May 05, 2011


Katherine Jackson aka the new Joe Jackson is at it again: monetizing her son’s death!

Katherine, who seems to be drawn to cameras like moth to flames after her son’s death, is now marketing flower arrangementS for….wait…Mother’s day!

For this “devout” Jehovah Witness, holiday celebrations are okay as long as
she makes money! Katherine had no qualms about celebrating News Year Eve. 

No amount of public condemnation is strong enough for Jacksons to feel shame
and stop exploiting Michael Jackson aka former Jackson Family cashcow or Michael’s children aka the new Jackson Family cashcows! Jacksons are shamelessly greedy and they won’t let a thing like integrity get in the way of exploiting a dead man!

Integrity has no middle ground. If your Jehowah Witness beliefs forbids you celebration of Mother’s Day then you should, in no way, be a party to other people’s celebration. It is like being anti-drug but selling crack, it makes no sense whatsoever!

Katherine knew Michael was very frail to do AEG’s 50 show ‘This Is It’ Tour so as the “perfection” that she is, one might think she would stage an intervention.

Did she?

Noooo, she received $1 million from AllGood Entertainment to pressure Michael
to participate in a Jackson Family Show that Michael had initially declined.

Since Michael’s death, Katherine has been strutting her stuff in front of cameras, monetizing Michael’s death. ALL public apperances made by Katherine since Michael's death were to promote a business venture, NONE were to seek justice
for her son. As a sale ploy, Katherine parades Michael’s kids like show ponies.

Why didn’t Katherine generate money with all this money-making endeavors WHILE MICHAEL WAS ALIVE so she and her family didn’t have to burden Michael as they did?

Katherine Jackson is in the business of her selling her son’s death… 

“We brought nothing with us when we came into the world and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it. So if we have enough food and clothing, let us
be content. For the love of the money is root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money have wandered from the true faith.” -TIMOTHY 6:10