July 12, 2011


Yesterday Mötley Crüe guitarist Nikki Sixx facebooked:

Many of you looked the other way when MJ was caught with his hand
in the coffee jar of underage kids…..the pedophile died of overdose

Michael Jackson's real family -HIS FANS- stood up to defend him as we always do.
I wondered and tweeted “when Michael needs defending, why are Jacksons
nowhere to be found? They only show faces to exploit Michael for money”

Lo and behold, later in the day, Randy Jack$on tweeted:

Every time I think “there is NO way Jack$on Family can stoop lower than this”….
they manage to stoop lower! Something is very very very very very wrong with them.
I don’t mean marginally, I mean something is appallingly, massively, horribly wrong with their wirings! I say this so candidly in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they don't know how they look from outside and that IF they knew, perhaps they would consider changing their ways. They seem so out of touch with reality that they have no clue how they appear to the real world... or as long as they get paid, they don’t give a flying F!

(asking with a blank look) A "news" organization asked to film your Q&A on twitter?
There are so many things wrong with this short sentence; I don’t even where to begin!

“My next Q&A”? As if it is a freaking important event! Is this why you make appointments to tweet, which is bizarre as Hell, to create hype? Get off your high horse, will ya? The only reason fans tune to your twitter is because of our delusion that you may say something that is pertinent in seeking justice for Michael. Here we are 2 years later, we haven’t heard one intelligent thing from you or your family! It is always nonsense!

In light of a green offer, it appears you bounced back quickly from the embarrassment you caused to yourself and this fan community during your last “Q&A”! The only thing media walked away with was that you got shot in the a$$ by Tina Turner! And they attached the American Idol judge picture to the story. That is how irrrelevant you are!

Bring attention to what matters? You and your Family talk about whole a lot of nothing.
My brother was murdered. Really, why do you say that? Uhhhhh....Name names? No, they know who they are. The Will? Your mother accepted Branca & McClain as the executors of the Estate so what are you wailing about it? Go cry to Katherine, not to us!
You are like a broken record, wasting our time! You have nothing intelligent to say, you sound ignorant, you bemoan about things that your mother could have solved but CHO$E not to and you lack common sense tweeting what you shouldn’t be tweeting!

Who the Hell gets their tweeting filmed? What will they do, Randy, film you in your socks & pajamas, typing one word per minute? Considering that this "film" is NOT something a non-MJ-fan would watch, it is another way a Jackson exploits MJ fans who are -unlike Jackson Family- genuinely grieving! This is despicable & disgusting! Shame on you!

For 2 years, Jacksons travelled the globe for interviews.  Now that no news agency would pay you to gibber, you resort to this! What’s next, Michael’s underwear on ebay?

My message to this “news” organization is to get a life and chase real news! To film Randy Jackson's tweets is much ado about nothing! My message to Randy and his greedy Family is to get a job! Let it be known that we have fans from all over the world. Any “news organization” who mocks Michael’s name and aides a greedy Jackson to exploit Michael Jackson will receive backlash and boycott from MJ fan community!

If making reckless statements on twitter would be a bright idea, don’t you think John Branca and Conrad Murray would have utilized it? What part of “get a family publicist and shut the hell up” don’t you get? You do NOT talk with pending Trials, unless your end game is to jeopardize them! You should hold your cards close to your chest! 

You got important info, go to authorities; Twitter isn’t the proper forum to do this! And frankly, we know Jackson Family is ignorant about Michael’s affairs! I could  tell this by your CNN interview, I could tell this by your tweets. Same holds true about your Family. Learn facts before you speak of them! Fans know more than the Jacksons, we don’t need to be lectured! Besides, talking to public shouldn't even be an issue, the Family should handle its affairs legally, prudently and privately! Don't talk about it, be about it!

“Money has nothing to with this”? So money I$ involved! Jacksons wouldn’t move their pinky to benefit Michael IF God ordered them to do so….UNLESS money is involved. Apparently, money is all your guys eat, drink, $hit and dream about! Since Michael died, you all exploited the poor man’s death and even his poor children for money! Now you want US to help you exploit Michael? Not just no, Randy, Hell to the no!

I have a troubling feeling that you already committed to this business proposal. I hope
I am wrong. Because on June 26th, you had tweeted "There are some things I need help and support with". But in your last "Q&A" session, you didn’t ask for any help.
I surmise it was because we lambasted you after your "a$$" tweets! And yesterday you come back with "I need your help with something". I believe you tweeted yesterday to
1) officially announce to fans about this fuckery 2) You are creating hype, showing the the “news” organization that you get a lot of tweets! If you committed into this fuckery, that makes it your problem, find a way to get out of it! If you take advantage of our loyalty and use us in your despicable plan to get paid off of your dead little brother,
we would write you off! I would hate for you to lose big over a small calculation!

       "It is just not my style
     to go on a media frenzy"
               ~RANDY JACKSON

This is our counter-proposal. Okay, let’s do this! But you will open a trust account as college fund for Prince, Paris and Blanket. And ALL the proceedings….I mean every single dime will be deposited in that account for the children. Are you still game ?

What happened Randy, you realized that the AEG lawsuit is built on sand and you decided "fuck it, why not jump on the gravy train?" If you haven't sold out Michael
until now, why start now? You are the brother of the GREATEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME, would it kill you and your family to act with grace? Michael worked so hard to take Jackson brand to the peak. After his death, you people are turning it into A JOKE! Jackson Family keep embarrasing us in front of the Estate Executors and the media!

Have you learn nothing from Michael? He chose carefully what he attached his name to.

You and your Family want to help in efforts to seek justice for your little brother?
There are only 3 things Jackson Family can do & fans would really appreciate it.


Go back to whatever you all were doing before Michael died! We got this! All we want from Jacksons (minus MJ3) is to go away permanently. Michael has the executors to handle his affairs, thanks to Katherine! LEAVE MICHAEL'S AFFAIRS ALONE!

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