July 02, 2011


A week ago, Randy Jackson made a twitter appointment with fans for June 2, 2011

"I will be answering all questions from fans and general public. So please b there. There are some things that I want to b known" Randy had tweeted.

See, we are burned by Randy making an appointment, stating he will answer our questions, ranting then ending the session. It never feels like a two way conversation. So I tweeted on the very day that he made his last appointment that he was going to let us down again. But I was hoping to be proven wrong. So I tuned in.

He gave us a fair warning that he was slow to type. Boy, was he right, my hair turned to gray while waiting for him to tweet. Then he started lollygagging...about his a$$, then about the veracity of Michael’s Jackson’s Will. He tweeted “There r so many things wrong with this will. Where do I start????” I was like “please don't start! FANS were the ones who pointed out the oddities in the so-called Will to Brian Oxman who was happy to present OUR hard work to Jacksons as his. As if we need a course from Randy! And here is his rebut for arguing the veracity of the alleged Will “misspellings & discrepancies, etc” What "misspellings" is he talking about? No wonder the Doggone Will hasn’t been properly contested. Randy sounds clueless, he sunded the same on CNN interview. It is sad when the fans know more about Michael's affairs than his own family.


Below article claims that Katherine didn't want to sue AEG but Randy was the force behind Mrs. Jackson to "encourage" her to sue. From the context, I gathered that the "source" was none other than Howard Mann et al.

Jacksons bemoan about how the media lies about them, then when we go to them to ask the accuracy of a story, our inquiries fall onto deaf ears! Fans have been asking Randy to confirm or deny this story since it came out!  Just today, I myself sent 16 tweets, requesting him to deny or confirm. My followers also tweeted him the same question. There is no way he didn't see the question, it was too convenient not to answer. Randy's silence was a tacit confirmation that the story is true.

It wasn’t just this one question, fans asked many legitimate questions. Instead of using his celebrity to spread awareness and seek justice, the brother of the “Greatest Entertainer of all Time” wasted a precious opportunity to take a question about his a$$! If you are not good at public speaking, perhaps, you shouldn't!

Every time Jacksons open their mouths, it is not a matter of if they will say something dumb but what dumb thing they will say. How was a man of Michael's caliber related to these people, I will never know. You wanna  embarrass yourselves? Go to town with it! But you keep plugging Michael Jackson related subjects in your nonsense, media is having a field day with it and you embarrass the fan community. Since Jackson Family insist on not having a family publicist, they should stop talking about Michael Jackson and his affairs.  Since his death, I haven't heard one sensible thing coming from  the Jacksons! How many more times do they expect the fan community to sweep things under the rug?

And what was it that Randy wanted "to b known"? A plug for a Jackson 5 reunion!!!!!!


I wonder how this idea came to fruitation.  It must be something like this:

Jermaine: Some of you may remember Michael died and for some reason, people from every corner of the world is making a big deal about it. Let's capitalise on it

Marlon: Hear, hear, but how? John Branca is coc$blocking us

Randy: I know! We should all open up twitter accounts and tweet that we won't sleep
a wink until we get justice for Michael

Tito: We should open what?

Jackie: Twitter man, it is this thing you open to tweet things

Tito: What things?

Jermaine: You know...that we care about Michael, we are like 11 peas in one pod, Joseph is an arcangel, we don't care about money and stuff like that

Tito: Why would we say those? It isn't us

Randy: Tito, go sit in that corner!

Jermaine: Okay, here is the plan and this has to be before the Trial

(Tito yells from the corner): What trial?

Jermaine: We will announce a reunion, we will call it Jackson 5 reunion

Jackie: But what about Michael?

Jermaine: What about him?  He is gone and I am over it. This is my time to shine. They will love me. I shall be the next Michael Jackson. I will moonwalk, streetwalk, jaywalk, take a long walk off a short pier, whatever kinda walk I gotta walk to take back my spot as the lead singer

Randy: You Jermaine? Moonwalkin?

Jermaine: Shut up, Randy. Anything Michael could do, I could do better

Marlon: If you say so

Jackie: But what if Michael's fans don't the idea? Wouldn't this be pouring salt on their fresh wounds? Isn't this too soon. What if they object to this idea and not buy tickets?

Jermaine: Those suckers will buy anything if Michael endorses it

Randy: But how we gonna get Michael to endorse this?

Jermaine: We will tell 'em that Michael would want us to do this & chi-ching!


If you want to promote your talent....um...or lack thereoff and if there are suckers wantin' to pay to see you screech, more power to you, by all means, reunite. But Jackson 5 is a brand, it represents a group lead singer of which was Michael Jackson. Michael is dead and he is no longer part of this group. Neither his children nor his Estate is receiving any profits from the proceedings. So get a  different name to represent a group without Michael Jackson and with Randy Jackson.

Jackson 5 reunion is like "Raelettes" reuniting after Ray Charles' death and calling it a Ray Charles concert! Reunite! As if Jackson 5 was in full swing before Michael died!


"He would have wanted us to do a reunion"

How would you know, you weren't part of Michael's life for ages? Too bad this clairvoyance ability didn't surface while Michael was slowly dying!

A fan asked Randy "if the family was so concerned about MJs health then why were y'all trying to get him to perform with you at Texas stadium?" Randy blatantly lied
"Frank Dileo put the deal together without our knowledge. We had NO idea this was going on & that's why he was sued for it"

In 2008, AllGood Entertainment wanted to organize a one day Jackson Family reunion event in Texas. President of AllGood Entertainment approached Joseph. It was Joe who sent Patrick to Frank Dileo to close the deal. The only Jackson Michael included in his life was Katherine. So Joe knew next to nothing about Michael's business affairs and Frank Dileo was NOT Michael's manager.

Jacksons KNEW about this family reunion event before Dileo ever got into the picture.

"Randy was behind our concert.  However, like his other brothers, he did not talk to MJ about it, simply because he didn’t talk to his brother during the 8 months that I was involved with MJ" ~Patrick Allocco

If you remember, in Oct 2008, Jermaine had announced this Family reunion. Frank Dileo didn't get into the picture until Nov 2008. One day after Jermaine's announcement, a shocked Michael Jackson released this statement "My brothers and sisters have my full love and support but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them"

After he came back from overseas, Randy wanted Michael to pay back some charges on his credit card he had used on behalf of Michael during 2005 Trial. Michael wouldn't take Randy's calls so Randy showed up unannounced, demanding that security let him in. When security refused (after Michael's directive), Randy crashed into Michael's gate with his car. Security had to pull guns on Randy @1:33 below video)

  • Michael refused to reunite in 2008
  • Michael didn't ask his brothers to join him in This Is it Tour
  • Michael refused to do even a ONE DAY reunion event

        And they claim Michael would have wanted this reunion! Michael DIDN'T!

Even more than Michael's Estate, his fans are very protective of his brand. Even if the executors throw bones at the Jacksons  and turn a blind eye, the fan community had it with Jacksons exploiting Michael's brand which didn't come to today by endorsing just whatever! If it floats your greedy boat to do a reunion, do a reunion. But do not call it Jackson 5 and do not plug in Michael's name to promote it!!! You all are plain wrong to make a living off of a dead man! The world is sick of condemning you, but you all aren't sick of being condemned!

It makes you wonder why Michael opened his doors to fans but he didn't to his siblings.
It makes you wonder how could he have possibly felt lonely among such huge family.
Now it all makes perfect sense!

To Jacksons Michael is a cashcow, to his fans he is family

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  1. Im not going to hate on the jacksons like others
    now, I feel (however weirdly) sorry for them
    they are all in need of serious mental health care. Not just Yashi Brown (Rebbie's Daughter)
    From The Oldest Rebbie to the Youngest Janet
    who will do video tributes to her fallen brother
    in her concerts, but demanded her money back
    from the Estate, as relates to Michael's funeral
    She knows, her actions were wrong that's why she hide from the public until it came out through legal papers what the end of the 2009 year if not longer.
    They all do one thing, but say another and unfornately they passed this behavior down to
    their children & nieces & nephews.
    All I can say they're going to be some hurt souls wherever they wake up from their delusional states of mind, that's why I giving up on judging them too harshly, fans might just
    push them over the edge to a mental hospital or
    worst. But I will say this, giving their behavior years before and now after michael's passing. There is no way I'll ever believe now Michael was directly related to them, KJ & Joseph developed a habit of taking in other people children (that comes under their nuttiest
    of narcisstism and a need to be controling)
    who were vaguely related to them
    be it Donte or others. Strangely enough I didn't learn until after his death that
    KJ's Sister Harriet was married to Joseph's half
    brother meaning there are alot of cousins who
    would have had very simular looks of the main Jackson Family.
    I think MJ was just a cousin or somebody's nephew they toke in for some reason, but aint no
    way in hell, he was related to them directly.

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