August 30, 2012


The Gloved One would have turned 54 year young  yesterday. Whilst millions around the globe genuinely celebrated this monumental event, his mother did what she does the best — 
child exploitation.

Katherine Jackson dragged Michael’s three children to GaryIndiana to “celebrate” his birthday. Lest we forget, Katherine is a Jehovah Witness and birthday celebration is against her religious beliefs. But Katherine proved, since her son’s death, that her integrity and loyalty are for sale.

Latoya, her boyfriend Jeffre Phillips and their affiliated companies are behind this fuckery. However, this doesn't absolve Katherine who is legally responsible for the children.

August 8 was Whitney Houston’s birthday who died earlier this year. But her mom Cissy Houston didn’t drag Bobbi Christina to New Jersey top exploit her deceased daughter. What Katherine Jackson is doing is undignified. Same holds true for Gary, Indiana. 

They don't care
They do me for the money
They don't care
They use me for the money

The Jackson family moved out of Gary, Indiana to LA in 1968. Aside from two Jackson 5 concerts in 1971, the ONLY time Michael returned to Gary was on Jun 11, 2003. He didn't stay long, making a quick appearance at the City Hall.

The mayor presented Michael with a key to the city, saying “now that you have the key,
you don’t have to be a stranger”

The mayor then “proposed” partnering with Michael in building a Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center but Michael wasn’t interested so it was never built.

Michael Jackson never returned to Gary....

Through the years, the mayor, directly and indirectly through Joe, solicited Michael with ideas to draw fans to Gary but Michael declined. Over his dead body now, Gary is using Michael Jackson for “tourism”. And it stoops to exploiting his children under the guise of “honoring” him. Anyone who thinks honoring Michael involves flashing cameras directed at his children need a course in Michael Jackson 101.

The 4-day celebration is being dubbed as "Goin' Back to Indiana: Can You Feel It?" The only thing I feel is the vomit in my mouth. It seems that Katherine KEEPS “going back to Indiana” after Michael's death. Before, Gary was forgotten. It’s bad enough she turns Michael's birthday into an undignified circus, she exploits his children– you know, the ones he took extreme measures to shield from public.

Oh the horror, the horror. The blizzard of flashing lights in their faces such a young age would horrify Michael. No child, let alone the children of the man who tried so hard to prevent this from happening should be exposed to this madness. It’s like Katherine Jackson either didn’t hear a word her son said or she doesn’t care.

On August 29th, Katherine Jackson was expected to make an appearance at a Press Conference but she was a no-show. She sent 2 MINORS to fulfill her adult duties that she signed on. Gary Mayor gave Prince and Paris Jackson tacky tshirts.
How are these t-shirts relevant to Michael Jackson’s birthday? They look like they came from a Dollar Store and they are aimed to promote Gary, Indiana.

After the press conference, all 3 had to sign autographs for a large crowd shoving stuff in their faces to sign. If Katherine is intent on exploiting her son, 
then let her sign her own damn autographs! With this type of upbringing, Katherine is encouraging media intrusion and Michael's children are condemned to suffer the same fate their father did - living in a fishbowl.

“I don’t read all the things written about me. I wasn’t aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre but when you grow up as I did in front of 100 million people, you are automatically different.” 
                                           ~MICHAEL JACKSON

“I don’t wanna show them to the world. I don’t want them to grow up crazy because of the evil things they could say to them. I want them to be normal.”              ~MICHAEL JACKSON

Children will be children. They will misbehave. They will make mistakes. But when you are King of Pop’s children and you are over-exposed, you’ll be scrutinized.  The entire world will comment on every little misstep.  You'll be made to feel weird, bizarre, crazy, different. Paris has as many followers as the USA Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. This would be understandable, still, if she accomplished something but she has no career accomplishments – as she shouldn’t for she is just a kid. 

When so many celebrity moms fiercely oppose the media’s watchful eyes on their kids, Katherine voluntarily exposes Michael’s children to such public life. I'm not saying mask them and lock them up. I'm saying don't use them as marketing tools and monitor their Internet usage - like every responsible parent does. 

The Jacksons feel they are entitled to special treatment because of Michael
—not based on their own merit.  Now they are teaching his children the same Jackson Family value. It was important for Michael to raise his children humble. He didn’t want them to be treated differently because of his fame. Prince, Paris and Blanket are just children. They have no reason to hand out autographs. 

"I will do anything and everything I can to make my children lovers 
of the world and not spoiled brats with the silver spoon." 
                             ~MICHAEL JACKSON

These hands are too small to sign autographs.

One fan tweeted: "Ok,I have just seen a video & various photos of Blanket signing autographs,he looks totally uncomfortable with it. Prince & Paris seemed fine with it 
& were happy to oblige & sign for fans. Blanket however is still very shy. I don't understand why people would want Blanket to autograph things. He doesn't have a signature. He literally just prints Blanket in large block letters [see below picture]. 
If I was the guardian I would just say, no Blanket you don't need to sign things. He shouldn't have been put into that situation."

Another fan tweeted: "You got to love Blanket's expressions. In a few short yrs 
he's gonna pull a MJ on this family and say "wishing you well but NOT attending"

Michael Jackson grew up, burdened with adult responsibilities. In 1995, he released what he described as “the most autobiographical song I’ve ever written” titled “Have You Seen My Childhood?” He often lamented about his childhood. Even in the slurred voice recording captured by Conrad Murray on May 2009;
Michael lamented “I didn't have a childhood. I hurt, you know, I hurt.”

Michael wanted better for his children and the children of the world. He promoted a wondrous childhood without a care in the world. It is disturbing that Katherine Jackson has been binding Michael’s children to business contracts to make appearances. Paris, Prince and Blanket are children—not marketing tools. 
They should be raised in accordance with their father’s parental wishes, away from cameras, in a safe, warm and hospitable environment— not dolled up, photographed, and marketed for the consumption of an overly-eager audience. 

They didn't ask to come to this world as the King of Pop's children. These are good kids. It would be devastating to witness these children step into their father's role as the Jackson Family's cashcow. Let these kids be kids. 

Katherine made many mistakes as a mother. Maybe she needed to exploit her children back then because they were poor and that was their only way out of poverty. But now that MJ provided a comfortable life for his Family, there is no excuse for Katherine to repeat her mistakes. She owes it to her son to raise his children as per his parental wishes.

"Celebrity parents usually have a reason for having their children in public that may not be obvious. But once you put them on public 
                         then they're absolutely fair game." 
                ~Lee Kamlet, former producer for ABC News

Anyone who understood Michael’s heart knows that his children came above all
 – including his music. To honor Michael Jackson is to respect his parental wishes.

Not only this travesty exploited Michael’s children, the facebook page for the event is all business. They didn’t even post a happy birthday message on August 29th.
Michael Jackson name was mentioned as a human commodity!!!!!

Chuck Hughes, Executive Director of the Gary Chamber of Commerce said that Katherine is committed to promoting the city of Gary Indiana. He didn’t, however, say how much Katherine was paid to promote Gary, Indiana.


  1. The party has about 5 years of longevity left. Wait until those children are free to do what they want.

  2. Thank you for the truth about yet another Jackson exploitation of Michael's children. Have you noticed that every time Paris tweets, it's all over the .com media the next day as an actual "story"? Not much question of which adults named Jackson enable this to happen. Paris, assuming these are even her tweets, needs to protect her account and herself, as, it appears, neither co-guardian is doing the job.

    1. So true,she is exposing herself to the world and eventually will suffer from it!

  3. I think you may be on crack. First of all, MJ went back to Gary before to visit his elementary school and recieve an award. So since your facts are wrong you are a bad source. I am sick if people like you that actually tell exaggerations and then say the other person is telling exaggerations. Last I checked people are free to do as they please. They damn well don't answer to you. Mind your own business. The Jackson family has no obligation to go back to Gary for any reason. They moved away for a reason.

    1. Ken, thanks for commenting, you sound delightful. Gardner Elementary School that Mr. Jackson received an award from is in Los Angeles —not Gary Indiana. I'm confident in my facts, you check yours. Even before their kids were born, Katherine and Joe dreamed getting out of Gary -for a reason. Sure, they moved out of Gary for a reason; to escape poverty, crime, violence and the ghetto —adjectives that sums up Gary, Indiana. Gary earned itself the titles of "murder capital" , "Scary Gary" -for a reason. In 2010, FBI crime statistics named Gary as the #9 most dangerous city in America. In July 2012, Gary was named as the #1 "Hellhole" in America. If Gary aspires to draw tourism on the shoulders of minor orphans then it's got bigger problems then socio-economic ones. Gary needs to stop being the bottom-dwelling mirror image of the Jacksons in riding on Michael Jackson's coattails.

      I could care less if the Jacksons visit Gary or even move there, that's not the issue. The issue is the child exploitation. Michael Jackson had NEVER, in his lifetime, taken his children to Gary Indiana -for a reason. He has taken them all over the world but never Gary, Indiana. The only reason Katherine has been taking them is to exploit them because they are King of Pop's children and they make great marketing magnets. If Katherine's intentions were honorable, she would have once taken the kids to Gary without the cameras. She gets paid to promote Gary and she uses her grandkids as part of the business deal. That's child exploitation, ergo, child abuse. "I am sick of people" who exploit young children for financial gain. It is the adult's job to take of children -- not the other way around. Someone needs to tell this to Katherine Jackson.