September 13, 2011


Are you shocked at all that Jermaine dishonored his word?

I wrote "I would like to be on record so I can say 'I told you so'. Jermaine WILL promote his book before/during/after the trial. He once gain wrote a check that his a$$ can't cash"

Less than 2 weeks to the trial of his brother's killer and as I saw it coming, Jermoney
is exploiting the trial to profit from his brother's death. He dishonored his word that he wouldn't promote his book until the trial has ended and he is doing media rounds talking whole a lot of crap when the prudent and decent thing to do for the Trial  is to SHUT IT!

Jackson siblings act like they were raised by wolves! I guess you can take the Jacksons from Gary Indiana but you can't take Gary Indiana from the Jacksons.

Jermoney would write anything, positive or negative, that would generate him money whilst exploiting Michael. Remember Legacy? Remember 'Word to the Badd"?

You want unadulterated "truth", buy Michael Jackson's book or Jermaine's ex wife's book.
You are better off burning your money instead of paying a dime Jermoney's book of lies!

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