July 20, 2011


January 9, 2003 Jermaine Jackson is on CNN's Larry King Live

Larry King: Are you working on a book?

Jermaine: Yes. "Legacy: Surviving the Best and Worst." Looking...meeting with publishers, seeing can we go that extra mile. Seeing who's willing to support a book-tour worldwide and things like that

March 5, 2006 New York Daily Post exclusively reported that Jermaine Jackson wrote a disparaging tell-all-book about Michael Jackson. The article included excerpts:

"He attracts gay men and wards off women like the plague”

Jermaine's doubts on Michael's sexuality showed in his 2003 Larry King interview:

Caller: The question has to do with if you could define Michael's sexual orientation between asexual, bisexual, transsexual, or homosexual?

Jermaine: Michael's a wonderful person

Larry King: You don't want to comment on his sexuality?

Jermaine: Michael's a wonderful person. I'll leave that up to you

"I don't want to tell you my brother's innocent. I am not certain that he is"

Jemaine expressed something similar during Michael's 1993 Trial.

"I am his biggest supporter, I love him but yes you have to admit,
you begin to wonder if there mightn't be some truth in it"
                       ~JERMAINE JACKSON

Talking about  "Family" who stabbed Michael in the back who now exploits his death!

And back to Jermaine's book excerpts from "Legacy: Surviving the Best and the Worst"

"I remember Michael sitting on the bed with Tito's boys - Taj, T.J. and Terrell, crying and holding them. He held them in an almost uncomfortable manner. The entire house was shaken"

"There were times when Joseph and some of these men he'd describe as very important business people would meet late at night in our hotel suite with Michael and Michael alone. I always felt something was wrong with that and Michael would always be sick for days after these meetings"

"He picked the sperm donor by using information provided by a sperm bank.

Now, who can do that? Michael Jackson, that's who, my brother"

"Yes, he's eccentric. Yes, he has a thing for young children"

"Does he really know what he does with these kids?"

"Demerol, Vicodin, Percocet, Codene, cocaine, Jack Daniels, wine"

March 6, 2006 Jermaine Jackson is on CNN's Larry King Live

LARRY KING: The New York Post ran a story claiming that Jermaine Jackson had planned a tell-all book. The paper said, he would reportedly tell readers that he feared his kid brother Michael was actually guilty of the child abuse charges against him.

The story also claimed that Jermaine's book would describe Michael as "an out of control drug and booze abuser with a calculated mean streak and a thing for young children"

Jermaine Jackson is here tonight to set the record straight. Were you planning a book?

JERMAINE: No, not a book to say these things, no

LARRY KING: Were you planning any kind of book?

JERMAINE: There is a book that I was shopping about three years ago called "Legacy" and the
manuscript that I had was about growing up in Gary, Indiana.
It was nothing of what's out there. There's a whole other manuscript out there and I'm very, very upset because they were very interested in it and then they turned it down because there was no negativity. There was nothing of any sort of what's being said now.

Larry King read some negative content from the book and Jermaine appeared appalled. Jermaine can't sing for his dear life but he sure deserves an Oscar for his performance!
He categorically denied having anything to do with the negative content. He claimed that Stacy Brown changed the manuscript behind his back. Jermaine said he will sue Stacy.

March 7, 2006 Stacy Brown is interviewed by CNBC's Donny Deutsch

Stacy emphatically insisted that all the negative content came from Jermaine and that
he had tapes to prove it. Stacy said he was going to bring an "aggressive slander suit"

Three years had elapsed. Neither Jermaine nor Stacy sued the other.

August 12, 2009 Roger Friedman published more shocking excerpts from the book

“My brother is a superstar, yes. My brother is wealthy. He owns shares in Sony music. He drinks, he does drugs, he lies, he cheats, he changed his skin color"

"Once you were made
You changed your shade
Was your color wrong"
   ~Jermaine Jackson, 1991

“He married a woman because she was pregnant and he was doing business with Muslims and Muslims won’t do business with someone who is engaged in having children without being married.

"He paid this woman, who nobody would ever look twice at, several million dollars. My brother purchased children. It is like a sanctioned black market. He picked the sperm donor by using information provided by a sperm bank. Now, who can do that? Michael Jackson, that’s who, my brother"

“It was my little brother, he conceived the whole idea behind DreamWorks. The logo is still proudly the official logo of Neverland. Unfortunately, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen stole the idea from him. That’s one reason why Michael hates Jewish people so much. But he plays the game with them. There is a game that all in Hollywood play. But the Jews are the powerful ones and they have done a lot to put my brother in his place….just another nigger. That’s what Don King told Michael at the start of the Victory tour. No matter what, Michael, you’re just another nigger"

Michael, Katherine, Taj and Jermaine are on record talking about how Michael felt betrayed that aforementioned people stole Dreamworks logo from his Neverland logo

Neverland logo                           Dreamworks logo

Jermaine attributes this event as the reason Michael "hates Jewish people" 

“My brother doesn’t always learn the valuable lessons life teaches. He is stubborn, hard-headed and, at times, harsh. He is cold, calculating and devious. The blood
of his father runs freely through him. We were all afraid that the blood of Joseph Jackson would eventually contaminate all of us"

“But this is my family, I love every one of them. I won’t sit by and let my brother go to prison. Prison would kill him. I thought about doing the time for him, if he’s convicted. Michael wouldn’t survive in prison for one day. He’d commit suicide"

“Joseph did some disgusting things to Latoya and Rebbie. If it weren’t for Mother’s loyalty to him, he’d probably be in prison for what he did to our sisters”

I have always found it questionable that Katherine had issues about her grown children, including her boys, moving out of her home, yet her 16 year old firstborn Rebbie was
sent away to live with a relative. To date, Rebbie is like the forgotten Jackson.

"I blame my mother more than my father. Because any man who is sleeping with his daugher and the wife is just standing there. She is part of my blood and he is not. She allows him to do that. How could she stay with him? Leave him, like my sister [Rebbie] asked but she chose to stay right there to watch him do that" ~LATOYA JACKSON

Reading the scathing excerpts from Jermaine's Legacy book, I personally can attribute them to him. If someone was trying to embellish in order to sell massive copies of an explosive book, they could have done a more elaborate job embellishing. The excerpts are similar to "Word to the Badd" in that whilst they reflect Jermaine's thinly veiled contemp against Michael and jealousy, they also contain a subtle hint of love.


For years, Jermaine received flack from media and the public, especially from Michael Jackson fans. After his “Word to The Badd” and other despicable acts of Jermaine, fans pretty much expect anything out of him, especially if it involves money that he doesn't have to work for.   

Jermaine Jackson is preparing to release a book titled "You are Not Alone". Pathetic, he couldn't even come up with his own title! The book is just another way Jermaine gets paid while sitting on his a$$ while exploiting his talented little brother.

In light of his upcoming book, I reached to Stacy Brown, the ghost writer of Jermaine’s Legacy book to set the record straight.  To my surprise, Stacy Brown told me that Jermaine’s project was NOT negative about Michael Jackson.


When I published “Stacy Brown Breaks His Silence”, I wasn’t fully researched.

Stacy’s explanation was received with skepticism in the fan community. This blog even broke down Stacy’s remarks with commentaries.  This is why I LOVE blogs that challenge what I post on mine. They provide me with leads for further research.

I did some online research which led me to the transcripts of Donny Deutsch interview.
Stacy had told me“I said to Brian during the broadcast ' what if I had the tapes' and the media ran with the idea that I had tapes. I did not have tapes of anything bad”.

After reviewing the transcript of Donny Deutsch interview, I joined the fans who were skeptical about Stacy's explanation that the Legacy was positive and that "someone" other than him and Jermaine changed the manuscript behind their backs. Stacy clearly meant that the tapes included negative dictation by Jermaine. And even after Michael's death, Stacy had insisted that Jermaine provided the negative content for the Legacy.

August 14, 2009 Stacy Brown is on Inside Edition

Diana McInerney: Did Jermaine really write this?
Stacy Brown: Yes. These were Jermaine's words.

Diane McInerney: You claim that Jermaine wrote that his brother purchased his children. Those are really harsh words. Why would Jermaine say those things about his own brother?

Stacy Brown: I'm not claiming anything. This is Jermaine Jackson. Not Stacy Brown. People need to understand that. I'm tired of reading that Stacy Brown makes these claims. Stacy Brown isn't making any claims...I'm the writer. I'm told what to write.

I went back to Stacy yesterday and told him that it seems to me as if he was backpaddling either he felt sorry for Jermaine because of Michael’s death or because
he wanted to reconnect with Jermaine and he thought this was the way to do it.

Yazmeen, I, in no way, want to reconnect with Jermaine. The Jacksons are different kinds of people and I have had my fill. I wish I could say different.
I don't care what the fans think and certainly don't care what the family thinks.
I do hope they, for their sake, get back into therapy.

I did only what Jermaine asked of me and as I stated his original intentions were not to write a damaging book but someone else thought that it was his only chance to make money. The manuscript was changed and Michael was provided a copy of it by Judith Regan. Michael then threatened Jermaine.

If Michael was provided a positive manuscript, why was he upset?

I'm saying Michael was accused by Jermaine from the outset of sabotaging what Jermaine thought was a positive book. The entire family convened a meeting. They, including Jermaine, Rebbie and Jackie all agreed that Michael himself sabotaged the book because of his disdain for Jermaine.

Did Randy Jackson contact you regarding the tapes?

Randy did indeed reach out to me fearing tapes would be released.  Through Rebbie's husband, Nate, I assured him that I wasn't going to continue with any such plans as long as Jermaine stopped lying.

Jermaine didn’t deny writing Legacy, he denied the negative content, which you now affirm as true.  So he was telling the truth. What do you mean “as long as Jermaine stopped lying”?

Nate said that Joseph, Randy and Latoya were planting the false stories and making me appear to be the source. Nate said Jermaine knew about this, which is why I called Jermaine a liar.

Yazmeen, you'd need hours on end to clear this up and you'd need to strap the Jacksons to lie detectors that hurt for truth. In the end the only one who truly has natural love for Michael is Rebbie and she has to put up with Nate. The rest are incapable of even knowing love.

I wanted out of all things Jackson until I recently started helping Rebbie with her career the past one and half years but that ended because of her husband's shockingly weird, abusive and schizophrenic behavior. Again, more than anything I wish wholeheartedly that the family as a group would return to therapy and work things out legitimately.

Are you related to Rebbie’s husband, Nathanial Brown?

No I'm not related to Nate

It doesn’t sound like he likes Jackson Family

Nate hates, hates, hates the family

If neither you nor Jermaine changed the manuscript, then who did?

The script had been changed in 2001. The King interview happened in 2006. That's how long it took the media to get wind of it. It didn't come from me or Jermaine. We didn't leak it. The NY Daily News called me with it then Donny Deutsch and everyone else. I was caught off guard because it was so old and the trial was long over with and I was thinking why now and who would do this? What's to gain? Other stories followed right thru Michael’s death. Some even had my name on them which was preposterous as I work for one paper and couldn’t write for others at the same time. I was being used as a scapegoat.

Jermaine said it was Michael himself who made up the script to stop Jermaine.

What?!!! Where did you hear this from?

Wild stuff, I know. Jermaine told me and his family that as well as his other wife Lawanda Lane who was involved in the book too

So Jermaine did have an affair with Lawanda while married to Alejandra?

Lawanda and Jermaine had a so called Muslim wedding in August 1998. Lawanda and Alejandra got into fistfight in New York at hotel during Michael’s 30th anniversary show. It was a mess.

How was Lawanda involved in the Legacy book?

She was helping us set up publisher meetings and reading thru manuscript

In Donny Deutsch interview, you said that Jermaine "continued to work" with you after his Larry King interview. What did he continue to work with you on?

Your timeline is off. Jermaine continued working with me after his first King interview in 2003, not his second King interview in 2006.  After his 2006 King appearance, we were through.

So if the tapes were positive, why was Randy worried about them being leaked?

Randy feared they contained vile things Jermaine said about Michael privately. Randy didn't want tapes to leak. Randy didn't want situation in 2006 to escalate, he wanted peace.

It wasn't adding up. I referred to some remarks Stacy made in Donny Deutsch interview:

Donny Deutsch: Tell me the proof that you have, sir, that Jermaine Jackson is behind this book proposal and these allegations.
Stacy Brown: You will hear it on tape in the coming days. So Jermaine should be very careful about what he says.

Donny Deutsch: Now, Stacy, are the things you have on tape, once again, tell me...
Stacy Brown: They corroborate everything that Michelle Caruso has reported.

Jermaine Jackson: It’s all lies, lies, lies, deliberate lies
Stacy Brown: Well, if they're deliberate lies, then he deliberately told them to me

Donny Deutsch: Michelle, there were some other allegations, specific allegations in the book proposal about Michael and his nephews. Can you talk to us about that?
Michelle Caruso: Yes, Donny, there--Jermaine Jackson, in this proposal, describes being "uncomfortable," in quotes, upon observing Michael Jackson sitting on a bed, hugging his three nephews, the sons of Tito Jackson, after the death of their mother. And he said that they were uncomfortable observing the way Michael was hugging these boys
Stacy Brown: Donny, this thing she just mentioned with his nephews, how would I know about that unless Jermaine told me about that? How would I know about any of this stuff?

Diane Diamond: If Stacy made all this up, then how does he know about the business meeting that Jermaine says his father used to have with cronies in the hotel rooms after the Jackson 5 would perform.
Stacy Brown: I certainly wasn't there.

Stacy, this is not a small matter, I aspire to publish absolute facts. What you are saying now conflicts with what you had said back then. Diane and Michelle defended you based on your representation. Now you are saying the book was positive. This makes no sense whatsoever. I feel you are hiding something

The original (Stacy ephasized) book was positive but no publishers were biting and it was changed. Listen, were there tapes? Yes, Mel Sachs died with them in his safe. Did Jermaine ever have big issues and doubts about Michael that he expressed to me? Absolutely!

Stacy, WHO changed the original positive manuscripts into negative?

Jermaine at Lawanda's insistence changed the script. I had no idea that Lawanda would start prodding him to reveal things about Jermaine’s own son.  A friend of Katherine also told Lawanda the same stuff about Jermaine's son. Sick stuff. I just think Jermaine's head was in a fog mostly because of Lawanda and Alejandra.  He really didn't want to be with either but he was afraid to let them go. You know, the stuff Jermaine told me I still have never told and what he did to those women and to Michael and the family with the therapy sessions were wrong. I can't help but to think that maybe Michael would be alive if Jermaine hadn't help him avoid therapy and family interventions. It may not have worked but you never know. It must eat away at Jermaine

What therapy sessions?

Janet had hired a therapist in 2001 in Malibu

And how did Jermaine help Michael avoid therapy?

Each time they would try and get Michael to go by telling him it was a family day or whatever, Jermaine would tip him off he'd call Evvy or someone in his camp just as he did with the drug interventions

So Lawanda urged Jermaine to spice up the manuscript to make it marketable, Jermaine agreed and dictated some stuff to you. Did YOU then add these new materials to the existing Legacy manuscript?

I wrote whatever Jermaine instructed. I was just the ghostwriter

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  1. Why a my not shock?
    All that family do is lie and coverup.

  2. I'm not sure I'm fully understanding this article.

    Was it or was it not true all the suggestions Jermaine made? Like was he telling the truth or just lying for fame and all..

    And why did MJ call the Jews leeches? Did he hate the Jews? Please explain I'm real confused.

  3. Thank you for commenting.

    @damitajo1814 It is true that Jermaine made the negative statements about Michael but I can't tell you if his statements are true or not. Jermaine would "lie for the money". I think some are true but not all.

    Michael doesn't hate Jews. That's just a comment he made to express his hurt. Michael thought that Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg consider him a business partner in forming a movie studio. But after all the work Michael put in, they brought in David Geffen as a partner, NOT Michael. They formed "Dreamworks" company and they stole Michael's Neverland logo(boy sitting on the moon). Michael created this logo himself 6 years before DreamWorks stole it him from him. Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen are all Jewish so Michael was just being human, ranting his frustration.

    "I am the artist that Michael Jackson commissioned for his 'Boy In Crescent Moon' logo. He had me paint it, per HIS concept, as the design on his personal stationary, but later used it for many purposes around Neverland Ranch. The complete painting depicted the boy and moon in a twilight sky. Michael purchased the original. Coincidentally, I also had a hand in the early design for the Dreamworks logo, which, at that stage, had a fisherman sitting in the moon" ~ROBERT FLORCZAK

    "He went into depth about how he felt that Steven Spielberg and David Geffen had mistreated him. I could tell he was very hurt about that. He told me he was supposed to be a partner in The DreamWorks Company and that he wanted so badly to make a movie. Steven Spielberg told him to find a good script and he would be cast in the starring role. Michael said that is what he did. He said when he found a great script he sent it over to Steven Spielberg and a couple of days later, he received a call from him saying 'Michael, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is, the script you sent over was great. The bad news is that you will not be starring in the movie' Michael said that was one of the most painful days of his life. Michael knew and felt that he was being blackballed by the entertainment industry" ~LEONARD ROWE

    "They used Michael. DreamWorks was his idea, not theirs. People are always looking to do things to him. That's why I have told him that charity begins at home and he should work with family"

    "I could not help but get angry to see Dreamworks logo. Don’t get me wrong, Steven Spielberg is a genius as a director and I love nearly all his films. But if you knew the whole story of Dreamworks as I know, you would feel the same.

    When you hear the DreamWorks name, you think of Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen. But I remember the company Spielberg, Katzenberg and Jackson. It's true. Though not yet called Dreamworks, was basically the same. Geffen came later to replace my uncle at the head of the company when it was officially formed" ~TAJ JACKSON

    Michael Jackson says "I love Jewish people"

  4. Another thing to add to this article:

    Back in September 2011, when Jermaine was taking heat for his "escape plan" story, he kept insisting on Twitter that no, he always, always supported and believed in Michael and his innocence.

    But then Roland Martin (CNN journo) tweeted him back, and mentioned something like, "I talk to Marlon, and I know what the family REALLY thought during the trial."

    After Martin said that, Jermaine went quiet for a little bit. Makes you wonder. =/

    To be honest, it's normal to have some doubts. Jermaine expressed in his book that during the 2005 trial, he was very upset and didn't think they could possibly win, after hearing all the garbage that witness after witness would say on the stand. Whether it was true or not, it sounded overwhelming and bad. So I'm sure there were doubts at times, though TMez later tore the prosecution to shreds.

    Doubts are human, they're natural. What is NOT natural is expressing and/or embellishing those doubts to a skeezy person like Stacy Brown, in order to write and sell a book. Pft.

  5. Now I am completely confused where I should believe Jermain and where I shouldn't. He is at times supportive and at times stays on the other side of his brother. It doesn't matter to me that Jermain was jealous (brothers and sisters are often in rivalry) or he was telling negative things about Michael. As a Michael's fan I accept all aspects of his life whether they seem to be light or dark. I just wanna know the truth. I believe, only MJ fans are interested in books which are written about his idol and they are (the books) shouldn't be only positive. That issue if a brother should disclose intimate, secret stuff of his relative is only his own business.
    BTW, why nobody believe that LA Toya was sexually abused by her father? Would anybody went to a studio to give an ineterview about such things if the matter had never happend? Everybody believes that Michael and his brothers were abused. So, why don't believe sisters?