September 15, 2011


I compiled the following timeline of event while tracing back Michael’s final years.


June 13 Mr. Jackson is acquitted of all 14 charges
Michael spent a week in San Diego with Deepak Chopra

June 19 Michael and his kids flew to Paris, stayed at Crillon Hotel

June 29 Michael and his kids flew to Bahrain


Jan 11 After Michael’s death, Conrad Murray’s office sent to police patient files dating back to Jan 11, 2006. However, Michael was still in Bahrain on this date

May 30 MJ appointed Raymone Bain as President of his newly formed MJC

June 23 Michael and his kids moved to Ireland

Dec 23 Michael and his children returned to USA


July 2 Raymone Bain released statement that MJ is NOT on any painkillers

Sep Jacksons Family released a statement “we categorically deny ever planning, participating in or having knowledge of any kind of intervention whatsoever”

Dec Michael stopped taking Raymone Bain calls


Feb 20 Foreclosure Notice, Neverland is scheduled to be auctioned on Mar 19

Feb (end of) Jermaine introduced Michael to Tohme Tohme

March 08 Colony Capital bought Neverland Loan. The agreement required that Michael moved all his belongings out of Neverland within 90 days

April 08 Michael officially terminated Raymone Bain

July 08 Tohme had discussions with  Julien’s Auctions about moving Michael’s belongings out of Neverland

August 07 Thome signed Julien's Contract and consigned “all movable items from Neverland”

Parts of the contract

In a later dispute, Tohme claimed that he authorized Julien’s to only move the property out of Neverland but his understanding was that an inventory of the items would be submitted and Michael would review to decide which items to auction. But that is clearly not the terms of the the contract Tohme signed. Either he debiberately was trying to get rid of Michel's belongings or he didn't read the contract. And if he didn't read THIS contract before signing it, how can you be sure that he read AEG contact that he signed on Michael's behalf?

Michael was extremely upset with Tohme for signing such contract. Michael litigated Julien's to stop the auction but later the parties reached an agreement and Julien’s returned all items. Michael then cut all contacts with Tohme

Sep MJ- AEG talks started re: a possible Tour in London

"There is a divide between me and my representatives. I don't talk to my lawyers, my accountants. I talked to him and HE talked to them. I don't like it. I don't know what's in my accounts" ~MICHAEL JACKSON

Oct 21 Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment flew to Las Vegas to meet with Joe Jackson about a Jackson Reunion Show.  Joe supported the proposal and suggested that Mr Allocco meet with Michael’s “manager” Frank Dileo to finalize the deal. Since Michael returned from Bahrain, he had no contact with his dad. Joe didn’t know much about Michael’s business. Frank Dileo was NOT Michael’s manager but at the time, neither Joe nor Mr Allocco knew that

Oct 30 Michael released a statement “I no plan to record or tour with them”

Nov 06 Arnold Kline prescribed Zanaflex (Muscle relaxer)

Nov 20 Patrick Allocco met with Frank Dileo in Nashville, Tennessee. Frank Dileo deceptively claimed he IS indeed Michael’s manager. Mr. Allocco discussed his proposal with Frank Dileo

Nov 21 Patrick Allocco had a second meeting with Frank Dileo in Dileo's office

Nov 26 Dileo signed a binder agreement with AllGood Entertainment. According to the agreement, upon receiving 150,000 upfront commissions, Frank Dileo would talk to Michael about doing a one0day show with his siblings. If the concert materializes, Frank Dileo were to receive additional $450,000

Dec AEG- MJ talks gets “serious” about a Tour In London

Dec 22 Conrad Murray prescribed Temazepam (insomnia)

Dec 22 Thome released a statement “Mr. Jackson is in fine health, and finalizing negotiations with a major entertainment company & television network for both a world tour and a series of specials and appearances"

Dec 26 Patrick Allocco & Frank Dileo met to speak business


Jan Michael met with Tim Leiweke (AEG President), Paul Gongaware (AEG CEO), Randy Phillips (AEG CEO), Tohme Tohme at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Michael agreed to do 10 shows in London and to undergo a physical exam for cancellation insurance

Jan 01 AllGood Entertainment hired Leonard Rowe as consultant. Rowe is charged with convincing Michael into participating in a one-day Jackson Family Show in Texas. Rowe asked Katherine to talk to Michael into calling Mr. Rowe

Jan 02 Michael called Leonard Rowe at 9:00PM. Mr. Rowe told Michael about the business proposal by AllGood Entertainment for a one-day family Show in Texas. Michael instructed Rowe to talk to Tohme about the proposal, saying he would have Tohme call Rowe in 5 minutes. Tohme called Rowe and Rowe told Tohme about the business proposal. They arranged to meet in person the next day

Jan 03 Leonard Rowe flew to LA at noon. He called Tohme who told Rowe that he was in a meting. Tohme asked Rowe to call him back later. Rowe called Tohme in couple of hours. Tohme was busy and told Rowe that he would call Rowe back but he never did.

Jan 04 Leonard Rowe called Tohme but Tohme didn’t answer. Leonard Rowe felt that Tohme was deliberately ignoring him so he called Tohme from a different phone number. Tohme picked up, not knowing that it was Leonard Rowe. At this time, Leonard Rowe was upset and told Tohme that he didn’t appreciate the games. Tohme told Rowe to meet him at his lawyer’s office the next day.

Jan 05 Patrick Allocco and Leonard Rowe met Tohme at Dennis Hawk’s office (Tohme’s attorney). Rowe presented the Family show proposal to Tohme but Tohme said Michael had a huge business deal he had to honor first. Rowe inquired about this huge deal but Tohme wouldn’t tell. Tohme said as soon as he found out something definite about this huge deal, he would call Leonard Rowe.

Jan 06 Michael moved into a mansion in Beverly Hills (Carolwood)

Jan 26 Thome signed AEG contract on Michael's behalf

Jan (end of) Michael met with Cherilyn Lee, she treated his children for flu. The next day, she came back to do a blood test on Michael because he complained of sleep depravation and lack of energy

Feb 03 Patrick Allocco & Leonard Rowe met Katherine at a restaurant. The pair discussed the Family Show with her, hoping to gain her alliance so she could influence Michael

Feb MJ passed a physical exam for cancellation insurance with “flying colors”

Feb 16 Twitter leak about O2 concert

Feb 22 AllGood Entertainment paid $10,000 to Leonard Rowe

Feb 27 Michael went shopping. His entourage included Peter Lopez @0:29

Feb 26 MJ was due in London to announce O2 concerts, he didn’t show up

March Michael hired Kai Chase so he can eat healthy

March Conrad Murray called (on Michael’s behalf) Applied Pharmacy in Las Vegas, inquiring about Benoquin- cream treating Vitilago

March 03 Michael is in London

March 04 MJJ files a lawsuit against Julien's Auctions

March 05 Michael announced a 10 show at O2

"These will be my final show performance in London.
When I say this is it, I really mean this is it"
                          ~MICHAEL JACKSON

March 07 MJ was scheduled to rehearse at Center Staging, he didn't show up 

March 08 MJ returns to LA from London

March 11 O2 ticket pre-sale began for 10 shows

July 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 22nd, 24th, 26th and 28th

March 11 & 12  Number of shows increased: 24 shows then 27 shows

March 12 Number of shows increased: 45 shows then 50 shows

March 13 Randy Phillips of AEG said:

"He calls me all the time, we spoke Wednesday afternoon (March 11) and
he said  “Randy, Randy, No more shows, no more shows”

AFTER Michael said "no more shows", AEG increased the number of shows to first 45 then 50...without Michael's approval of knowledge

March 14 Randy Phillips of AEG said:

"He's 50 but he's going to dance his ass off. If Mike gets too nervous to go on, I'll throw him over my shoulder and carry him on stage. He's light enough"

March 18 Tohme signed a declaration for Julien Lawsuit “I am the president of MJJ Productions”

March 21 In a 11:00PM (PST) phone conversation, Michael expressed his dismay to Leonard Rowe about the scheduling of O2 Tour. Mr. Rowe asked how many shows Michael is scheduled for, Michael said he did NOT know. They agree that Leonard Rowe would talk to Randy Phillips and fix the scheduling.

March 23 Michael’s personal Assistant, Michael Amir Williams called Leonard Rowe at 9:00AM informing that he arranged for Randy Phillips of AEG to call Rowe at 10:00AM. The call never came. Rowe called Mr. Phillips twice to no avail. Finally at 12:31PM Phillips answered. Rowe asked for a meeting to discuss O2 scheduling.

“We have everything under control, I don’t need to meet with you” ~RANDY PHILLIPS

March 23 Leonard Rowe had his lawyer prepare a letter of appointment as MJ's manager

March 27 Leonard Rowe released a statement re: his appointment as MJ manager. The statement APPEARED to come from Michael Jackson himself but Michael was unaware of such press release. Michael stopped taking calls from Leonard Rowe

March 27 AllGood Entertainment sent a cease & desist letter to Randy Phillips because AllGood is under the impression that Frank Dileo is Michael’s manager and AllGood is planning a Family Show with Michael so Michael can’t do concerts in London

March (end of) MJ starts rehearsing at Center Staging with Kenny Ortega & Travis Payne

April Peter Lopez is fired. The reason and by whom the termination was done is unknown

April MJ accounting firm (Cannon & Company CPA’s) is terminated. Jeff Cannon received a phone call from someone who identified himself as Michael's assistant and said that Michael no longer required his services. Whether the "assistant" was in fact Michael Amir Williams or Tohme is unknown

Apr 01 Applied Pharmacy called Murray to let him know they found Benoquin

April 2 Celebrity Access article “Will the MJ manager stand up”. Frank Dileo claimed Leonard Rowe’s Press Release about him being Michael’s manager was “less than factual” that HE (Dileo) was managing Michael

April 02 Leonard Rowe publicist, Cataunya Ransom of Mosnar Communications, released a statement on behalf of Mr. Rowe: "At this time the legendary Leonard Rowe has no comment in relation to Michael Jackson`s representation.

April 2 Patrick Allocco talked to Katherine on the phone for 45 minutes re: MJ hiring Leonard Rowe as his manager. Katherine said she would talk to MJ

April 6 Conrad Murray ordered his first order of PROPOFOL

April 11 Randy Phillips of AEG responded to AllGood Entertainment's cease & desist letter “ [Frank] Dileo doesn’t concern AEG in any manner whatsoever”

April 12 Michael asked Cherilyn Lee to find an anesthesiologist to administer him Propofol as a sleep aid. Cherilyn Lee thought Michael was mispronouncing the name of the drug. She didn’t know what Propofol was. She called a doctor friend of hers who told her that this was a pre-surgery anesthetic used in hospital setting only. Cherilyn Lee informed Michael of what she was told by the doctor about Propofol. She allegedly told Michael of the dangers of receiving Propofol but Michael was adamant that it was safe as long as someone monitored him.

"My doctor said it is safe" ~MICHAEL JACKSON

This is incident is rather suspicious as to whom hired Conrad Murray because at this point, Conrad Murray already ordered and received Propofol (see April 6) so
why was Michael asking Cherilyn Lee for it?

April 14 Leonard Rowe & Joe went to MJ house at 7:00AM (PST). This is the first time Joe saw his son since Michael’s returned from Bahrain in 2006. Joe lectured Michael about hiring Leonard Rowe as his manager and doing the Family Show with AllGood Entertainment with his siblings. MJ signed the letter, still dated March 25. Michael made amendments in the letter, appointing Leonard Rowe only to oversee financial aspects of O2 concert.


April 14 At 8:30 Michael flew to Las Vegas. After Michael’s death, Murray told police that Michael met him in his Las Vegas office where Dr. Adams administered Propofol to Michael. I speculate that this is the day that happened.

April 14 Michael & Julien Auctions reach an agreement. After this, MJ cut off all contact with Tohme Tohme

April 13/14/15 ‘This is It’ Dancer auditions at Kodak Theater

Apr 18 Dr. Allan Mertzger prescribed Clonazepam (treats panic attacks, side effect: trouble sleeping) and Trazodone (anti-depressant, side effect: trouble sleeping)

Apr 25 Arnold Kline prescribed Prednisone (treats lupus). According to MJ followers, Michael stayed at Dr. Kline’s office 5:00 - 9:30 PM

“It was the first time Michael went to see Dr. Klein on a week-end and it was late. When he came out from Klein’s office Michael smelled very strongly of I would say either rubbing alcohol or Ether and looked groggy” wrote MJ follower.

Apr 28 Murray prescribed Lorazepam (tablet) & placed his second order of Propofol

April 30 Murray ordered injectable (IV) Lorazepam & Midazolam.

On June 27, 2009, Murray told the police that 3 days before Michael’s death
he “introduced” Lorazepam & Midazolam in an effort to “wean” MJ off Propofol.

Prosecutor: In the last 3 days, he first night according to Dr. Murray, he was attempting to wean Mr. Jackson off Propofol. What did Dr. Murray tell you he did?

Detective Orlando Martinez: Dr. Murray said he lowered the amount of Propofol that he usually gave Mr. Jackson and INTRODUCED Midazolam and Lorazepam to help Mr. Jackson sleep.

If Conrad Murray “introduced” Lorazepam and Midazolam in an effort to “wean” Michael off Propofol starting June 22 then why was he ordering these drugs way back in April? Conrad Murray is lying! Lorazepam and Midazolam were very much part of his treatment, NOT part of his fictional weaning process.

May (beginning of) Conrad Murray ordered Ephedrine for Michael but he told the pharmacy owner that it was for HIMSELF, why did he lie? Was it for himself? Did Michael know he was given Ephedrine? Witnesses state that Michael’s weight dramatically decreased in the last weeks of his death. Ephedrine causes rapid weight loss (see June 11 )

Prosecutor: During the same conversation in early May, did Dr. Murray inquire about what you might call energy formulations?

Tim Lopez (owner of Applied Pharmacy): Yes, we had a brief conversation about some sort of formulation that would give increased wakefulness or more energy

Prosecutor: Did Dr. Murray indicate to you during the inquiry about the energy formulation that it was HE HIMSELF who was in need of an energy formulation?

Tim Lopez (owner of Applied Pharmacy): Yes

May 05 Tohme Tohme is officially terminated via a letter which was publicized after Michael’s death. It does have A Michael Jackson signature but it isn’t clear who wrote the letter, when it was written, by whom it was signed. After Michaels death, Tohme stated that he didn’t receive such letter.

May 5 Raymone Bain filed a $44 million lawsuit against Michael

May 8 Conrad Murray and a representative of AEG spoke on the phone. AEG sent Murray an email outlining their conversation about Conrad Murray accompanying Michael to London as his personal doctor

May 12 Conrad Murray ordered his third order of Propofol

May 13   Kai Chase is terminated

May 14 AEG sent a second email to Conrad Murray

May 14 MJ and his children met with his family at an Indian Restaurant (chakra) for Joe & Katherine’s 60th wedding anniversary. This is when most of Jackson siblings saw Michael for the first time since the 2005 Trial

May 15 Murray responded to AEG email “my services are already fully engaged with Mr. Jackson”

May 15 Beverly Hills Hotel meeting, attended by Katherine, Joe, Leonard Rowe, Randy Phillips, Paul Gongaware, Michael. Jackson camp is there to talk Michael into doing the Family Show, AEG camp is there to tell the Jackson camp that it won’t happen. Randy Phillips didn’t like Leonard Rowe and he had no problem letting it be known. In this meeting, Phillips asked Rowe “who is paying you?”  Rowe replied “That is not your concern”. Leonard Rowe then grilled Randy Phillips about ticketing for O2 shows and Phillips wasn’t happy to be answering Leonard Rowe. Michael is quiet and indifferent through the meeting

May 20 Leonard Rowe is terminated in a letter which was publicized only after Michael’s death. Leonard Rowe also claims (Like Tohme Tohme) that he never received such letter. The letter did have A Michael Jackson signature. By whom and when was this letter actually signed is unknown.

May 20 Start date of O2 concerts rescheduled from July 8 to July 13

May 22 Murray wrote an email to AEG with his bank information so AEG could deposit his salary

May 23 Murray is in Houston, had dinner with one of his mistresses

May 28 Not having heard from AEG regarding his salary, Murray sent another email to AEG

“I have performed my services to the client in good faith. Therefore, I am asking you to deposit my fee for May in reciprocity of good faith on your part as per our agreement”

May 29 MJ talked to his fans at Center Staging. He seemed worried and upset. Michael's voice was crackling as if he is on the verge of tears.

“I went to bed knowing I sold 10 dates and woke up to
the news I was booked to do 50” ~MICHAEL JACKSON

June 01 ‘This Is It’ team started rehearsing at ‘The Forum’

June 02 MJ followers alerted the media that Michael didn’t want to do 50 shows. MJ security started acting weird towards MJ followers. Security around Michael was tightened; access to Michael became very limited.

June 02 Kai Chaise is rehired

June 11 Ephedrine pills are delivered to Murray. It causes rapid weigh loss

"The week before he died, he lost probably about 15 pounds" ~KAREN FAYE

June 12 Michael did NOT want to rehearse. Arrived late after AEG insisted. MJ bodyguard said to followers “Michael didn’t want to go to rehearsals tonight, he’s tired”

June 15 Conrad Murray sent a letter to his patients “because of a once in a lifetime opportunity, I made a decision to cease practice of medicine”

June 15 Murray ordered more Lorazepam and Midazolam

June 17 John Branca met with MJ at ‘the Forum’ and MJ allegedly “hired” Branca

June 19 MJ wasn’t feeling well, Kenny Ortega sent MJ home around 8 or 9PM

June 20 AEG riot meeting b/c MJ was missing lots of rehearsals. Meeting was at Michael’s home in early afternoon. Conrad Murray, Randy Philllips, Frank Dileo and Paul Gongaware were at the meeting. Murray scolded Ortega for sending Michael home the previous day. AEG et al was upset that Michael was missing rehearsals. After this meeting Murray prescribed Diazepam (Valium)

This was a father's day weekend so NO rehearsal on this day

June 21 MJ not feeling well, called Cherilyn Lee, one side of his body is hot, one side cold. NO rehearsal on this day

June 22 NO rehearsal on this day

June 23 TII team starts rehearsing at Staple Center

June 24 Murray signed the AEG contract and faxed it to AEG

By all accounts, Michael was his regular self on 23 & 24 rehersals, he was spectacular. Most video clips which were used, after Michael's death, in 'This is It' movie came from these two days

June 25 In the morning, Quantum Printing was awarded to print MJ World Tour tickets

Roger Friedman reported Frank Dileo is “hired” as Michael’s manager

Michael Jackson is pronounced deat at 2:26pm


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