans want & what is right thing to do 4 justice & his legacy! A concert is not IT!

@latoyajackson why do you all test us and make it hard for us to support your family?

Boycott this! This is the SAME family that wanted the “Michael” sunk, now sink this!

A tribute concert for MJ DURING THE TRIAL?? Disgusting!

Most of the Jackson family should be ashamed. Get your asses in the courtroom!

Sorry Jacksons, we can´t make it cause we´ll be in courtroom for the killing of your son!

What other family of a loved one who was killed holds a concert during the trial of killer?

The family should be in the courtroom and NOT on a stage.

I just wish none of them would be out promoting their endeavors during the trial

Jermaine's book is being released right before the trial. If he goes on a promotion tour during Trial, I would call him hypocrite

fuck Jermaine. His tribute was only ok because HE was planning it

For over 40 yrs., I have been a Michael Jackson fan, and proud 2 be one, but his family is an outright disrespectful disgrace

Michael Jackson tribute concert announced. Jackson's vaults empty again? #smoothcriminals

Jackson family fails again...but Michael is not alone, we'll fight for #justice4MJ

I almost want to laugh at this if it wasn't so sad and frankly, so DISRESPECTFUL

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Carla Hibberd I don’t think Michael has been sitting on a cloud thinking ‘why doesn’t someone do a Tribute Concert for me’

Manu Emandems Just waiting for the Estate to shut this Money Grabbing Mess down.
I cannot believe you people!!!!

Pez Greaves What a bloody Joke. You don't care about Michael forever, you care about MONEY FOREVER. Listen to Track 7, Disc 2, HIStory!!! I'm sick to death of this family cashing in. Katherine, the day you sat down with Oprah and told her his nose look like a matchstick was the final straw. You want money? GET A JOB!!!

Sam Bol Jackson family is a DISGRACE!! Michael didn't deserve these fucking bloodsuckers as family. No wonder he stayed away. He'd rather spent holidays with the Cascios than these money hungry fools. You are all an embarrassment to the memory of Michael. No self respected fan will support this scam. It is the Estate's executors DUTY to stop unlawful use of MJ's name...they need to put a stop to this NOW!!!

Wilma Ballsdrop What would be the BEST tribute for Michael?

Mayah Thomas This is getting beyond a joke. When are they gonna see that no amount of money can win us over. You can't put a price on how much the fans love Michael which is why they are trying to get us to pay for some under-organized piece of crap

Jessica Morrison This is not about Michael or his fans, this is about $ $ $

Jayne Beaumont Nobody is denying the fact that Michael deserves a tribute concert but to having it during the trial is beyond disgusting and insensitive to his fans. Since 25th June 2009, I have given several members of the Jackson family the benefit of the doubt about many of the choices they have made but this takes the biscuit. They would rather prance around on a stage than go to the courthouse during the trial???? It may sound harsh, but now I have washed my hands of many of the Jackson family. I am here for Michael and ONLY Michael and that's the way it will stay. Shame on you!

AndrĂ©s Salinas They are very clever. This way, they keep the money from the ticket sales plus they can say some money goes to charities, which is ONLY the money that fans give directly but not from them!!!

Matilde Beatriz Latini This is a disgrace,for the love of Michael,please discontinue this

Paul Harold What in the name of God are you all thinking? Your son/brother's doctor is on trial for killing him and you have a concert? Why not justice 1st? Please cancel this!

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