November 09, 2010

John Branca WILL sell Michael's share of Sony/ATV to Sony

Why hasn’t John Branca sold Michael’s half of the Catalog to Sony yet?

- Sony is still the financial backer for the $300 million loan until September 2011

- Sony's revenue dropped %11 in its second fiscal quarter, ended Sept 30, 2010. Sony is depending on the New Michael Jackson Album to raise its revenues next quarter. It would be a publicity nightmare for Sony to buy Michael’s stake of the Catalog now, confirming whispers that Michael was killed for his Catalog

"They want my Catalog, they will kill me for it" -MICHAEL JACKSON

Such move would contribute negative publicity to the new Michael Jackson album, adversely affecting Sony’s Revenue and Branca’s Executor Fee.

- Michael’s Alleged Trust is not properly funded. Moving Michael's assets into his Trust would have protected them from creditors. There are too many claims against the Catalogs by those who hold them as collateral.  That is a hassle Sony prefers, John Branca deal with.

- Why just own Beatles Catalog when posthumously MiJac struck gold? 

MiJac, which holds Michael's own songs, including previously unreleased material has become one of the most valuable music catalogs in modern music history. Executors will generate enough funds to settle outstanding debt, clearing both Sony/ATV & MiJac Catalogs. Then Mijac which soared in value after Michael’s death will be merged with Sony/ATV before Branca brokers it to Sony.

- The Sony/ATV Catalog is worth about $2 billion. Rendering $1 billion to MJ Estate isn't currently financially feasible to Sony. Michael no longer borrows against Sony/ATV so Sony no longer worries about half of the joint venture ending up at Bankruptcy Court, no sense of urgency.

- Like John Branca, Frank Dileo and Joel Katz who CLAIM to be “hired” by Michael right before his death are on Sony/ATV board. Sony aspired total control of the Sony/ATV operations. With Branca, Dileo and Katz on its side, Sony HAS full control of the Sony/ATV.

It isn't the matter of IF Branca will sell BOTH MJ Catalogs to Sony, it is WHEN.


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