November 29, 2010


Despite of Robert Friedman’s constant attempts to white-wash him,
Frank Dileo is a scam artist whose veracity shouldn't be trusted.

Frank 'Tookie' Dileo was hired by Michael Jackson in August 1983. At the time, Dileo was the Vice President of promotion at Epic Records. Dileo had no experience as a manager. Industry observers questioned Michael’s decision. What drew Michael to Dileo? Walter Yetnikoff wrote in his book “Tookie, like all great promo men, could sell. He was a fast talker and a slick operator.

Dileo claims Michael rehired him as his manager in March 2009. This is a blatant lie, concocted after Michael's death. Dileo is part of an elaborate conspiracy against Michael Jackson. He was never hired….by Michael Jackson anyway…Dileo was brought into Michael’s life by Randy Phillips. The entrance of Frank Dileo and Leonard Rowe into Michael's life are intertwined and pertains to AllGood Entertainment. This topic will be covered in detail in a later blogpost.

Michael Jackson never rehired Frank Dileo as his manager.

Dileo misrepresented himself as Michael’s manager to AllGood Entertainment-
a concert promoter aspiring to organize a Jackson Family Show in Texas.

Frank Dileo and his business partner, Mark Lamicka, signed a binder agreement with AllGood Entertainment on November 26, 2008. The binder was signed on behalf of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and the Jackson brothers. Frank Dileo represented NONE of these artists.

Dileo and Lamicka had no intention of fulfilling their end of the bargain. Their modus operandi is to swindle promoters out of upfront fees, in AllGood's case, $2 million binder fee plus $550,000 commission.

AllGood Entertainment came across a federal lawsuit where Mark Lamicka scammed 2 promoters. AllGood and its investors grew uncomfortable giving Dileo any monies before they receive a contract with Michael’s signature. Dileo stated he wouldn’t talk to Michael before he received the monies. The parties went onto a limbo, attempting to negotiate. Finally, in February 2009, AllGood Entertainment moved onto Plan B: Enter Leonard Rowe.

Failing to scam AllGood Entertainment, Dileo and Lamicka, moved onto their
next prey: Enter Citadel. Dileo et al. signed a binder with Citadel on April 1, 2009, promising a Michael Jackson concert in Trinidad and Tobago in the fall of 2009. As per the binder agreement, Citadel transferred $300,000 to Dileo. After Michael’s death, Citadel requested its money back but Dileo refused.

Both Citadel and AllGood Entertainment are currently litigating Frank Dileo.

If Dileo was Michael’s manager, he wouldn’t have signed a binder with Citadel for Michael Jackson to perform in Trinidad, knowing that Michael would be in London.

If Dileo was Michael’s manager, AEG wouldn’t have responded on April 11, 2009 to AllGood Entertainment’s cease and desist letter by stating “Mr Dileo doesn’t involve AEG in any manner whatsoever.”

If Dileo was Michael’s manager, he would have handled the UCLA Press Conference, NOT Thome Thome who Dileo claims were fired on May 5, 2009. Apparently Tohme Tohme didn't get the termination letter, just as Leonard Rowe didn't get his termination letter that Frank Dileo claims he sent out!

Where was Dileo during the UCLA Press conference? Right on the stage (1:35)

Dileo is a conman, to say the least, who is aiding other conmen in cover-up
of an elaborate conspiracy against Michael Jackson. Dileo who was making
his living by scamming promoters is now being rewarded grandiosely. He is collecting royalties as This Is It movie, he got paid from the Estate for managerial fees and he was appointed to the Sony/ATV Board AFTER Michael’s death.

The description that best suits Frank Dileo came from his unofficial defense attorney, Roger Friedman. "Hustlers, gypsies, tramps and thieves sneak around the Jackson saga to see if there is any money for them."

By: Roger Friedman    May 11, 2009

Concert promoters who never came up with the money and never had real agreement are suing Jacko and former (like in the 80s) manager Frank dileo, claiming that they'd agreed to be part of some kind of Jackson family tour with the Jackson 5 and Janet Jackson. Good luck: Dileo does not represent Jackson.

Br: Roger Friedman   June 10, 2009

Concert promoter Patrick Allocco sued Jackson today, along with AEG and Jackson's long ago former manager Frank Dileo- long ago as in 20 years.

AEG started negotiating with Jackson in 2007. Dileo wasn't Jackson's manager then and isn't now technically. Dileo has only been working with Michael recently again and still, I am told, has NO formal written agreement with him.

While all the hustlers, gypsies, tramps and thieves sneak around the Jackson saga to see if there is any money for them the Kind of Pop actually rehearsing the Show. Frank Dileo may be back as the official manager.

By: Roger Friedman   June 25, 2009

In preparing for the 50 London Shows, Jackson has at last signed former manager Frank Dileo to oversee the proceedings.



  1. I'll add a few words: first of all congratulations for an excellent blog.

    Secondly it seems that DiLeo was like a mirage in MJ's life but the truth will be clear in time.
    An interesting aspect is that when MJ was still alive when AllGood on 10 June 2009 sued the contract signed by DiLeo. Those named in the lawsue are MJ, DiLeo and AEG.

    In any case MJ issued a statement: "My brothers and sisters Have my full love and support, We've certainly shared many relationships and great experiences, But at this time I have not complained to record or tour with Them. I am now in the Studio Projects Developing new and exciting that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon. "

    The statement was released on November 1st 2008 by MJ´s-manager at the time Tohme.
    I understand that MJ was knowledgeable about the negotiations with AllGood since the end of 2008.
    MJ however did not sign any official document to prove that DiLeo is his manager even after MJ learned Dileo signed him for concerts he was not aware of and never approved such. At the end of 2008 MJ is more or less in company of AEG, Thome and DiLeo. Where did they come from and how they succed to gathering together on the same period of time in MJ's life?

  2. Frank Dileo kind of gave himself way, in the first few hours/days after Michael's death.
    When he said he had talked to MJ in the 24th of
    June, MJ (according to Dileo) told him, he(MJ) wasn't feeling well, or couldn't sleep. Now what
    would an average Manager (with far less yrs of experience) have done? Call his family or Call a good Reputable Doctor, unlike Murray. Or Simply do what alot of Mgrs. would have done in his position Call the Staple Center & Cancel MJ's Final Rehearsal, & reassure him & AEG, So he wouldn't feel rushed or responsible for
    missing Final Rehearsal, instead he (Dileo)called
    if not, personally brought Conrad Murray to Michael's door the few hours before he died, to me Michael clearly did not want to deal with Murray, why else would he run a gaunlet of TMZ
    Cameras to go to Dr.Klein's Office just One Day
    before. Why was Dileo the One of the Last ppl to
    see MJ alive & the first to announce his death?
    Did the Police ever interview him at all?
    I fear, the truth will never be exposed, since the
    first 24 to 48hrs are the most important to gather
    info after a person been murdered. Look at how
    much evidence might have been lost, by Jackson Brothers running over to his place, and putting their hands on everything. This kind of actions
    was something that Dileo and Branca were counting on.