July 23, 2011


What is John Branca doing to make Jackson Family look like brainless idiots?

Not a damn thing…..

“The outrageous and the false statements by Latoya Jackson are further examples of her willingness to say anything involving her brother for attention and money” said the Estate Executors regarding Latoya’s The View appearance.

I never thought that there would come a day when I would stand on the same side with
John Branca but the only change I would make in the Estate’s statement is replacing
Latoya Jackson” with the Jackson Family”.

Every time the Estate executors had to release statements about Jackson Family, which was TOO MANY to count, fans get embarrassed for Jacksons! Unfortunately it has been impossible to shame Jackson bunch into acting like fully evolved mammals!

This blogger is on the precipice of having an ulcer trying to combat this excuse of a family constantly undermining the Conrad Murray criminal Trial, dishonoring Michael's memory, legacy & wishes, exploiting his death & his children and embarrassing the fan community in front of media and the Executors! Jacksons who were only a burden to Michael in life are now acting like they were Huxtables just so that they can profit.

One of the worst parts of MJ's death is having to deal with bottom feeding Jacksons!
They are everywhere I turn! It's like nightmare on Elm Street! What will it take for these bottom-feeders to go away preferably forever but at least until the end of criminal Trial?

Latoya Jackson....you may remember her as the most talentless Jackson, always exploits her superstar little brother Michael Jackson to make a name for herself.

Michael reluctantly endorses Latoya for 1985 Yamaha music festival award

When Michael stopped throwing bones at Latoya, she accused Michael of child molestation and she sought countless PAID interviews to spread falsehoods

Latoya slanders Michael to be a child molesting "faggot"

Latoya slanders Michael to be a child molester

"I know him. I know that he doesn't have an interest in women"

To "honor" Michael", Latoya used the second anniversary of his death to promote herself and released a song and a book, exploiting...you guessed it...Michael. Now she is hopping from interview to interview, talking absolute nonsense that leaves people’s mouths agape!

While this dimwit is talking to various hosts, they try their best from snickering at her. 
Screeching voice of a regressed 12 yeard old! Then falls of her tongue all the stupid!

Does Latoya Jackson realize that she sound absolutely crazy?

The reason I am SO heated is because what she is intending to say isn’t crazy but because of her execution and delivery, the whole world now thinks Michael
being murdered is just a advertising tool Jackson Family made up to be able to exploit his death. The Family is blocking legitimate and tireless efforts that
fans invested for 2 years! All in the name of selling GodDamn books, concerts or other $HIT to commercialize Michael's death under the guise of  “tribute”.

Jackson Family members (minus Michael and his children) are certifiably crazy, despicable leeches but I am particularly disgusted seeing Jermaine, Latoya, Katherine and Joe ignorantly and recklessly running their mouths. If you are gonna talk about Michael's death, at least bother to come to court or read the court testimonies or keep abreast of facts! When you open your mouth, nothing but nonsense comes out!

When Sherri Shepherd read the Estate’s statement, Latoya said with a dumb look
I don’t need the attention, I am Latoya, I am known all over the World. I don’t need the money. I own several different companies. I am very very well off

                                                                         Smiley that says: “Yeah, right!”

Deaf and blind people in Timbaktu know who Michael Jackson is, the man was on top
but never was he pompous. Michael was the most down to earth person ever. Where do you get off being a pompous a$$ when you are a nobody? You have no accomplishments on your own to be known for unless you are counting your porn career at Playboy!

If you are doing all these interviews to seek justice for Michael then why do you drag your stupid book to every interview? Why do all your interviews come with advertisement for your stupid book? When Pierce Morgan deluded himself to take you seriously and asked you questions, your answer was “read my book”!!!! You are happy to promote yourself claiming that you know who murdered Michael and when they ask you who, you say you can’t say! It isn’t in your book, you are not saying it in interviews then how do you reason that your book of bull$hit about your failed life helps in seeking justice for Michael or raises awareness about domestic violence? There is not ONE damn thing in your book that is pertinent in justice for Michael!

When Heath Ledger died, the movie he was working on was incomplete. Actors Johnny Deep, Jude Law, Colin Farrell stepped in to finish the movie and they donated ALL of their earnings from this movie to Heath Ledger’s then 2 year daughter, Matilda. Johnny Deep, Jude Law, Colin Farrell have no blood relationship to Heath Ledger whatsoever, they are strangers with integrity & loyalty. Jackson Family has been working overtime to exploit Michael's death, sometime exploiting his children to exploit his death, yet none of the money they generate exploiting Michael's brand goes to Michael’s children.  

Latoya said that Katherine and the children didn't get a dime from the Estate since Michael died which is a lie. Since she claims that she didn't “write” the book for money,
I DARE Latoya to give ALL proceedings from the book to Michael’s children.

Whoopi Goldberg said on The View, broadcasted on July 27 2011. "Last Thursday La Toya Jackson was a guest on the show and she said as far as she knew no one in the Jackson family had received any money from the Michael Jackson Estate in the two years since his death. Since then, we heard from a representative of Michael Jackson's executors. They say that in fact the Estate has paid more than 9 million dollars to and for Michael's mother and children, nearly 4 million of which went to pay off the family's longtime home. We are reading this because they wanted the people to know in fact what La Toya said was not accurate"

Reading Latoya Jackson’s “Starting Over” you may deign to feel compassion for her, unless you are familiar with Latoya’s real history and realize that she is full of $hit!

She said in below interview (@4:20) that “it started with me going to Japan and my mother couldn’t go. Then she asked my father to go and he wasn’t able to go. My father was KIND enough to say ‘PLEASE can you go to Japan with Latoya?’ Well he took me to Japan and he took my passport and said ‘you are never going back’"

Latoya wrote in her book that she thought Katherine was trying to kill her by poisoning. She wrote that Joe choked Jack Gordon. Latoya blamed Joe and Katherine for her career not going anywhere. She needed a Jack Gordon to leave the Family home.
If you ask me, it was Latoya who used Jack Gordon for her agenda.

I wanted to break away from Joseph so badly. Terrified by my father, suffocated by my mother I was miserably unhappy. I can honestly say that, I am now happier than I have ever been” she wrote in her first book: 'Growing Up in the Jackson Family'

I can honestly say I am happier than I have ever been. This is the first time I’ve ever been happy. I am like a flower that is finally opening. I was a closed rose but now the rose is blossoming and I can finally discover who I am” said Latoya in her 1992 Ebony Interview.

Everyone in the Jackson Family, including Michael warned Latoya. Michael even had Frank Dileo check Jack Gordon’s criminal background, advised Latoya to leave him and that he was capable of killing her. Latoya dismissed this as Michael’s “gullibility”. She wrote in her first book “why this conspiracy against Jack Gordon?” She wrote that her Family was trying to slander Jack Gordon just to bring Latoya back home! She wrote “Not content merely to slander Jack’s reputation, my father began threatening him with bodily hard ‘I will come through these phone lines and strangle your ass, you Jewish bastard!

Jack Gordon brought Latoya what she craved: independency from Joe & Katherine, gigs, attention, adulation and money. Latoya was ecstatic at first. Maybe he booked too many gigs, maybe she realized she went from one Joe to another Joe or perhaps it was because Jack Gordon wanted to mentor a younger model (Jackie’s daughter). Whatever was Latoya’s reason for leaving Jack Gordon, leaving Jackson home was ALL Latoya.

She sees Jack Gordon as the onset of her shameful past and this book is nothing but Latoya's attempt to absolve and redeem herself. For every single wrong path she chose, she now puts the blame squarely on a dead man, Jack Gordon. In reality, they came straight from her twisted, turncoat mind. The same way Latoya wrote that Katherine was the “guiding force” behind Joe & that Katherine was throwing stones and hiding her hands; Latoya was behind the force behind Jack Gordon & she now hides her hands!

In her first book, Latoya blamed Joe, in her second book, she blames Jack Gordon! I blame Latoya. I would have gained respect for her, if she demonstrated personal growth from her mistakes by taking accountability. Morever, she exploits her brother's death under the guise of seeking justice and domestic violence cause under the guise of spreading awareness. Let alone helping seek justice for Michael, Latoya undermines the Murray criminal Trial and not a dime from her book goes to a domestic violance charity! 

Latoya’s “Starting Over” is a book of lies.  If she didn’t exploit Michael to sell this book,
I wouldn’t have cared! It is bad enough that Latoya and her family aren’t doing anything to seek justice for Michael but they are jeopardizing the criminal Trial.

For their own sakes, I pray that Jacksons seek immediate counseling. But they MUST stop jeopardizing Murray Trial and they MUST stop exploiting Michael & his children!

The dimwit said in her The View interview that normally Propofol leaves the body "immediately" but because Michael "had a kidney/liver problem", it stayed in his body! If Latoya bothered to read the autopsy report, she would have seen that Michael did NOT have any kidney or liver issues. “His general health was excellent” testified Christopher Rodgers, the coroner who performed the autopsy.

Propofol, or any other drugs, are metabolized only if there is blood circulation.
Michael didn’t have any circulation. THIS is why he had Propofol in his system.

Murray defense is acquiring rehearsal tapes. Their claim is that Michael had
a Propofol addiction and his health was deteriorating. Propofol metabolizes in liver so if Michael was a Propofol addict, he would indeed have liver problems.

Latoya working against the prosecutors, thus, jeopardizing the criminal Trial!

When a loved one dies, normal families go to the ends of earth to make sure that the culpable parties are brought to justice. Some loving families don’t even stop there, they try to pass a law or start a nonprofit organization in the name of the loved one. Jackson Family too has been going to the ends of earth….to sell pieces of Michael’s corpse!

Dear fan, you have seen the members of Jackson Family dishonor Michael, his memory, his wishes for his children and his legacy. You have witnessed them undermining the Trial just to sell some crap you wouldn’t pick up from the side of the road for free.
And you remained silent out of respect for Michael. Unless you break your silence and vociferously condemn their disgrace, Michael Jackson will continue to be the cashcow for the Jackson Family….even in his death. Use your voice to stand up for voiceless.

If you don’t watch them, if you don’t follow them, if you don’t buy their crap,
if you don’t encourage them, the Jackson Family will eventually get the message:


Tweet by judmo44090 Every couple of years @latoyajackson comes out with some new theory of why her life is the way it is: crazy

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  1. This is a great post; sorry I don't twitter, just want you to know how much we appreciate what you do. I'm of a certain age and recall vividly LaT's trashtalk about Michael as the videos reflect. IMO younger fans aren't aware of her past traitorous, untruthful, demonic tactics against her younger brother Michael or that even her own mother said she wasn't truthful. Starting Over is just more of the same; if she has something to say or someone to accuse, then she should go to the authorities, not on every talk show and tabloid news program that will have her. I feel she's aware she's jeopardizing the Murray case and just does not care. Poor Murray, poor LaT. Well, thank you for not pulling any punches and saying it like it sadly is.

  2. Oh hell yeah!This is exactly what I have been thinking about her for years!!!I can't believe some fans fall for her blabbing ass mouth!
    Puree de merde!!!
    Well done!

  3. well said, I don' think i could contribute anything because you said it all perfectly