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I compiled the following confluence of circumstances and added my conclusions
in an attempt to make sense how Propofol entered into Michael Jackson’s recent life:

Nov 2008: AEG & Michael Jackson talks began about a possible Tour at O2 arena

Nov 2008: Conrad Murray called Applied Pharmacy in Las Vegas to inquire about Benoquin, skin bleaching cream to treat Vitilago.

Dec 2008: AEG & Michael Jackson negotiations “get serious”

Dec 2008: Murray prescribed 30 tablets of Temazepam (Restoril) for insomnia.
It was prescribed to take once at bedtime. 3 tablets were left at the time of his death.
So, assuming that Michael was compliant, he took Temazepam until around Jan 17, 2009. I assume that he couldn’t find any remedy in Temazepam for his sleep issues because
in late January 2009 he complained to Cherilyn Lee about asleep issues.
Jan 26, 2009: Michael signed a contract with AEG for This Is It Tour.
By most accounts, he had stage fright and he was afraid & nervous.

"I don’t know if that was stage fright" ~RANDY PHILLIPS
                                                         on Michael during O2 Press Conference

“He hadn’t danced in a long time. He had to familiarize his body with all those moves he used to do. I think he was scared; he couldn’t take the stage and appeared fragile to us” ~DANIEL CELEBRE, dancer

“I think he was frightened [of] being judged again. He said during the [2005] Trial
‘I can’t believe that the world is doing this to me. I gave everything that I have and this is what I get in return?’ And when it really got down to standing up in front of an audience, all that fear, all that doubt, all that cruelty that people directed at him…he was afraid,
he didn’t wanna go through that again. He was very sad” ~KAREN FAYE

Late Jan 2009- Michael met Cherilyn Lee and complained of problems falling and staying asleep. Cherilyn Lee began natural treatments to aide Michael’s medical condition. She will continue these treatments till April 12 but to no avail.

March 2009: Not having heard from the Applied Pharmacy re: Benoquin cream
he had inquired about last November, Conrad Murray calls the pharmacy again.

March 12, 2009- 10 concerts became 50 concerts…without Michael’s knowledge

Increase in number of shows wasn’t the only stress Mr. Jackson faced. He was being pulled into two opposing directions by 2 camps with their own respective business agendas. Both AEG and AGE (AllGood Entertainment) aspired to plant their respective agents (Frank Dileo and Leonard Rowe) as Michael’s manager. Tohme Tohme had power of attorney and he was making a lot of business decisions without Michael's knowledge. In a recorded phone conversation, Michael expressed his concerns about Tohme, stating that he didn't even know how much money he had in his bank account.

Michael also started rehearsing at Center Stage in late March. All these factors would cause ANYONE to lose much needed sleep required to fulfill the next day’s obligations.

April 1, 2009: Pharmacy called Murray. They located Benoquin supplier

April 2, 2009: Murray came in to personally pick up Benoquin. He asked if future orders of Benoquin could be delivered to his Vegas Office. Pharmacy was affirmative.

Nothing nefarious so far…no mention of Propofol

April 3, 2009: Murray called the pharmacy, inquiring about Propofol. I believe this is the first time Michael talked to Conrad Murray about the possibility of obtaining Propofol. Murray called the Applied Pharmacy to inquire if he can buy Propofol. Pharmacy had to look for suppliers. Tim Lopez of Applied Pharmacy said he would get back to Murray.

Tim Lopez found a supplier, called Conrad Murray to let him know

April 6, 2009: Murray placed first order of Propofol

April 7, 2009: Courier delivered the order to Murray’s Las Vegas office. Murray took out several bottles of Propofol and had the rest shipped to Murray’s girlfriend’s apartment in Los Angeles.

He said 'Find me an anesthesiologist" ~CHERILYN LEE

Dr. Patrick Treacy, Michael's personal doctor while in Ireland, said that Michael wouldn’t let him administer Midazolam in 2006 without an anesthesiologist.

I believe, the vials of Propofol that Murray took out from this order were used by Dr. Adams who administered it to Michael while he tutored Conrad Murray about monitoring (see April 14)

April 12, 2009: Michael asked Cherilyn Lee to find an anesthesiologist to administer Propofol and monitor. She declined. Michael stopped seeing her

This tells me that, at THIS point, Michael only intended Murray to obtain Propofol.
Michael still needed an anesthesiologist to administer & monitor

April 13, 2009: Dancer auditions began. The Tour was becoming all too real

April 14, 2009: Test run: Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray & David Adams

I was scheduled to visit Michael on April 14th at his home. He asked that I come very early around 7:00AM because he had to leave for Las Vegas at 8:30AM
(source: Leonard Rowe book)

Dr Adams had anesthetized Michael four times in 2008 for dental procedures.
Michael, Conrad Murray and Dr. Adams meet at Murray’s Las Vegas Office.

Dr. Adam told the police that Conrad Murray and Michael said to him in this meeting “We think it would be great to have an anesthesiologist go on tour"

Upon waking up from Propofol “sleep”, Michael purportedly offered both David Adams and Conrad Murray jobs on his Tour. Dr. Adams later sent a text message to Murray
I'd like to be on board.  Let's talk about it" but he never heard back from Murray.

I believe Dr. Adams was to administer Propofol & Murray was to monitor

Nicole Alvarez testified that starting April, Murray started to stay at her LA apartment.
I believe that Murray commuted to administer Michael Propofol.

AEG got into the picture in May, Murray was giving MJ Propofol since April

Moreover, the contract that was being negotiated to engage Murray’s services clearly displays that there was no agency relationship between Conrad Murray and AEG and that AEG was merely acting “at the request and at the expense of the artist”

I pondered this: AEG was going to pay for providing Murray with an “assistant”. Michael wanted an anesthesiologist to administer him propofol. If he offered the job
to Anesthesiologist David Adams who was affirmative, why wasn’t he hired?

The answer I came up with is this: AEG didn’t come into the picture until May.
AEG first talked to Murray on May 8, 2009. By then Murray already “mastered” the art of Propofol administration. He even INVENTED a medical equipment for Propofol treatment (saline bag holding Propofol vial –will be covered in detail in another post). Everything was flowing swimmingly…or so Murray & Michael thought.

AEG was going to pay Murray $77,000 for an “assistant”. I believe Murray conveniently forgot to mention to Michael that Dr. Adams texted him, accepting Michael’s job offer
so that HE can pocket the $77,000. Murray was supplying, administering and monitoring.
Michael was happy to be getting "sleep" so he may have foolishly trusted in Conrad Murray’s medical aptitude and didn’t push further for an anesthesiologist.

David Walgreen: Prosecutor
Orlando Martinez: LAPD detective, interviewed Murray
Ed Chernoff: Murray defense attorney

Chernoff: Do you recall that Dr. Murray told you about a period of time when Michael Jackson visited Las Vegas and called Dr. Murray, hoping to get him to obtain a doctor for him. Do you remember that conversation?

Martinez: I do

Chernoff: And the doctor who came to the scene to give Michael Jackson Propofol made Michael Jackson so happy that he offered them both jobs on the This Is It Tour?

Martinez: Yes

Chernoff: That doctor’s name was Dr. David Adams?

Martinez: That’s correct

Walgreen: Detective Martinez, Mr. Chernoff asked you about this incident in Las Vegas, as relayed by Dr. Murray regarding Dr. Adams. According to Dr. Murray,
at the time with Dr. Adams, Michael Jackson was given Propofol, is that correct?

Martinez: Yes

Walgreen: And whose office was Michael Jackson knowingly given Propofol?

Martinez: Dr. Murray’s Office

Walgreen: Did Dr. Murray also indicate that he allowed his office to be used because among other things, he had a crash cart and necessary medical equipment there?

Martinez: Yes

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