June 11, 2011


      Click here to view Michael Jackson Insurance Policy with Llyod's of London

  • Insurer: Lloyd’s of London
  • Insured: “Mark Jones” (Michael Jackson)
  • Assured: AEG Live LLC
  • Indemnity: $17.5 million
  • Coverage date: April 24, 2009 to January 19, 2010
  • Policy covers the first 30 Concerts at O2 Arena
  • Insurers will be notified of any changes made to court schedule
  • Policy amended on May 15 to note the change of the first day of the Tour from July 8 to July 13
  • Policy amended on June 10 to include to include 4 vocalists, 12 dancers and 7 band members
  • Policy amended on June 18, 2009 to "cover losses from resulting from problems with the stage, staging or special effects"
  • AEG rented a place for the crew in UK, from July 1, 2009-June 30, 2010
  • The travel time from rented property to venue is 20 minutes-1 hour
  • 3 cars for travelling to venue for each show
  • 4 cars, IF Michael’s kids are attending
  • Make-up artist, Conrad Murray and upto 3 security will ride with Michael
  • Michael will arrive to London on July 4, 2009
  • 30 shows in O2 was expected to bring $43M income, $1.4M per show and Michael would be off risk after the completion of 13 shows
  • Income from each show will reduce the indemnity of $17.5 million
  • Income= Total ticketing income (including secondary ticketing income) + merchandising income – AEG promoter profit
  • Michael is covered for accidents ONLY AFTER he passes a physical exam in London and the insurers attend rehearsals in London
  • Michael can’t do “meet and greets” with fans
  • Policy also covers Tohme Tohme

      If loss occurs, AEG collects insurance payout…stipulated that:
  • It arose out of peril
  • Such peril was beyond Michael Jackson's control
  • The loss occurs between April 24, 2009 – June19, 2010
  • Death
  • Accident and Illness
  • Unavoidable travel delay
  • Damage or destruction to the venue which renders it unavailable to perform
  • Adverse weather, if the performance is outdoors
  • National mourning
    Information Required:
  • Michael’s 5 year medical history
  • The doctors Michael saw before and during 2005-Trial
  • AEG/Michael Jackson LLC established that Michael didn’t see any doctors, except for cosmetic procedures, since 2005 Trial
  • AEG will reveal truthfully all material facts pertinent in risk assessment
  • AEG established that none of the insured parties have any medical conditions. All pre-existing medical conditions will be revealed truthfully to the insurer. If the insurer agrees to cover the pre-existing medical conditions, the insured must follow the medical advice
    Claims Procedure:
  • If such circumstances arise that (AEG) makes an insurance claim:
  • AEG will provide all materials necessary to assess and establish indemnity
  • AEG will provide a signed and sword proof of loss to substantiate the occurrence, nature, cause and the amount of claim
  • AEG will prove its loss to the satisfaction of the insurer (Lloyd’s)


  • July 1, 2009 AEG submits a insurance claim
 It took AEG ony 5 days after Michael's death to submit an insurance claim. 
 I  am surprised they didn't file the claim in the afternoon of June 25, 2009.

    "A lot of decisions were made between Tim Leiweke and 
     myself on cell phone while I was standing outside of the
     emergency room" -Randy Phillips, AEG

  • July 10, 2009 Insurer began investigation re: the AEG claim
  • Nov 20, 2009 AEG sent a letter, demanding to be paid. They attach Michael’s death certificate to the letter, indicating that his death is covered under Peril #2 (death)
  • Dec 03, 2009 Lloyd’s requested AEG to submit “a signed and sword proof of loss” as per the insurance claim procedures
  • No reply from AEG
  • Dec 29, 2009 Lloyd’s requested again for AEG to submit “a signed and sworn proof of loss” to substantiate the occurrence, nature, cause and the amount of claim
  • To date, AEG did NOT provide Lloyd’s with the documentation necessary to asses AEG’s insurance claim

Lloyd’s is refusing the insurance claim filed by AEG on July 1, 2009 because:
  • The physical Michael was to undergo in London never happened
  • The insurer never attended the rehearsals in London
  • Policy covers accidents. Michael’s death was ruled a “homicide”
  • AEG breached the “claim procedures” listed above
  • Lloyd’s is informed and believe that Michael has seen doctors, other than cosmetic doctors between 2005 and his death. Lloyd’s is informed and believe that Michael was taking prescription drugs before his death

How did Michael Jackson Estate get listed on this lawsuit?

As per AEG’s contract with Michael Jackson, Michael is to acquire cancellation insurance and name the promoter (AEG) as a payee. If Michael can’t afford to buy the premiums, AEG will purchase the insurance but the cost will be added to Pool Expense (coming out of Michael’s pocket).

In essence, Michael was both the insured and the purchaser. This is why Michael’s estate is listed as defendant on Lloyd’s Lawsuit.

As per AEG-Michael Jackson contract, even If AEG recoups $17.5 million insurance claim from Lloyd’s, they still get to collect the advances given to Michael from his Estate. And this is not even counting the $66 million AEG got from from $ony for the “This is It” footage.

Why did AEG get paid for footages that allegedly belonged to MICHAEL?

“We just closed a $60m deal against a gigantic back-end for the rights to the film that will be created from all the footage we so wisely shot from the beginning of this project to the last rehearsal-Randy Phillips, AEG

"He is 50 but he is going to dance his ass off. If Mike gets too nerveous to go on,
I will throw him over my shoulder and carry him to the stage. he is light enough"
-Randy Phillips

What if Michael landed in London alive and faced undegoing a physical which would determine the fate of AEG insurance. He could't possibly pass the physical due to drugs in his body. Think of the implications of this outcome for AEG. It is safe to surmise that AEG didn't want Michael making it to London and undergo this physical exam. They KNEW Michael couldn't pass a physical exam. 

Michael Jackson agreed to perform only 10 concerts. But AEG increased the number of concerts to AEG without Michael's knowledge or consent. Michael was upset.

"On May 29th, at Center Staging, a few of us went inside and talked to Michael. It was actually he who wanted to talk to us. He told us he had gone to bed thinking it was 10 concerts and woke up to find out it was 50! He said:

'They did it without my consent. They just did it for obvious reasons'

He seemed unhappy about the way things were going. His voice was breaking as if he was going to start crying. He put his hands together in a prayer position and stood quietly. We were quiet with him. It was a very intense moment and filled with, in my opinion, sadness and worry." -MJ Fan


"This is not true. Michael Jackson was thrilled at selling 50 shows. The size and scale of this show would not be possible without an extended run, which Michael has been fully on board with from the very beginning. He has not agreed to a world tour at this point, however, he can at any time"
-Randy Phillips, June 03, 2009

Conrad Murray told the LAPD detectives that on June 25, 2009, Michael complained that if he can’t get some sleep, he would cancel his shows. THE SAME DAY that Michael was talking about cancelling his Shows, AEG awarded Quantum Group to print tickets for a Michael Jackson World Tour.

"That morning we were notified we'd been awarded his world tour. By the afternoon he was gone"Bill White, Quantum Group

If Michael approved a World Tour, Randy Phillips would have announced it the moment Michael said yes. Have YOU heard of a Michael Jackson World Tour?

It must have been news to Michael Jackson too, when Randy Phillips oF AEG told him...on the morning of June 25, 2009


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