June 21, 2011


On the fast-paced Internet superhighway, mass information travels the globe with astonishing speed. If information is power then what of the misinformation?

It appears that journalism has evolved. Fact checking became a thing of the past. Long gone are the days when reporters used to corroborate news facts & engineer the train of thought. Copy-paste journalism is on the rise and news outlets publish articles by other media outlets, now even bothering to change the phrasing or the headline.

There is misinformation, resulting from an honest mistake or lack of proper research Then we have the deliberate dissemination of misinformation to serve the interests of corporations. The monopoly ownership of American media by big corporations enables them to spread the information that they want you to believe, using media.

Following Michael Jackson’s death, the front cover of print media were plastered that he died due to drug addiction. Visual media mirrored the print media, giving endless coverage to medical pundits who never treated Michael Jackson but they were certain that he was an addict.

Brian Oxman was the worst of all the media whores. What he left out from his endless drivel was that he wasn’t part of Michael Jackson's life and he had no first hand knowledge of any drug use. This didn’t prevent him from blathering in front of UCLA, before Michael was even pronounced dead. When asked what drugs Michael was allegedly addicted to, Oxman deflected to questions by stating that he didn’t know and that we should wait for the “toxilogical” [sic] report. We did, however, learn one important fact from Brian Oxman: that he hugged both Jermaine and Randy!!!!!

Larry King asked Frank Dileo if he knew anything about Michael's drug problems.
Dileo responded “I knew about it in the past. I didn't know if anything was going on now and I still don't. We really don't know until the toxicology reports”. In the very same interview, Frank Dileo said “do addicts ever admit they’re doing drugs? No

First, Michael's 1984 hair burn accident during a Pepsi commercial was released to mark it as the beginnig of his drug addiction. After Michael settled with Pepsi for $1.5 million dollars (all of which went to Brotman Burn Center), John Branca business partner Gary Stiffelman had seized this tape from Pepsi.

Then TV stations began showing a clip, displaying Michael Jackson spider bite wound.
On December 5, 2002, Michael was a no-show for a court appearance for a lawsuit brought by Marcel Avram, a concert promoter who litigated Michael for $21 million, claiming that Michael backed out of two millennium concerts. Michael told the judge
that his non-apperance was due to a spider bite. Media pundits who are ever the experts in everything Michael Jackson challenged Michael's wound as being a spider bite.

"The fact that Michael Jackson says he has a spider bite is a bunch of crap. Jackson has no idea what he's talking about" retorted Rick Vetter, the spider expert.

"It is a spider bite, it hurts really bad. I didn’t take one pain pill to deal with the excruciating pain. I have just been dealing with it by meditating” Michael said.

On December 6, 2002, the judge ordered Michael to undergo a medical examination.
Dr Alimorad Farshchian examined Michael & confirmed that it was indeed a spider bite.

After Michael's death, a video clip with his spider bite surfaced along with commentaries by doctors who never treated Michael alleging that the wound was likely due to drugs.

As the watch the footage, I noticed the "courtesy of AEG" annotation.
But why in the world AEG would be in possession of this footage of Michael?
And more importantly why was AEG disseminating this clip to media outlets?

 Here we are 2 years into the man’s death, powerhouses such as MJ Estate Executors, AEG, Sony and Conrad Murray defense team puts an astonishing amount of time and effort into portraying Michael Jackson as someone that he was not: an addict. And lucky for them, most people presume this media misinformation to be accurate without demur.


Media misinforms the public about the “polypharmacy of drugs” at Michael’s home.

Drug:                Date of issue:     # Issued:      RX Direction:                  # taken
Zanaflex            Nov 6, 2008             4               ½ to 1 tablet at bedtime           4
Temazepam       Dec 22, 2008           30              1 tablet at bedtime                 27
Clonazepam       April 18, 2009          30              1 at bedtime                          22       
Trazadone          April 18, 2009          60              2 at bedtime                          22
Prednisone         April 25, 2009          10              6 tabs now, 4 tomorrow         10
Lorazepam         April 28, 2009          30              1 at bedtime                          21
Flomax               June 3, 2009            30              Once daily                            24
Tizanidine           June 7, 2009            10              ½ tab at bedtime                     2
Valium                June 20,2009           60             ½ to 1 tab every 6hours           3
                                                    264 tablets                                            135 tablets

Michael Jackson only took HALF of the recommended dose.

The following drugs were prescribed to him for legitimate health concerns.

Zanaflex: Skeletal Muscle relaxer.
Only 4 tablets in November 2008

Temazepam: Treats insomnia.
Prescribed in Dec 2008 when Michael Jackson & AEG talks became serious 

Clonazepam relieves panic attacks  

Clonazepam & Trazodone were prescribed on the same day, April 18, 2009. Michael was suffering from stage fright. This would have been his “comeback” and he was increasingly nervous. Dancer auditions took place on April 13, 14 and 15th. The production was becoming real and Michael started to lose sleep. Notice most of the drugs were prescribed in and after April 2009, after the production began.

Trazondone is an anti-depressant. It is serotonin modulator. It works by increasing the amount of serotonin, a natural substance in the brain that helps maintain mental balance. It is used to treat depression. It is also used to treat insomnia.

Prednisone: Treats artihitis and lupus.
This medication CAUSES insomnia

Lorazepam relieves anxiety. It works by slowing activity in the brain to allow for relaxation. It can also be used to treat insomnia. One of the side effects of Lorazepam is difficulty urinating.
Enter Flomax...

Flomax treats difficulty urinating 

Tizanidine skeletal muscle relaxer.
It blocks pain sensations sent to the brain

Valium treats anxiety attacks.
It was prescribed the same day AEG read Michael a “riot act” . Michael was told that if he doesn’t show up to rehearsals and increase his performance, AEG would pull the plug on the Tour and the money. The contract between AEG and Michael enabled AEG to take ownership of both of Michael’s music Catalogs, If Michael were to fail performing 50 shows.


What is found at the scene is hydroquinone which is a LOTION that treats Vitilago. Benoquin is also a lotion that treats Vitilago. Lidocaine is a lotion that relieves burning pains at IV injection site. Conrad Murray, later, also, ordered injectable form of Lidocaine and mixed it with Propofol.

Energy pills that were found at the scene were custom-made. Each tablet contained aspirin, caffeine and ephedrine. Conrad Murray inquired about these pills in early May 2009. He told the pharmacist Tim Lopez that these energy pills were for HIMSELF. The energy pills were delivered on June 11, 2009. This is the period when Michael was experiencing lack of energy. On June 11, he didn’t show up for rehearsal. On June 12, he didn’t show up for rehearsals either. Randy Phillips of AEG called Michael to yell at him:

“Michael had missed two rehearsals … the cast and crew were waiting and he was really late. He hadn’t left his house yet. So I called and yelled at him. We had a fight. He finally got there and I got there a little later. He was sitting in a chair, going over notes. He walked around the table and walked past me. But he didn’t want to be rude so he stopped. Put his arm on my shoulder, tapped it, then walked on. He was mad but he still didn’t want to be impolite. That was Michael.” ~RANDY PHILLIPS

That night, Michael's bodyguard said to fans “Michael didn’t want to go to rehearsals tonight, he’s tired” On June 16, Michael didn’t show up for rehearsals. On June 19, Michael was sent home from rehearsals by Kenny Ortega because he "didn't think Michael looked well enugh to be on stage"

On June 20, instead of showing concern to Michael’s declining health,
and treating him like a human being, AEG et al ambushed Michael.
Valium, which treats ANXIETY, was obtained after this “riot act”.

The following drugs were prescribed by “Dr” Murray to treat insomnia.
They are NOT drugs that treat insomnia and they are NOT administered at home. Michael Jackson is a lay person who trusted a “doctor” with valid medical license to help him treat his sleeping issues so he can fulfill his contractual obligation to AEG.  It is the doctor’s DUTY to properly prescribe.

So yes, we should condemn the following drugs that were found at Michael’s home…but we should condemn the “doctor” that prescribed them, purchased them, brought them into the house and administered them.

Midazolam is given before medical procedures or before anesthesia for surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety and prevent any memory of the event.

Propofol is an anesthetic used to induce medical coma before surgeries. It is administered ONLY in hospital settings by a licensed anesthesiologist. It is NEVER used to treat insomnia. Vigilant monitoring of the patient is necessary because it stops the breathing, a machine is needed to breathe for the patient.

Administering Propofol to treat insomnia, doing so in a home setting without proper monitoring and resuscitation equipment, not having an infusion pump and having Propofol drip freely into the Patient, doing so for 6 weeks and topping all this incompetence by walking out on the patient makes Conrad Murray an sheer pathetic excuse of a “doctor” whose medical license should be taken away.

Another misinformation printed on the media is the use of the word “sleep” in connection with Propofol. “Conrad Murray put Michael to sleep at 10:40pm” NO! Conrad Murray put Michael Jackson UNDER COMA at 10:40pm. Propofol doesn’t put people to sleep, the proper term is “medically induced coma”.

Dear Media, you don’t have to
be a medical expert to report accurately, you just have to feel a journalistic responsibility to bring nothing but the facts to public.

The following is an account of a patient that was given Propofol on ONE occasion. Imagine how Michael Jackson must have felt after 6 weeks of Propofol administration. The following symptoms are only from Propofol. Michael Jackson was given Propofol, topped with benzodiazepines. He had to take care of three children and attend grueling dance rehearsals for which energy, alertness and coordination was a must.

I was given Propofol close to a week ago for a colonoscopy. I woke up from the procedure feeling very Euphoric. My son told me the next day that I asked him to take me to a restaurant where I went in, ordered food to-go and I ate it in the car. I don’t remember this. I went to bed and woke up a few hours later thinking it was the next day. I got ready for work and everyone had to tell me what day it was. The next day, I began running a low grade fever and migraine headache that I’m still dealing with today. I have sharp eye/head pain at times. My neck, back and shoulders are stiff and achy. I’m suffering from severe fatigue. All I want to do is sleep and I don’t want to wake up in the morning. I feel very spacey, Euphoric, confused and my speech doesn’t make sense at times. What I’m thinking and what comes out of my mouth are totally bizarre. I just stand there and think, “Where the He** did that come from!!!” Also, my son told me that when he was driving me home from the procedure, every sentence I spoke was a different topic. I don’t remember any of it. I’m scared


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