June 21, 2011


I have a bone to pick with Latoya Jackson but I have been holding my tongue out of respect for Michael Jackson. Contrary to popular belief, I do hold back until one of the Jacksons give me a reason to unleash bottled up feelings. Latoya’s “book” gives me that reason to open flood gates.

"Starting over". What a joke. You are not starting over, LaToya, you are merely going forward on the same path!

We began noticing Jackson greed 3 days after MJ's death,
when Joe Jackson made an impromptu appearance at BET Awards. Whilst the world was baffled that Joe exploited his son’s death
to self promote, this was a mundane event for those who knew him.

              "He can regurgitate all the way to the bank" ~Joe Jackson

Since then, we have watched the Jackson Family turn Michael Jackson’s death into
a business endeavor. One after another, EVERY Jackson, including the extended Family, exploits Michael Jackson's death. On the One Year anniversary of Michael’s death, Katherine and her clique went to Gary, Indiana to unveil a statue which…get this….
had a picture of Michael Jackson impersonator, E Casanova, on the back of the statue. FANS were the ones who noticed it and demand that the statue be redone. It was then that we learned that Jacksons didn’t even pay for the statue; it was donated and couldn’t be redone. This man took care of the entire Jackson clan and they couldn't even show a gesture of gratitude by paying for a tribute statue. What’s worse was that they promoted during this event Genevieve’s (Randy Jackson daughter) upcoming album!  

The anniversary of Michael’s death is a particularly busy time in Jackson household. Noooo, not to pay homage….to use this event to self promote. Last year, Katherine Jackson (and some Jackson siblings) couldn’t even bother visiting Michael at Forest Lawn when fans flew from overseas to pay their respects. After the unveiling of the aforementioned statue, Katherine flew back to LA, to participate in a “tribute” event for which Jackson Family SOLD $150 per ticket for fans to pay their respects to Michael. 

And they have the AUDACITY to criticize AEG for selling tickets to Michael’s memorial. Jacksons are mad that AEG didn’t share part of the proceedings with them!
If Jacksons owned a Staples Center-like venue, they would have organized "tribute" events for 365 days a year, where has-been Jacksons would take on stage, monkeys with hats riding on bicycles, lions jumping through flaming hoops….you get the point…tacky.

And the next time Jacksons claim they want their privacy, I’ma barf. If Jackson Family could have their way, they would invite a camera while taking a dump! Media plays an important role in the livelihood of Jacksons. Last year, they went to the very print and visual media that stoned Michael, to share their inconsistent, vague, ineloquent, imprudent, ignorant and plain dumb a$$ opinions with the world. My favorite line “I can’t talk about it. It will all come out in the court”. Then what are you doing in front of camera, wasting my time watching you? Do you think I wanna watch or hear you unless you got something important to say pertaining Michael’s death? No, of course not, AND YOU KNOW THIS, because you wrap your self promoting speech around Michael’s death or his children. After some time of free-style drivel, you spill the bean and you tell me what you want me to buy. I am sick of you trying to sell me stuff. ENOUGH!

I don’t even like John Branca but if he can litigate a Jackson to make an example out…uh….HER….so they are forbidden to exploit Michael Jackson name, I will personally hand-deliver some flowers and give him a heartfelt hug. The only thing that is stopping Branca from suing Katherine Jackson is the fear of fan backlash. Mr. Branca: worry no more, we encourage you. Mama Kate has given him enough reason to sue and he has sued her associates, while leaving HER name out. Mrs Perfection said “when the estate is suing Howard Mann, they are suing me”. No sh### ! I think that is exactly the message John Branca is trying to send you: "Stop exploiting Michael Jackson’s name, look, we aren’t hesitating suing your business partner, thus, making our intention  of  possibly suing YOU in the near future if the exploitation doesn’t stop."

What part of MICHAEL JACKSON’S NAME AND LIKENESS BELONG SOLELY TO HIS ESTATE don’t you get? Do you want John Branca to draw you a picture?

I hear Jackson apologists loud and clear: (mocking)“but but but Michael was killed for his money by the very people who control his estate so why shouldn’t his Family exploit his brand?” Because the Family had an opportunity to contest the executorships of Michael’s Will despite of the non-contest clause. A California judge bent the law that applies to regular folks like you and I, to accommodate Katherine Jackson. He ruled that Mama Kate could contest the Will and if she lost the case, she wouldn’t lose her benefits. But she chose to forego her shot at being Michael Jackson Estate executor
for some crumbs that John Branca threw at her: her Encino home which was facing foreclosure and a car. And the sad thing is the car doesn’t even belong to Katherine,
the Estate owns it, she is just allowed to use it for the time being.

So why shouldn’t the law apply to Katherine Jackson, because she is the mother of Michael Jackson? She claims Michael himself told her that Branca stole money from him. If she was armed with this knowledge, why did she betray her son? Katherine was
THE ONLY PERSON that could have contested the Will and she blew it. She failed Michael. She failed his children. She can't have her cake and eat it too. She tacitly approved John Branca and John McClain as the executors of Michael’s Will and the law mandates that only the executors exploit Michael Jackson brand. NOONE ELSE.

Michael isn’t a Jackson Family COMMODITY. He was first and foremost a human being with feelings, which eluded you all. He worked a lifetime to build his brand. You have the same “lifetime” to build YOUR brand. But why work so hard when you can exploit your little brother’s hard work? Jackson Family perfected the art of exploiting Michael Jackson name. I fear that this Jackson Family tradition of exploitation will be passed onto the next generation who will exploit Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Latoya Jackson started over with lies beginning the Prologue of her book, stating that she didn’t want to write her first book….you guessed it…Jack Gordon made her do it. If a man is forcing me to write a book, I would give a little detail as possible so that I wouldn’t hurt my family. Did you see the intricate details Latoya Jackson included in her first book? It didn’t appear to me that it was written under duress.

“Starting Over” is laced with inconsistencies and lies and it appeared to me that the book's purpose is to make an excuse for her mistakes, instead of showing wisdom to own them. Never once does she own her bad decisions.

Latoya wrote that Michael forgave her as if this somehow vanishes the wickedness of what she did. If he indeed forgave her, this is credit to Michael's capacity to forgive. It doesn't reflect on your integrity...or lack thereof. Remember, Michael had compassion towards Hitler and forgave Joe too!
And if he forgave you, why didn't he see you since 2005 Trial?

Latoya Jackson, hiding behind Jack Gordon who is now dead and can’t speak for himself, betrayed her Family. She accused Joseph of molesting her and Reebie. She made both international and local PAID interviews to endlessly complain about Joseph’s physical, emotional and verbal abuse. Latoya said the reason she was coming out with all this information was because she wanted to mentor those who live with abuse in silence.


Latoya claims in her book that upon hearing about allegations against Michael Jackson,
she asked Jack Gordon to organize a press conference so she could "protect" Michael. Smiley that says: “Yeah, right!”Allegedly Jack Gordon gave her a piece of paper with what she must say.

1- If you snapped your fingers to get Jack Gordon to organize a conference, why didn't you exercise that power refusing to stab Michael in the back?

2- Observe Latoya's demeanor in the following videos. Does she look like she is merely reciting lines that Jack Gordon wrote? It was all Latoya. She lost her head because her family united against her. Now she is being a coward, hiding behind a dead man.

Latoya accusing Michael Jackson to be a child molestor

Latoya bashing Michael Jackson

Years later, after leaving Jack Gordon, Latoya rescinded her stories and blamed Jack Gordon who allegedly “made” her pose for playboy, betray her family, think that Katherine was trying to kill her, and other nonsense for which she herself is to blame for. If a man you just met could make you turn against your family in the dispicable way that you did then your loyalty to your family wasn’t that strong to begin with.

Most Jackson siblings felt that the only way to leave Jackson Household, which was a living Hell under Joseph’s iron fist and Katherine’s tacit approval of abuse, was through marriage. Joseph wouldn’t let Latoya marry Jack Gordon. Joseph physically attacked Jack Gordon at Encino compound. Katherine and Latoya had to get Joseph off of Jack Gordon’s neck. So Latoya chose to escape with Jack Gordon.

In her book, Latoya recounted that she was defying Jack Gordon by doing paid interviews and hiding the money from Gordon. She wrote that Jack Gordon was born into a brothel and owned several brothels. Allegedly he solicited Mike Tyson to have sex with Latoya. He purportedly forced Latoya to strip and have sex with 4 men for $15million. According to Latoya, she refused to honor these solicitations.

If you are crafty enough to go behind your “abuser” to do paid interviews and “go shopping” with the money, If you are strong enough to defy against him pimping you then why didn’t you show the same strength when it comes to accusing Michael Jackson with child molestation?

Latoya wrote that "Jack Gordon" sent Michael BLACK ROSES, along with
a card signed with her name, when Michael had to stay at hospital in 1990.

Yesterday, a former Michael Jackson doctor and a friend, Patrick Treacy said:
"Michael Jackson felt pain when the people of America remained indifferent to the injustice that was perpetrated upon him, making him a virtual prisoner in his own land, causing him to flee to the Middle East and eventually find solitude in Ireland, my home. What an irony that someone who cared so much about the rest of humanity was rejected by his own." Whilst Mr. Treacy was talking about the stoning of Michael by his motherland, the same words applie to his "blood", Latoya.

Latoya has a promotional video (above), where she has the AUDACITY to claim she wrote the book to help those living in abuse. Let me tell you why that video is SO offensive to people who live/lived with abuse…myself included. When she came out
to talk about the abuse that she suffered in the hands of Joseph, Latoya said (video below) "You can't live with this in your system. Eventually you have to get it
out of your system. I just wanna say to all the people out there that have been abused, please you gotta start speaking out and start telling people. If you don't, you won't help yourself. You are not curing yourself at all." That was heroic. That was inspiring. So inspiring that made ME…and people like me….began speaking up.

Imagine our let-down when she rescinded her story & now defends her abuser. 
I followed her example and recanted MY story too. And now, to promote her new crap, she is is pitching the same same story? (Mocking) I understand what you are going through, you gotta start speaking up, break free, start over SmileyLatoya needs to break free from her bull$hit. Does she remember: "You gotta start speaking out.
If you don't, you won't help yourself. You are not curing yourself at all." Latoya is in denial about Joseph Jackson. If you are in denial about YOUR baggage, who are you to lecture me about what I should do? You have no place to speak on abuse and give advice to abuse victims. I emphatically condemn Latoya Jackson for using domestic violence and her brother's death to promote herself. Even in her book, Latoya wrote that in 2003, she did a Larry King interview that garnered a lot of attention and consequently she formed Ja-Tail records. If you are passionate about helping domestic violence victims, then form a non-profit charity, don't write a book for profit.

I still believe that Toy told the truth in her first book about Joseph's abusive ways. Michael himself said "Latoya told the truth" (here) What I don't believe is her stories about Michael who was a well known public figure. She knew that smudging Michael’s name would garner her the publicity she needed to sell her book. If Jermaine was the popular figure, she would have smudged Jermaine. Notice that allegations of Michael molesting boys and Joseph raping Latoya & Reebie are NOT in her book. These lies were made up after the publication of her book as a promotional tools.

I THOUGHT that after leaving Jack Gordon, Toy had to recant her story of abuse
just to be accepted into the Jackson Family, for whom public persona mean everything. Now that she comes out with a book to cash in on her Michael's death, while she is defending her abuser. She lost all credibity. If Latoya was lying in her first book about Joseph abusing her then why should we now believe her stories about Jack Gordon abusing her?

If you intend to buy this book because you think it may include important information about circumstances surrounding Michael’s death, you will be disappointed.


Jacksons claim that they were barred from Michael only in his recent years. I know from a very trusted insider that the only Jackson in Michael’s recent years was his mother. Immediately after the 2005 Trial, as Latoya also affirms in her book, Michael secluded himself from his Family. When he returned to America in December 2006, he continued to keep his distance from his Family.  In 2006, when Michael was living in a Las Vegas mansion, Joseph Jackson showed up unannounced. Joseph waited outside 9 hours because Michael refused to see him. Joe left without seeing his son or grandchildren. In 2009, Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment talked to Katherine on the phone for 45 minutes and convinced her to convince Michael to see Joseph. She did. Joseph saw Michael on April 14, 2009 at 7:00AM for the first time after 2005 Trial. The Jackson siblings saw Michael on May 14, 2009 at Chakra (an Indian restaurant) for a Family gathering to celebrate Katherine and Joe’s 60th wedding anniversary.

I recently confronted Jermaine for talking about Michael's health as if he has firsthand knowledge. He admitted that he speak from the “private conversations” Michael had with people in his life.

Latoya Jackson wrote in her book that May 14 Family gathering was the first time she saw Michael since 2005 Trial.

In the following interview, Janet Jackson says at 5:08 “I hadn’t seen Mi.."

So how could Latoya or Jermaine’s books authoritively detail Michael Jackson's recent years and death when they weren’t there to witness? And IF their accounts are coming from Katherine, then why are they supporting the very people that they imply that deliberately killed Michael? Katherine claims Michael himself told her Branca stole money from him. Yet, she accepted Branca's "total control" over Michael's estate.

"Mr Branca was a man that my son was worried about. Michael told me on more than one occasion that he did not like this man and did not trust him. He told me that John had stolen from him" ~Katherine Jackson

Latoya claims she found handwritten notes by Michael that he "hate" Branca (I highly doubt that Michael hated anyone and would write such a note) and that Branca stole money from him. But we have Jermaine and Jackson siblings supporting and collaborating with the Estate executors. IF Jermaine's source is his mother, then
why is he shaking hands with the very people Michael expressed concern for?

Where is the united front? Where is the unity? Where is the loyalty?

Every opportunist business endeavors they present us is either dubbed as a "tribute" or seeking for justice. If Jacksons feel they hold important information that will help in seeking justice for their brother, then they should go to authorities. If they feel that this information should be revealed to public, then they could blog.

Latoya wrote in her book that the night Michael died several family members went to his home. She saw handwritten notes by Michael Jackson. The following are the alleged notes:

----I hate John Branca
----John Branca stole lots of money from me and double and triple billed me
----I hate Tohme Tohme
----Randy Phillips and Dr. Tohme are not flying with me. No! No! No! Ever!
----Call Joseph
----Get Joseph's help to get these people out of my life
----I don't want Frank Dileo back in my life
----I only agreed to 10 shows
----Tell Tohme Tohme to give me back my cars
----AEG is pressuring me to go to see Dr. David H Slavit for a physical

What did she do with these ALLEGED notes? She gave them to the MJ Executors.

I chuckled after reading these alleged notes. They appear to be the product of Latoya's imagination. These are the very issues that are in debate and how convenient that Michael wrote about them. If you are gullible, you have only Latoya’s word to believe that these notes exist. And you know, how Latoya’s word is her bond (insert laugh here) And she wrote about how she is trained as a police officer (below video) which came in handy as she examined Michael’s home. Yet her cop's instinct...or...hmm...common sense didn't kick in to copy the notes before allegedly turning them over to the executors.

                   "Why are you lying to me. You can not stop lying to me
                   People do absolutely nothing but steal and take from youSmiley
                   It is not fair, they are menace to society and I don't like it"

Don’t get me wrong, I am passionate about getting justice for Michael. I also believe that Murray is the fall guy and that Michael’s death wasn’t just an accident that arose out of a ‘doctor’s incompetence. That being said, you don’t go around making up “notes” to collaborate that Michael was murdered. These people are where they are for a reason. They worked hard to make a name for themselves. You don't libel someone based on some imaginary “notes”.

You could have made your point legitimately. Fans have gathered tons of material that you haven’t bothered to read for 2 years because you are lazy and too busy promoting yourself. You could have mentioned how Michael wasn’t in LA on the day his alleged Will was signed. How he terminated John Branca in 2003 and asked all of his documents to be returned, thus, Branca couldn’t possibly have Michael’s Will in 2009. How the appointment of Frank Dileo as Michael’s manager wasn’t announced until after Michael’s death. How Dileo was appointed to the Sony/ATV board after Michael’s death. The many inconsistencies in alleged Michael Jackson Will, etc etc. If you were seeking, you could have found. 

Latoya wrote that Michael saw her Playboy nude picture at Playboy mansion and told her that he and Diana Ross just love the pictures. Smiley

In reality, Katherine Jackson heard a rumor that Latoya posed naked for Playboy. Mama Kate called Toy and asked "are you posing for Playboy centerfold?" Latoya responded "Oh mother, where do you hear these things? Of course it is not true. Don't believe what you hear, you should know better." Later, Latoya reasoned "Mother asked specifically If I posed for the centerfold. I told her no and that was the truth. I did pose for Playboy but not for centerfold" Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can gather that Latoya blatantly lied to Katherine. She knew her mother was inquiring IF she posed for Playboy and not what part of the magazine her nude pictures would be in. 

Michael Jackson went to the Playboy mansion to get to the bottom of this rumor: did she pose for Playboy? Hugh Heffner affirmed that Latoya did indeed pose nude for Playboy but Michael did NOT see the pictures that day and he damn sure didn't tell her that he loved the pictures, as Latoya wrote.
Hugh Heffner promised to send the pictures "after they were touched up". Michael received the pictures a week later. Michael told his staff "I can't believe this is my sister. This ruins the family image. I am worried that when Kate sees these pictures, she will have a heart attack." Michael hoped that the pictures he received wouldn't be the final pictures to be published and that Playboy would camouflage at least Latoya's nipples. "Do we have to see her nipples?" Michael complained.

Michael called Latoya and asked if she had the final copies of the pictures. She said she did. Michael asked her to send them to him. She refused. A month later, Playboy published the issue with Latoya's pictures. Entire Jackson Family was embarrassed and angry. Michael was upset that Latoya ruined the family image but he was more furious that Latoya publically claimed that Michael approved these pictures.

"When he started hearing Latoya say on television that he was the only one in the family who approved, he went nuts. He called his mother and they had a long, painful conversation about it. 'How can I talk to her about anything if she twists what I say for her own purposes?' he asked. Katherine and Michael decided it was best if Michael never talked to Latoya. He changed his number and didn't give it to her. Of course, she couldn't get it from noone else in the family. Noone would dare give it to her once Michael made it known that he didn't want her to have it." ~Steven Harris

Latoya filed for divorce from Jackson Gordon in 1997. She claims in her book that the only reason Michael didn't come to her divorce court was because he was on HIStory Tour. Later in her book, she wrote that she reconnected with Michael in 2002. If Michael was okay with her Playboy pictures and if they were on talking terms this whole time, why did they need to "reconnect" in 2002? Then she wrote about a 2002 "intervention". Latoya unwittingly admits that Michael didn't want to see his family and instructed his security not to let them in. Tito jumped from the Neverland gate, entered Michael's home from an open window and opened the door for the rest of the Jackson clan (aka breaking and entering). Latoya wrote when this "intervention" took place, Michael was holding Blanket who was 3 months old at the time so I surmise it was in May 2002. Latoya wrote that the next time she saw Michael was in February 2003 during a Family day.

Latoya wrote that after she her divorce she didn’t move back in with her family because she still believed that Katherine was trying to kill her. But remember, she blames Jack Gordon for MAKING her think that Katherine was trying to kill Latoya. If you left Jack Gordon and this crazy thought does not belong to YOU, then why do you still feel that way when you are not under Jack Gordon’s iron fist?

Latoya wrote about when Jack Gordon allegedly tried to pimp her out to 4 men in exchange for $15million. She claims if she wouldn’t do it, he would have Jackie’s daughter, Brandi, do it. And that Jack Gordon had been trying to bring Brandi to Paris for quiet some time. Latoya gets upset, ASKS for her passport then leaves. Are you serious? That Jack Gordon, a controlling abusive monster that she was "forced" to stay with, yet all it took for Latoya was to “ask” for her passport then leave. Number 1, she was in NY, according to her flow of event in her book, yet she wrote that she was in Paris
(The book is rife with mistakes pertaining to events, dates, places, flow of events).
Number 2, and this is my educated guess based on her account. I believe Latoya did sleep with men in exchange for money to appease Jack Gordon. I believe he wanted to bring BRADI to sleep with 4 men for $15 million. And I believe Latoya left NOT because she was asked to do this and she refused as she claims, but because she WASN’T asked to do this and replaced by Brandi, a young model. She wrote about this as if her husband selling her niece for money in exchange for sex was normal as day. And Latoya expressed no concern that this man was trying to pimp her niece.  

In the above video (Tel Aviv Press Conference where she accuses Michael of molesting boys), Latoya stated that
her marriage was not consummated. Again....that monster Jack Gordon respecting Latoya's wish for celibacy yet he tries to pimp her to 4 men. Get outta here, will ya? I am
a woman and I am not buying your lie that your husband tried to pimp you without getting a taste himself. Either you are lying about your marriage being unconsumated or you are lying about your husband trying to pimp you.

Dear fan, if you wish to listen to lies, rush to a bookstore and buy Latoya Jackson’s book which she couldn’t even bother authoring. She needed
a co-author. What are you doing with your life that you are so busy to write your book?

Be warned that years to come, the Jackson Family will exploit Michael Jackson's death. Unless you stop buying and start condemning this exploitation, Michael Jackson will continue to be the cashcow of the Jackson Family, even in death.

P.S. If you voluntarily sell pieces of your private life to public in a book, your book becomes a product. You should then brace yourself for feedback about your product.

P.S. II Great. Now I am scared Joseph is gonna beat me. “Sorry Joseph”


Latoya has been spamming her followers with tweeting and RT'ing about her book.
She naturally tweets only positive RT's. Here are some twitter feedback re: her book

@TruthByJoe Dear Jackson family, We're all really sad about Michael dying, but exploiting his death for the last 2 yrs is stupid. Love, American People

@Madam_CJ_Walker LaToya Jackson wrote a book *blank stare*

@longlegdiva So latoya jackson trying build her come back off her dead brother, what a jacka$$

@Bridgett_361 I read the first 100 page of Latoya Jackson book and it is straight up crap, and I am doing my part telling fan don't buy that garbage.

@johnjosephgomes LaToya is on the Today show pimping out her memories of her brother Michael. What a family.

@Kay_Eunique Does Latoya realize that noone gives a f#ck about what she talkin bout in her book !?

@X_XXVIII_MMX Here we go again Latoya Jackson need to shut the fxck up. Always new things to say about MJ to make some money smh

@boyanachronism Omg, Latoya Jackson came out with a tell-all book about the Jackson family... This woman would literally sell her mother for a dime.

@TrAcK_H3AD Is latoya jackson famous by family assocation?? cuz idk wtf she did/do

@DJDangerIsMine #1ThingICantStand Joe&Latoya Jackson with their money making fuckeries.Sit the fuck down, both of u.

@donald_miller La Toya Jackson is determined to keep making money off of Michael's death! woman is shameless. the family is shameless.

@amandacales1981 Stop retweeting LATOYA JACKSON! I do not support her, her music or her book. Geez, the things we forget, hmmm?

@omezzy27 I see latoya Jackson tryin to get paid by writing a book about her dead brother. Smh anything for that $$

@ErinPSaid  LaToya Jackson! Who was your book editor? Baby you have 8 siblings not 9. Unless ure including John-Vonnie?!

@NuttyProf06 It seems like everyone with the last name Jackson is coming out with a book. We should not be surprised about Jermaine and Latoya.

@czohlman Latoya Jackson as usual was a waste. What did we learn? She wrote another pointless book about nothing she knows of...

@cheliwiwi  People should stop even talking about LaToya Jackson and her dumb book, let´s not give more credit to people that just want some fame!

@thatsabaddbitch  Latoya's new single is called Starting Over? She's been starting over since 1982

@sexxylilvixen i really try to like you latoya jackson but u keep exploiting mj and im jus gonna hate u more!

@FierceFrankie1 Latoya Jackson will be on @PiersMorgan exploiting her brother's death...bitch please

@kingMofJpop She is snake and very dangerous...all she wants is MONEY ! LATOYA JACKSON I HATE YOU !

@CherryIsis Latoya Jackson, stop using Micheal to make money & get attention. Let that man rest in peace.

@Pilot_Pete_ I dont use this word that often... But Latoya Jackson is a Bi#ch! #YeahISaidIt

@Alejandro720 LaToya Jackson is on some bullshit. Bi#ch trying to still cash in on her brother MJ. Smh You should ashamed! 

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  1. Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket Sold at Auction, this is the only one, he must
    of had several while making Thriller Video, but if it is the only a bigger shame on this family
    This item also with several other items that belong
    in the Rock n Roll Museum in Cleveland.
    By putting such items up for auction (like his
    wig he wore on Jan 13, 09 how would someone at Julian's acquire that) This only serves to prove
    the story of Jackson Bros & Sisters such as Rebbie going to his place of his death, and snatching whatever the could get their hands on
    within a few hours after his death. This has reminded me over and over again of believe or not one of the Last Scenes in Dickens Christmas Carol were the Maid & other servants
    take items away right when the deceased is still
    in the bed when he (Scrooge)died they all have a good chuckle about it.
    On the other Exploitation front Joe Jackson's appearance on CNN gave fans pause, to think its
    time for him to go to a nursing home, 2yr ago I wondered why He & his Wife Katherine weren't in Nursing Homes Then & why were they being humored, by allowing them to still run the Jackson Family like it was 30 or 40 yrs ago.
    I come to conclusion that even if the siblings
    wanted to place them somewhere Senior Citizen Condos/Nursing Homes they would have a very hard time, I'm pretty sure any wealthy retirement home would do a full background check a both parents and would find serious mental issues, While KJ would be bothering other seniors to become JWs & Joseph would
    be bothering others to go into business with him, or bothering little old ladies, this wouldn't sit to well with the Adult Children of these Nursing Home Seniors hence a libility
    to the Staff & Owners. The only place that would accept
    them would sadly be a medicaid/medicare faculity they accept anybody. This is the Jackson Sibling Problem what to do? Grow up
    make a Change, Take Control Completely or
    simply do what they done for the past 2yrs
    let Mother & Joseph handle things like its 1974
    all over again