September 11, 2011


Following are Karen Faye facebook comments before she closed her account:

"I believe in love and I said I would rather die telling the truth than live with a lie.

I am so ashamed that some of the Jackson's are too busy calling the paps for photo ops with the children, collecting estate money, reality shows, and picking up Michael's fight for justice!!!!! I am so angry today.   Good thing I have to work. It will defuse my broken heart. I always support the family but I am getting so discouraged doing so. The decisions they have made is breaking my heart...I am starting NOT TO CARE :( Just Michael's children...and Michael would be horrified to see them on display.

You see AEG and Sony are a very powerful "employers" , and people fear if they speak out, they may not be able to get a job with them again....or get paid. I just happen to care more about the truth and what was really happening to my friend Michael than being intimidated or employed. I would rather work in McDonalds the rest of my life...than lie for money.

I never claim to have all the answers. I have questions too. I rely on others here to help me find the answers. We can never find the answers if we don't ask the correct questions.

It is difficult telling the truth, when so many people have so much riding on their lies
I just wish Michael were here and everyone wanted him the way they want him now...and HE was the one getting all the benefits from his years and years of work and sacrifice....   He couldn't stop and enjoy...his financial situation was dire.
One of reasons Michael was so tortured was because of his financial situation....and now, everyone is rolling in it because of everything he created for the world...It is crushing to my heart and spirit. Him being alive was the obstacle for all the people making all the money now....doesn't that make you that we know he was killed???"
[About ‘This is it’ the movie]
Just know you are watching Michael sing and dance to his death....enjoy.
In my opinion Frank Dileo is lying. I do not think Frank knew Michael as well as he thinks. When I was in Michael's dressing room during rehearsals, he would ask me "please, do not let Frank in here".
Maybe NOW with help of the haters and users, the world can see the truth....Michael sleeps peacefully, forever, while THEY are collecting their money from his death. His children are invited to the Staples Center, where their father spent his last night on earth. AND there still is no justice!!!!
There is more money being made now that Michael is dead, than would have been made
if he were alive. Brag on big corporation...SHAME. They justify it by saying the money is going to his children. I think Prince, Paris and Blanket would gladly trade all the money to have their father back.
Yes LOOK tabloids...look what you have done. Display what you have done to Michael in your trashy magazines. Print your guilt!!!!!
Randy is having a difficult time loosing his brother. Randy was the youngest boy, and was raised by his other relatives (grandmother, I believe), because the others were gone most of the time with the J5. He is very unsettled about Michael's murder, and wants justice...he is disappointed by most of his families behavior, but continues to try and bring them together. 
I have been offered unbelievable amounts of money for TV interviews....but have refused, and yet some insist I am a "media whore"....I do not understand the horrible things people hold inside their hearts. I give myself and the truth a free forum here...for anyone who loves Michael as I do. This just makes me understand what Michael had to endure. It isn't natural, it isn't kind. Think of how much Michael far outweighs anything I have given and what a few evil, greedy people did to broke his heart, until it stopped.
Yes...he had sleeping issues for a long time. He had a difficult and complicated life. His sleeping issues were even worse during performing live concerts. His adrenaline would surge through his body during a performance. Sometimes it would take a day or two for him to fall asleep after a performance.
Yes. It was difficult to find the "old Michael" after I reunited with him in April 2009. I only saw glimmers. That is what kept me believing there was a chance he could do these shows. I believed once he felt the stage and his fans cheering him...we would get Michael back. It was my prayer
(About her contract for ‘This Is It’ Tour)
I was only there for Michael. The other guys were there to design the make up and hair for everyone else. They were NOT going to London. They were going to hire a make up and hair crew to do whatever the two guys came up with on the performers. I was there Just for Mike...for all of his shows. My contract was for 2 years.

He hardly ever took off his glasses for rehearsals. Kenny kept telling me to get him to take off his glasses. I told Kenny, I wouldn't EVER make Michael take off his glasses.

He was in the care of a doctor. When he came in sick, Kenny called his doctor.

Kenny told me that Doctor Murray told us to give Michael “tough love".

While Kenny was cutting his chicken and massaging his feet. I was infuriated that I was getting so many mixed messages. In my opinion, this was not a healthy situation.

Michael was afraid to be judged again. I have answered this over and over. The trial devastated his self esteem in which he never recovered.
Some people think "super stars" are "super human"...they are NOT. They hurt and bleed just like you. How would you be after the trial?????

Michael was asking us why he was cold. Kenny called his doctor. The instructions

I received was to "keep him warm".... WTF!!! I began sending warnings the next morning.

I began getting emails from fans too. Michael was dead a week later. I only saw him 2 days out of the following 6. On those 2 days he showed marked improvement. Then he was dead....I have no idea what happened. I just know things were dire, and Michael was headed down the wrong path.

His poor body was far too thin to get through these shows. He had never even rehearsed one song all the way through...let alone rehearse the entire show. You will see quick cuts and bits and pieces in the movie put together.

[About dancers claiming that Michael was healthy]
I don't know why he is lying...these dancers are young and eager to get publicity. They are just beginning their career. You will see a lot of hype in the next weeks. Randy Philips will be going on Oprah also. They are on a mission of damage control. I even saw a image where Michael was definitely retouched. Michael's thighs were NEVER that big. He would be appalled to be painted that big.

The dancers were so in awe of Michael as you can imagine. The last two days, Michael did quite well. You will see in TII this footage. Michael's condition and the worry regarding his state was hidden as much as possible. Access to Michael was very limited. Michael had a dressing room where he stayed most of the time until he went on stage, which was behind 2-5 security guards.

The week before Michael's death, the crew was starting to ask questions...about Michael not showing up, and not rehearsing as he should be and not taking off his sun glasses.
The excuses WE gave was "he was tired"...only half the truth. I was worried sick about his weight. I told Kenny and Frank DiLeo. I was hoping he would improve in the next two weeks before we left for London, and then the week and a half in London before the first show.
I thought we had time to get on track. He showed marked improvement the 23 and 24th. We had hope. Then he died.

Michael's security always sits outside his dressing room. They escorted him to the stage when he went there. They stood guard everywhere he went. 

Yes, I was allowed access to his dressing room. I cuddled him in blankets inside his dressing room. He did go out to view the rehearsal, covered in a blanket and a heater next to him one time. The video cameras caught that on film...but I told Kenny that he should NOT allow Michael's weak moments to be filmed. He agreed.

Michael had to go through another physical exam in London, for the insurance companies, before the 02 shows. I was told (at Michael's funeral) by Randy Phillips that he read my letters and they were "doing all that they could". I wonder if they realized he could NEVER pass the exam.

I am not accusing anyone of anything, I am asking questions. It is very clear to me by the responses here that people who do not "really" know Michael, think he looks fine. Maybe to corporate businessmen who weren't sensitive to Michael, never even bothered to notice his condition. BUT, I wrote the emails and had discussions (not with Randy Phillips, because he wasn't available to me. He just recently told me, he was "shown" my emails, and was aware of my concerns, before Michael died) with others who were responsible for Michael and the 02 shows.

I think deep down inside, he was the hurt little boy who was punished because he was never good enough. He tried so hard to be good so he could be loved (by his father) 

[About Munich concert fall with the bridge]
I was in shock as I saw the bridge in free fall with Michael on it. I was just outside his quick change room. I ran screaming towards the stage and security grabbed me and held me back as the bridge disappeared down past the edge of the front of the stage. I saw the horror on the other performers, but the music kept going. The audience was still transfixed. I saw one arm...then a leg, then his body climb back on stage..he finished the song. He made it back to the dressing room. His heart was beating, he seemed in a trance. We need to get you to the hospital, I said. "NO, I can't, I can't."…he ran back out and finished the show. When he returned to the dressing room after the last note....he collapsed. Security picked him and up and got him to the hospital. I couldn't sleep that night and I couldn't get any response to how he was. The next day, he called me from the hospital. I asked "why didn't you stop?" he replied, "Turkle, I couldn't...all I could hear was my father's voice....

Actually, Michael held Kenny Ortega responsible and Kenny left the Munich very quickly without confronting the tragedy. Michael told me Kenny finally apologized when Michael asked him to help him with the 02 shows. This was always something Michael would bring up on a regular basis...."you know Turkle, Kenny has never mentioned or apologized for dropping me". And when I came back to work with Michael again this year, one of the first things he said to me was "Kenny finally apologized."

Michael asked Kenny to do this. Michael didn't like his choreographic style (thought it was too "VEGAS") but Kenny has great skill in bringing people and productions together. Michael said he could always change, and fix the choreography. Michael usually would fine tune the shows after Kenny left the production. Kenny would stay a week or so, and leave and go on to his next project. Then Michael would streamline the show.

The show would be in place before Kenny would leave, of course. Michael didn't need to "assume" anything...he would just perfect things.

Karen was asked if it is possible to put a complex show like this together in 3 half months:
I think it is possible, but Michael had become increasingly unavailable in the last several weeks, and it was becoming a very stressful situation because of it.

Travis Payne would often go to Michael's house to warm him up and try and get him to rehearsals. Michael missed more than 2 rehearsals...and yes his behavior changed from April and June. He began missing rehearsals, when Kenny began insisting he start getting on stage and working with the other performers. When the pressure became heavy, I saw Michael's behavior change very happened very quickly.

I think we could have been ready. I had hope after the rehearsals on the 23 and 24. I was also hoping Michael could gain some weight before the show. There were many of us saying some prayers. But my fears turned into the worst possible ending imaginable. I was afraid in the last two weeks, very afraid. I even shared my fears with Barry.

Karen was asked about her sharing the pictures of Michael’s mausoleum:
I was with a very close Jackson family friend when I did it. I did it with the utmost regard. I could have sold it to the media if I had any evil intent. Many fans want to visit Michael, but are unable to, because of the Forest Lawn policy...not the Jackson Family policy. They wish for Michael's friends and fans to be able to pay their respects...but it is impossible to do so under all the circumstances. So many, all over the world. I did it as a gesture for us here who love Michael...

I apologize to those who do not understand. They do not have to come here. I don't think the ones who object are really my friends. They are the ones, stealing the photos and posting them on other message boards condemning me. I can not please everyone

I had sooo much to do. I had to prepare everything to go to London for Michael. I had to buy supplies, create the things required for the show, and I was retouching Michael's footage for the LED screen. Then I had to be at rehearsals, to do a light makeup, and prep his hair a little. I was responsible for hooking him with his head mic and his ear monitors, preparing his dressing rooms on and off stage. Learning all of his quick changes and entrances and exits from the stage. I began at 7 am...didn't finish until after midnight when Michael rehearsed. When he was at rehearsals...I was with him like white on rice.

The only day we had off was supposed to be Sunday. I would work all day....and be at rehearsals when Michael was scheduled. I would wait, and work on packing cases, doing inventories etc. until we were sure he wasn't coming in. He was scheduled to arrive at 2pm...but would usually not show up until 5pm or later if he came in.

Camera crew was hired by AEG. Michael asked Michael Bush where they came from.
All other projects that Michael ever did, the camera crews were hired and payed by MJJ Productions. Michael did not have the control over ‘This Is It’ like he did with his other projects. He did not have the money to do it himself and he didn't have the power to object. 
AEG was even paying his rent, food and children’s schooling. All the expenses would have to be reimbursed out of Michael's share of the concerts He signed a contract that was admittedly READ to him.

On 'Dirty Diana' set:
“You must understand, these "ideas" were put in by Kenny and Travis. Michael NEVER had a chance to work on it, or change or even modify it. That is why all this that you are hearing and seeing is NOT a finished work that was created by Michael. This is one of my biggest frustrations. You are witnessing a show that Kenny and Travis were planning...not the show Michael would have ultimately presented. Just like the costumes...Michael had not signed off on ANY of it.”
Kenny and Swarovski (crystals) have the same agent. In my opinion, there were many kick backs taking place that Michael was unaware of. Not just Zaldy...there were many many back deals going on. Zaldy and the makeup and hair artists came from Travis's agency...

Lot's of manipulation going on.  So when you hear or read any of them saying they didn't know about Michael's issues...In my opinion, they are Lying.

If there was evidence of abuse, they would be liable for a wrongful death lawsuit. In my opinion, that is what this movie is really absolve the guilty. The ones speaking the loudest and most about Michael being healthy are the guilty ones.

I saw the spark in eyes when he became his dance, when he connected with that divine energy. It gave me goose bumps but that was early on in the Forum, before things started to turn.

I asked the mortician "how much did he weigh when he died?' he answered "between 108 and 111 pounds". You can believe whoever you wish. That is the answer I was given. MLB was with me and can verify the question and answer I received. I asked because Michael was so very skinny.
It is my opinion there is such EVIL surrounding Michael's death. The key is that Michael is worth more money to more people dead than you can see unfolding. I think Michael's history deserves the truth. But it is very deep, dark and dangerous for those who speak it."

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  1. karen, all I can say is that Michael was ALWAYS loved by his fans. We always supported him and fought for him. It is not only now, after his death, that we love him/ We did not only love him for being the most brilliant and greatest entertainer ever, he was also a very kind, caring and generous human being. One could not help but love Michael. When I read about the amount of money he had donated to charity, I was in awe. He did not deserve the unjust treatment received by the public and the media.The media (especially Diane Dimond) made Michael's life a living hell. His life changed drastically after the 2009 trial. I always prayed that the families of the two boys who accused him of wrongdoing would go public and make the truth known, but they did not. Michael's fans from all over the world never believed that he was guilty of any of those charges. I am so happy that he decided to go to Court and fight the 2003 allegations. We were elated to hear that he was found not guilty as to all charges, but the press kept reporting lies. Michael constantly had to deal with reporters who insisted on printing lies and untruths. Frankly, I don't know he dealt with all the nonsense and yet remain a gentleman. Of course, Joe Jackson also did a number on Michael as he was growing up. We fans, too, are very disappointed with the family because they have only been concerned about money since Michael died and that is so very sad. And, as you say, there is more to Michael's death than we know. All the fans agree that Michael was murdered and Murray was paid to do the job. I don't know what your feelings are about this. We are livid. The fans hope and pray that Murray is found guilty and faces some serious jail time. Any amount of time that he gets is not going to be enough. The only problem is we will never know who was paying Murray to do the job. My heart breaks for Michael to see what his family are doing.They are using Michael's name for their own personal gain and that makes the fans sick. They are using his childen as pawns. Michael would never approve of how the children are being raised. He was a very good father and loved his children more than life itself and I pray that his children will always love and respect him and never forget the times they had together. I read somewhere that Michael made a comment that the years after his children were born were the happiest for him. We are constantly hoping and praying for justice to prevail for Michael and that Murray will be convicted. We also hope and pray that the "others" involved in the conspiracy are also found out. They need to pay for what they did to this wonderful human being. There is one thing that the fans DO NOT like--that is when anyone refers to Michael as an addict. He might have needed prescription drugs to alleviate the pain he was in, but he was not an addict. He got help years ago and was clean. By people saying he was an addict certainly is going to be damaging for the prosecution at the trial. I can go on and one, but I think you get how the fans feel. We will always stand by Michael and fight for him. He needs us know. I hope you will help.

  2. I think Karen Faye is a manipulative sociopath who knows how to prey on a certain type of fan while others easily see straight through her. There are sprinkles of truth in what she says designed to foster credibility, but she is purely self-serving.