July 08, 2011

SOUR GRAPES: Jermaine Jackson & Karen Faye


This praise for my "fairness and objectivity in reporting truth" came after I published
a blogspot, clearing Jermaine's name from allegations that he authored a disparaging book about Michael. Naturally this was a positive blogspot about Jermaine.  As he also indicated in his tweet, I chose to publicize my conversation with Stacy Brown in the interest of reporting the truth regardless of my personal feelings against Jermaine.

I was having twitter conversation with fans. Jermaine he must have been lurking on my account when I called Katherine a liar.  He took the first punch, attacking my "character".

Jermaine tried to reprimend me because I am a fan who violated the tacit "Thou Shall Call the $hit Jacksons Shovel Sugar" commandment all Michael Jackson fans must obey. Why don’t you throw the same tantrum to others who write about Jacksons in media? Why don’t you ask Roger Friedman why he “attacks” an 81 year old and call him a despicable human being? I am not a member of media, are you threatened by my little blog? You gotta problem with what I tweet on my personal twitter account? Who are you to violate my freedom of speech? If Katherine lies, which she did, it is my prerogative to call her a liar. What does my fandom gotto do with this and how is my fandom any of your business? Why don't you get a job so you don't have to sit at home like a woman and lurk in fans' twitter accounts?  What do you know about what Michael stood for? 
Yeah because, we know how Michael was always so proud of you? LOL

Just because I love, respect and admire Michael Jackson doesn’t mean I owe the same to his Family who, in my opinion, has only a last name in common with him. If your character and actions command respect then I will respect you naturally. Name one thing that Jacksons did since Michael's death that is respect-worthy. Your cheap emotional blackmail may work on fanatics but I am not a member of that club, Jermaine!

Katherine lies, I don’t make her lie so why do you blame me? You lie too! And you lie when there is absolutely no reason to lie. You lied about the number of children you have.


Larry King: Jermaine?
Jermaine: I have three plus four
Larry King: Three plus four? That's seven. Seven or five?
Jermaine: Seven
Marlon: That he know of

You got 11 children, Jermaine, NOT 7

  • Jermaine and Hazel Gordy (Berry Gordy's daughter) got married in 1973
  • There years into the marriage, Jermaine had an affair
  • 1976 – Jermaine’s first daughter Dawn is born (illegitmate)

"When I first met Dawn in 1987, she was 11 years old, a tall, pretty, light-skinned girl with a nice personality and one annoying habit: she called Jermaine daddy.

I asked him for an explanation. He said Dawn has been calling him daddy every since the day they met. She followed Jermaine around like a puppy dog and looked up to him with unbridled adulation. He could do no wrong in this girl’s eyes. It was always daddy this and daddy that from the time she arrived until the time she left.

Her mother would call on the phone and ask for money and Jermaine would always try to scrape some cash to gather. I always wondered why. Whenever we moved, Dawn would follow us from house to house, eventually visiting us at Hayvenhurrst. Katherine was as perplexed as I was. ‘Margaret, I don’t understand, where did this girl come from?’ she asked. By this time, the girl was 5 6 tall and was still sitting in Jermaine’s lap, calling him daddy. It was enough to wear anyone patience thin. It was embarrassing and pathetic. The only one who failed to understand how inappropriate it was was Jermaine.

I told Jermaine the time had come to put an end to this humiliation. I said I didn’t care how often she visited or if he wanted to send her money but there was no way I was going to let a virtual stranger call him daddy. At that point, Dawn came in. She walked to Jermaine and put her arms around him. He looked at me and said ‘No one else knows, Margaret, but Dawn really IS my daughter, I had an affair with her mother years ago’”
~MARGARET MALDONADO, former Jermaine Jackson Wife

  • 1977, son Jermaine Jr with Hazel Gordy
  • 1978, daughter Autumn with Hazel Gordy
  • Jermaine has an affair with Margaret Maldonado
  • 1986, son Jeremy with Margaret Maldonado
  • Jermaine’s wife and 2 mistresses pregnant all at the same time
  • 1988, son Jaimy with Hazel Gordy
  • 1988, daughter Jasmine with unknown female
  • 1989, son Jourdyn with Margaret Maldonado
  • 1990, daughter Imperial with Hazel Gordy
  • He has an affair with brother Randy’s girlfriend- Alejandra
  • 1991, adopted son, Donte born into Randy & Alejandra
  • 1996, son Jaafar with Alejandra Oaziaza
  • 2000, son Jermajesty with Alejandra Oaziaza

      Alejandra Oaziaza was initially Randy’s girlfriend and has 3 children with him.
      She later had an affair with and married to Jermaine Jackson

  • 1989, Genevieve, daughter of Randy & Alejandra
  • Randy married Eliza and had daughter Steveanna in 1990
  • Randy spent 1 month in jail for beating Eliza
  • Randy spent 1 month in mental hospital after getting out of jail
  • Randy Jr  son of Randy and Alejandra in 1991
  • Donte is Randy Jr’s twin brother born to Randy and Alejandra but for child support issues, upon Joe’s direction, Jermaine adopted Donte
      3 of Alejandra’s children are Randy’s, 2 of her children are Jermaine’s
      The 5 siblings are also cousins

I said Katherine lies, she did and that makes her a liar. I was “objective and fair”. Katherine lied bolface during Oprah interview. Oprah asked "I am surprised to see you here Mr. Jackson. The world thinks you two are divorced" Katherine said "we are not divorced" Oprah asked "there wasn't a filing for divorce?" Katherine emphatically said "NEVER". Katherine wrote in her book that she filed for divorce TWICE. 

Katherine told Geraldo "my husband did nothing of that sort that they say he did".
But in Oprah interview, she said to Joe "you might as well admit it. That's the way black people raise their children

Joe grabbed Michael, according to Marlon, held him upside down by one leg, hitting his back and buttocks. Michael was crying and screaming so loudly it seemed as if he was trying to summon the entire neighborhood to his aide. “Put him down Joseph, you are gonna kill him, you are gonna kill him” Katherine said. When Joseph released Michael,
he ran into his room, sobbing “I hate you”. Those were fighting words for Joseph. He followed Michael into the bedroom, slammed the door and let him have it.

Someone is beating your child to a degree that you think it will "kill him", you stand idly by and you are a good mother?  Even animals fight to their death to protect their children.

Joseph smacked Katherine only ONCE when Reebie was a baby. She threw an ashtray at Joe and shouted at him “Don’t you ever hit me again or I will leave you so fast your head will spin”. Joe never hit her again. Katherine was so swift and stern when she was on the receiving end of his abuse. Where was her zeal when her children endured horrifying physical, verbal & emotional abuse?

When a child grows up in an abusive home, it’s normal to favor the non-abusing parent. Katherine is the better parent only because of the stark contrast to Joseph Jackson.
Jackson siblings consider Katherine as one of Joe’s victims, thus, feel protective of her. Although Joe doesn’t physically abuse her, she is victimized by his philandering ways. 

“He told me that she [Jackie Onassis] is someone he should have in his life
as a mother figure. I told him ‘but Michael we already have a mother’ and he said ‘yes but we have to take care of Kate, who is there to take care of us?” ~LATOYA JACKSON

Katherine also lied UNDER OATH about a declaration in which she bashed John Branca. Estate Executers dismissed the declaration as "pathetic" and "contained many lies". Katherine then released a statement through her attorney, Adam Streisand:
"Mrs. Jackson categorically denies signing any statement that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate"

Trent Jackson said that he personally saw Katherine sign this declaration. Eventually she admitted that she DID sign the declaration and it remained as her official declaration.

If Katherine Jackson is a 81 year old grieving mother, then she should stay out of Michael’s business and grieve in private! Katherine ACCEPTED John Branca and John McClain as the executers of Michael Jackson Estate. They are the ones responsible for managing his musical and financial legacy. The Executors had to release a dozen of statements via media asking Jacksons to stop exploiting Michael's brand. Do you have
a comprehension issue? They even stoop to parading Michael's minor children while exploiting their dead father! Enough is enough! Nobody wants to buy anything from Jacksons and legally, they are NOT even supposed to exploit Michael’s name.

If Jacksons weren’t using Katherine like a puppet, making her the face of promoting Michael Jackson death then the public wouldn’t have any reason to talk about an 81 year old.  You dont want public reaction? Then don't be public!

You mean the %95 from the bunch that you haven't blocked?
You only keep sycophants who surround you b/c you are Michael Jackson's brother.

Not once did I ever send Karen my blog link, she tweeted them on her own volition.
I published a blogpost about her which launched me into the land of pariahs

Since Jermaine scratched Karen's back on twitter, she took it upon herself to butt in

I wasn't aware of Karen's tweet until a friend DM'ed me. 
Always wanting to report facts, I DM'ed back

She responded:

Then why did you open your trap in the first place? You can talk about Michael's crotch, you vociferously trash AEG, Sony, Branca and posthumous and suddenly you can't talk?

Jermaine Jackson supports Sony and John Branca and Michael's posthumous albums.  While Karen has no problem trashing AEG, Sony, John Branca and posthumous MJ album, she is too coward to call out Jermaine.  Karen Faye is the embodiment of the unwritten code of conduct in Michael Jackson Community: bash everyone else but
swiftly sweep Jackson Family sins under the rug or pretend not to see them.

If you claim you are here for “your friend” and you feel that AEG, Sony and John Branca don’t have his best interest at heart and you are being very vocal about it then what does it say about your objectivity when you extend support to Jermaine Jackson who supports all these entities/persons?

Tired of employees acting like they were bosom buddies with Michael! If you were such a great friend, why didn’t he contact you since 2005? See, friends stay in touch! And when does he call you? When he needs you to work for him. THAT makes you an employee. If you were such a great friend, why didn’t you directly talk to him about his health instead of going to people that you claim didn’t have his best interest at heart?

Karen and Jermaine opened their twitter accounts AFTER Michael’s death. Twitter existed before Michael died, where were you then? You weren’t so relevant back then, huh? Even now, it has been 2 years since they have been tossing Michael's name to garner followers. Michael's brother who has been an "artist" his entire life got 40,000 followers and Michael's bosom buddy Karen faye got 7,500 followers. These numbers reflect 2 years of heavy MJ death exploitation. And Snookie got over 2 million followers!

“The membership supported a website, that consisted of information on a celebrity.
The website or the celebrity no longer exist...so do not stress about it. I don't :)”

We know you don’t, Karen! You tweeted many times that you moved on and that you have a life independent of Michael and that fans should move on too. And I understand that at some point, we have to to move on but those who remain lotal to Michael will wait until there is a semblance of justice. Your remarks about moving on are cruel and uncaring. I wonder if you would say such an insensitive thing if it was one of your loved ones who died. Hint Hint.

For someone who moved on, you talk awful a lot about Michael. At times, you say you won’t take questions about him because you moved on or you can’t say anything because of impending Trial but you keep talking, even disclosing his private affairs. Just yesterday, I saw that a fan tweeted you:

How many of this fans requested this from you, Karen? Too many to count? These are strangers who never met Michael, reminding a “friend” to protect his interest. Didn’t you sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose his private information? Don’t tweet about moving on, Karen, just move on!

Before attempting to besmudge my reputation,
you two better get one....independent of Michael Jackson